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You’ve heard the saying: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” But what exactly does it mean to you?
It seems that many of us are always waiting for a “special” time to start something new, even though we know it’s something that we need to, and even want to do. In fact, not only is today the first day of the rest of your life — and the ideal time to start a new good habit — but the beginning of this next hour is a good place for a fresh start, too. If the thought of change, or trying to take on something new, stresses you out, there are a few things you can do first to get in a better, more relaxed frame of mind.
The third is more connected to physical than metaphysical reality, but can make a surprisingly big difference. For those times when you’re feeling stuck in a rut but not sure what exactly you can do to change things, writer and entrepreneur Nora Dunn offers a simple exercise with a premise that you have 20 minutes to change your life in 100 ways. To try it, start by turning off all distractions, including the phone, computer and TV, and lock yourself in a quiet place. Make sure you don’t spend time thinking about whether or not you should write something — it might not make sense, or seem like a good idea at the time, but the idea is to just keep writing in a free-flowing fashion until the timer goes off. Alright, so this isn’t exactly your bucket list… in other words, you’re not committed to doing these things because you wrote them down. It’s the first day of the rest of your life, which you’ll no doubt enjoy even more afterwards. Heather Vale GossHeather Vale Goss is a journalist, interviewer and freelance writer also known as “The Unwrapper”™. We all make decisions everyday and these are based upon our previous experiences or our knowledge or our preconceived notions or even preconceived wishes for the future outcome.
I won’t say “should,” because it carries too much baggage and turns a lot of people off, but the truth is… sometimes we should do things, for our health, our sanity, and our personal development. If that doesn’t quite inspire you, the first day of each week or the first day of each month is a perfect starting line for whatever race or marathon you want to run.

I used to think that LifeSaver candies were named for their shape, but now I know that they really can be life savers.
Miller, yoga teacher and author of How to Calm Down, suggests the following when you need to be saved, at least from tension or stress: “Pop a LifeSaver into your mouth. Whether it’s candy, your favorite food or a beverage, simply slow down, close your eyes, and enjoy the sensations it brings. That will also amp up your positive emotions, which opens you to getting more of what you want. As fast as you can, write down 100 things you want to do, accomplish or experience, including people you’d like to meet. But you might get an idea or two out of those 100 things that will really allow you to make a change in your life. Don’t just make a resolution, or a promise to yourself… but set a clear intention to get it done, and then actually implement your idea.
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We deal with simple ones like what to wear or eat to the more challenging ones like what university to go to or a business decision.
The recurrence of a piece of information in our minds makes it a strong probability that we will make a choice considering this information. We are more inclined to say ‘no’ to risky decisions even if they can be more worthwhile unless the risk is to avoid a big potential loss.
Be aware of why you come to the decision you have made because by using the wrong concept it is possible to make a totally erroneous decision which ignores the obvious facts of the case and in hindsight is completely stupid. Focus on the fruity taste of the cherry, lime, orange, or pineapple flavor, and resist the temptation to chew.

Due to the high number of decisions we have to make on a daily basis it is almost impossible to make rational decisions all the time because our ability for reasoning is limited. A classic example of that is a study from Hastie & Park asking a group of people if the letter K appears more often as the first letter of a word or as the third.
They asked a group of people to decide if a student from University X (where 80% of the students were studying humanities) was either a computer science student or a humanities student based upon him being described as neat and tidy, dull, mechanical and a poor writer. We feel that we have invested so much that we feel obliged to continue even if huge losses are involved. We naturally would go more for a product in the supermarket that says 80% fat free than 20% fat.
It is just a different approach to present something so we are more susceptible to buy the idea. The reason for that is this information is more available in our minds as we think more about words where the K comes as the first letter. 95% of the group decided in favour of computer science, ignoring completely the base rate factor. Another very famous example of this was when Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, read this statement to a cheering crowd in front of 10 Downing St.
The conclusion is that even if the frequency of two things is even we tend to make our decisions to meet our beliefs and stereotypes.

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