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What is so shocking looking back is why were Dallas police parading Oswald in a press conference, why were they walking him down a packed public corridor. Yeah only in the USA as you say, all reminded me of some of the old wild west photos you see.
Why didn't you just admit you'd got it wrong in the first place instead of immediately having a go at Wiki?
A bit of research since, would have told you that other sites had got the right date, as did Wiki and you and the programme got it wrong.

The Zapruder film shows that Kennedy's head jerked forwards by about three inches, before being jerked backwards. A date which i'd simply had from the documentary and not looking to point score by stating that I know different.
A cartoon series made by Hanna-Barbera in the early 70's called Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. It's no longer repeated (no doubt due to pc pottiness) but if ever you get chance to see an episode, view it as it's hilarious.

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