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Hilarious!I do believe in the Law of Attraction and certainly believe we can consciously and constructively apply the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth in our lives.I recently posted an article based on a teleseminar I listened to hosted by Dr Joe Vitale - one of the stars of The Secret.
Great post - what a shame it wasnt for real but the LOA works in mysterious ways sometimes. I think I know what you did wrong.You must consider that the Universe is very literal when you ask him for something. Submitting Your XML Site Map Today we conclude our series on How to Build an XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Open yellow envelope with top secret stamp and blank papers, on white background, clipping path.

I'm so glad you didn't turn pessimistic after that, but I can see you're not a pessimistic guy.
It is like the genious of the jokes: you will get exactly what you ask for, no more or less.
I actually receive money DIRECTLY deposited into my bank account at times - past child support (more than one occasion), errors from the IRS (yeah, I just about hit the floor with that one!), winnings from contests I apparently signed up for and forgot about, etc.. Even our son focused so much on his dad's guitar that he wanted (an Ovation) that he was GIVEN a brand new, $1,000 Ovation guitar 'out of the blue'!!?? I would love to share the details of it all, but simply put, the Universe really DOES 'allign' things!

You just asked for receiving a check in the mail box, like The Secret guy, and you received it. I've even had some things just 'manifest' such as a particular jacket I envisioned and wanted so bad when I was shopping for jackets (all by itself, exactly my size), and a kleenex (right before my eyes!!), and even gold dust on my bible pages..
If you would have put your emotions in going to the bank to cash it, you would probably get a good check for you for US$100.000.

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