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Or someone just took a screenshot of the website (since this is only offered as a physical card) to get karma.
I felt like I was going to cry not from the text but by seeing a new version of her that I had never seen before.
Ten seconds after getting the text, the professor started introducing me to the room by describing my background. PHYSICALLY: Josie and I had walked for hours and ate a healthy breakfast and I had slept well the night before.
But I had, at least, knew that what ever tangent I went off on, I had my ten points I could staple the talk back to.

Lilith and I went back and forth for about three minutes (it felt like two hours) and then she crushed me. Then I took her to NYU’s drama department and showed her around and met with an admissions officer. Many things happened that day but the best was seeing this baby I knew 16 years ago blossom into a young lady.
And the second best was applying my own practice to make my life better when I desperately needed it. Like, why did I get this text ten seconds before giving a 1.5 hour talk before a bunch of kids who might hate me?

I’ve been visiting your site for one year this month and your posts always remind me of my values, priorities and inspire me. Look down, back up, you're at your computer reading a comment on the post that your post could have looked like. What's in your hand, now back to me, its your mouse with the power to downvote this post.

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