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When the heroes of the Imagine Nation discover that an attack by Rustov sleeper agents is imminent, Jack is forced to trust his friends in a race against the clock to fight back mass hysteria, find the enemy spies, and thwart the Rustov plans in time to prevent a devastating invasion. Jack Blank is the main protagonist of the Jack Blank Adventure series written by Matt Myklusch. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. The time has come for Jack to choose his path and discover for himself if he will become the hero that the Imagine Nation—and the world—needs him to be, or the cause of its total destruction.

The only people that know his past are the Clandestine Order and Stendeval, Jack Blank's instructor. He hasn’t always liked what they’ve had to say, but there have been times when he’s wondered if they were right. As the Imagine Nation’s final battle with the Rustov draws near, Jack’s future is almost upon him.
He and his friends will each need their unique powers and abilities to help stop the Rustov and win the war. But are they prepared to use those powers against the most terrifying and dangerous enemy of all— the one inside of Jack?

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