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The Heavenly Beach Planet[1] is shaped like a toilet bowl (as the name of the galaxy implies). The Twin Fall Lake Planet[2] is reached when a treasure chest is opened on the far side of the starting planet (using a Koopa Shell) and using the Launch Star that appears. At the top of the Twin Fall Lake Planet, the design is similar to the Heavenly Beach Planet, but with an icy design. A rather unusual planet for this galaxy, reached when finding a Launch Star in the Secret Underground Cavern of the starting planet.
To enter the undersea cavern, the player needs to simply dive underwater, grab a Koopa Shell, and toss it at the breakable blocks in the wall that lines the ocean. Known as "Wall Kicking Up Waterfalls" in Europe, this hidden Power Star is accessible from both The Secret Undersea Cavern and Passing the Swim Test.
This is the only galaxy where it is possible to get the three main Power Stars out of order. Mario • Luigi • Princess Peach • Rosalina • Bowser • Luma • Polari • Lumalee • Lumacomete • Toad Brigade • Ray • Gearmos • Guppy • Cosmic Mario • Cosmic Luigi .
Dino Piranha • King Kaliente • Bugaboom • Megaleg • Kamella • Tarantox • Topmaniac • Bouldergeist • Major Burrows • Baron Brrr • Undergrunt Gunner • Kingfin • Fiery Dino Piranha • Bowser Jr.
It is divided into two sides: the first, mostly underwater, has a few floating islands and some underwater ruins.
It is reached when finding a Launch Star while wall-jumping of the waterfalls of the Twin Fall Lake Planet. Then the player has to swim through the tunnel to reach the land on the other side and the player needs to break the crates in the fence and the crates on the other side to reveal a Launch Star.

The player begins this level on the Cyclone Stone encountered in The Secret Undersea Cavern. The player will have to grab a Koopa Shell and break the chest located to the right of the waterfall (when facing the main landmass), revealing a Launch Star.
If the player gets the secret Star, Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls, during the second mission, upon reselecting the hidden Star, the third mission will play out even if the second star has not been collected.
The largest planet in this galaxy is a beach area filled with Penguins, called a "penguin paradise". The shell is in the possession of a fast-moving Penguin swimming around underwater, which the player must catch up to and Spin near to steal the shell away. He must reach the other end of the Cyclone Stone to gain the Power Star, as before, but this time the Thwomps and Tox Boxes move much more quickly.
If the third Star is collected this way then its mission will not appear on the selection screen until the second Star has been collected as well. The dividing line between the two sides is a steep mountain with a waterfall falling out onto the first side. The player will have to Ground Pound the red switch to activate some platforms, and the player will have to quickly backflip and Spin onto the platforms to reach the top of the planet.
There is a Spring Mushroom located behind the waterfall that will aid in the collection of some Purple Coins. There is also an underground cave that opens up into the second side of the planet which shelters Swoopers and Goombas.
It is used to transform into the Ice form, and skate across the water and reach the icebergs.

The player needs to Ground Pound the red switch here to activate some timed walls that the player can use to Wall Jump to the Power Star. The player must dodge all enemies to reach the end of the path, where the Power Star awaits. The planet is home to some penguin swimming school students and their teacher, as well as some sea life (Urchins and Gringills). There is also a Cataquack, which can be used to obtain Coins, Star Bits, and even a Power Star. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Stone Cyclone Galaxy is the exact same planet, only that the enemies move four times as fast. In the back there is an area with a few Piranha Plants, Wigglers, and some Music Notes in the first Mission. There is also a Secret Underground Cave, reached by launching a Koopa Shell into a cracked wall. The Power Star floats high above an isolated snowy island, and another small island contains a Cataquack. The player must grab the Ice Flower, head to the Cataquack's island, and then create an icy bridge to allow the Cataquack to reach the island with the Power Star.
However, the icicles moving in the water may break the icy bridge, costing the player some time.

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