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Rock music, since its pre-history in blues, country music and 40s and early 50s pop, through to the well-publicised excesses of touring bands of today, has left a legacy of thousands of weird and wonderful stories in its wake. Rock'n'Roll's Strangest Moments: Extraordinary But True Tales from 45 Years of Rock & Roll History ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Tales From the Golden Age (2009)Directed by Hanno Höffer, Ioana Uricaru, Razvan Marculescu, Constantin Popescu, Cristian Mungiu. Mark Bunker has uploaded to YouTube a 16-minute interview he did with former high-ranking Scientology executive Marty Rathbun for his movie Knowledge Report. McPherson was a troubled church member who had a mental breakdown in 1995 and then was taken to be cared for at Scientology’s headquarters at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. In his deposition for Ken Dandar’s federal lawsuit, Rathbun said that the church had spent millions to influence judges who were handling the McPherson family lawsuit against the church.
Our legal advisor, Scott Pilutik, noted that Rathbun’s deposition was somewhat scattered.
Rathbun appears to be alleging that in a quid pro quo, Wood agreed to change the cause of death in return for a guarantee from the church that it would not hold her legally liable. Meanwhile, Scientology’s attorneys who are being sued by Dandar filed a motion on Friday which you can see below. As we wrote when Dandar first filed his lawsuit, the facts behind it are dauntingly complex. With major media now paying attention to this strange lawsuit, the action only seems to be starting to heat up. On Sundays, we love to reveal to you the latest Scientology fundraising mailers that have reached us from our tipsters.
And where better to celebrate the birthday of nonexistent JC than on the cruise ship Freewinds!
It looks like Marty has answered pretty completely what was done to Joan Wood to get her to change her cause of death for Lisa McPherson.
You have a blog, Marty, on which you post self-congratulatory praises for your gushing sycophants 4 to 5 times per week. This outpoint will never be addressed by Marty because he can not engage in open debate, or even open dialogue, on the Internet. It’s a sure bet the cult employed similar tactics against IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg. Yes, that’s actually another question Marty has failed to answer after more than 8 years of being out of the Church. Was that information used against Fred Goldberg, or any other government official, to gain tax exempt status for the Church of Scientology, and all of its octopus corporations under it? I think Marty Rathbun is having a problem defending scientology and at the same time trying to openly speak out against the errors caused by the abuse of what he is still part of. Tory, I agree with you and firstly I didn’t want to appear to compare you to Rathbun.

Certainly the indipendent groups should be left to do what they like as long as they are not doing any harm to anyone.
But as for the intention and motivations of Christmas in scientology, it’s same old same old.
Could it be that the coerced change of cause of death is sufficient to reopen the entire criminal case against Scientology? Oh my God, and people still think that this is a group that is out there to save the world?
Weve all read about the Whos Keith Moon driving a Rolls Royce into a hotel swimming pool, but far more bizarre tales of on-the-road mayhem have never been widely told. A young high school student is murdered, and the only clue is a mysterious tattoo of the Black Lotus.
Unlike Rathbun’s explosive deposition, the YouTube video is not a privileged court document. Rathbun also alleged that Scientology had tried to sway Wood through her attorney, Jeffrey Goodis. But in his video interview with Mark Bunker, Rathbun goes into more detail and seems more methodical about laying out the church operation to convince Wood to change the cause of death.
It accuses Dandar of extortion, and asks the court to strike Rathbun’s deposition from the record, saying that it was irrelevant to what the federal lawsuit is about. But in a nutshell, Dandar is complaining that his civil rights have been trampled by the way Scientology, he claims, has manipulated Florida’s state court system.
At the end of their motion, they attach an e-mail in which Dandar notified them on Wednesday that he would be filing Rathbun’s deposition and offered to settle the case (on favorable terms to Dandar).
Dandar has confirmed to us that he has also deposed another former Scientology executive, Mike Rinder, and that testimony contains further explosive allegations about Scientology’s cover-up of the McPherson matter. Surely he could have done better than Super Bowl tickets, cuff links and a hug from john travolta???
Like David Miscavige, Marty can not afford to appear in places where he is not in complete control. Perhaps Marty also revealed this in his interview with the SP Times three years ago, but The Times censored his comments, and he never got around to mentioning it on his blog, either. I criticize them probably because they cling on to Hubbard as if he had done no wrong whereas it is quite obvious that most of the hurting and harming stems from Hubbard’s days.
How nice to see DM being sucked back into the vortex of litigation that Scientology so often uses to their advantage. Raffles Tunny, a juggler in the employ of the United States government, is relaxing at his Swiss chalet when a killer comes to call. Likewise, Svengali-like managers have manipulated starstruck musicians since rock began, though hanging your well-known client from a third floor window was a less usual way of ensuring their loyalty. The last 15 years of Ceausescu's regime were the worst years in the history of Rumania.

As the trail of the killer leads him from high school, into the depths of high society, Yamada must confront a secret from his past better left buried. Scientology was then the subject of a criminal investigation which relied in part on the death certificate that Wood issued.
This is the real reason that I have great difficulty in appreciating the independent groups. Who are we to tell them what they should and shouldn’t believe, as long as they are not hurting others? He's found the next day, electrocuted in the style of serial murderer Shocker Fulson, the man with the electric touch. And just where was the stalled hotel lift in which all four Beatles, according to legend, were turned on to marijuana? Apart from being hypocritical and superficial, I find that they are still trying to hide something from themselves. The trouble is, Shocker's dead -- cremated and interred in New Orleans -- and Raffles is not the first victim. There are the unsung heroes of rock pioneering eccentrics who helped make the music what it is and ended up as mere footnotes in the history books.
They are at once comical, strange, and moving, and find their inspiration in ordinary life that is often surreal, when humor was the only way of surviving for an entire people.Tales From the Golden Age recreates the atmosphere of the time and sketches, with fine touches, the portrait of a country subjected to the perverse logic of a dictatorship. In Bunker’s interview, Rathbun talks about how the church applied pressure to convince Wood to make that change. I refused to do a lot of their BS early on, and I think it all began when my Mom insisted I get back on my medication for Epilepsy.
Six other government-employed entertainers are have been murdered, all of them killed in the style of an executed madman.
Men such as UK producer Joe Meek who created seminal classics from a bed-sit above a cleaners on the Holloway Road, and the New York DJ who originally coined the phrase rock 'nroll and died in alcoholic poverty. A case this insane demands an equally insane detective, which means it's time to call Odd Jobs, Inc. Not to mention the stories behind the stars: when Debbie Harry was a 'Playboy' Bunny, Paul Simon wrote Homeward Bound on Widnes railway station in Lancashire, and the Gallagher brothers (so they claim) were petty thieves. But nabbing the copycat lunatic will mean facing down the Amateur Mafia, a gang of belly-button ventriloquists, and the strangest doctor the future has ever seen. Even so, official propoganda called this period "the golden age."Tales From the Golden Age is the screen adaptation of the best known urban myths of the time. On the occasion of an official visit by Ceausescu, the mayors of country villages went so far as to hang fruit from trees to assure that their villages were given good marks, and they obeyed the strangest orders of the Party's fervent activists.For its international image, Rumania claimed that illiteracy didn't exist within its borders.

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