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Everybody knows the importance and significance of time, but very few seem to be able to utilize it to the fullest to gain optimal benefits. The above written quotes are some of the wisest remarks outlining the importance of time and its management to all of us.
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But are you getting the things done that matter to you most?The first half of this article is a selection of the best ways to help you to decide what to do at any given moment during your day. Therefore, time and again, great minds both of the present and the yore have drawn human race out of slumber and pinpointed how we must set ourselves in harmony against the fleeting time.
However, most of us struggle to get our ends meet and complain of its insufficiency while there are some who with the same amount of time have created wonders and elevated themselves to immortality. Though abstract, there is no one who doesn’t feel the strangling grip of time around his or her throat. Making space to reflect on what really matters in your life is the first step towards doing more of what matters and less of what doesna€™t as the time matrix explains.2. Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”. A book or pen and paper are always handy to have when you have a window in your schedule.13. Likewise, we must also ride the shoulders of the giants and see as far as we can and draw as much wisdom from the well already dug by them as we can. Read the above written quotes one by one and learn what these great masters say about the significance of time and its management.

Make a list of all your roles, responsibilities and commitments, both at work and in your personal life.
Here are some of the finest quotes, which outline the importance of time and its management for our self-prosperity. Read this article to learn what all those masters or the great minds had to say about time and its management and drink as much as you can from the well of their great wisdom. This works particularly well for making progress with roles, goals or projects that are important but not urgent.14. Conscious personal goal setting is one of several time management activities that will help you reach the level of achievement you want to experience in your various roles -- you have something clear to aim for.4. Keep a time log for a day to help you highlight how you spend your hours, then use the findings to eliminate your worst time wasting activities.5. Do you really need to do it, or is there someone more suitable that could take it on?
Unfortunately, many people make a list and then add more and more items to it without having crossed off everything else they decided to do. Draw a line under a chosen number of tasks and dona€™t move on with anything else until you have taken some action on each one.6. What happens if youa€™ve got an ongoing role, goal or project that you wona€™t get done in one go.
If you absolutely have to do it, get it done so youa€™re not thinking about it all day and then doing it anyway when youa€™re more tired.
If your schedule looks reasonable, then stick to it!If You Need Help Using This Worksheet: 1. The Academic Achievement Center has completed examples of this worksheet as well as books and video tapes that will give you additional information about time management.

Plan what you want to do, according to what matters -- use a weekly planner, but keep it simple -- leave some open time for managing interruptions and other inevitable unforeseen activities.8. Get it out of your head by using the simplest and most portable 'capture tool' you can to record and recall what you want to do.21. In terms of productivity, cleaning up a messy desk makes it easier to process pretty much everything.22.
One of the most effective time management activities you can do is to do stuff appropriately well.24. Imagine your life and work as a garden -- are these commitments going to make your garden more beautiful or leave too many weeds to tackle?
One of the most effective time management activities to learn is how to be assertive and say a€?noa€™ to requests.
Once you know how to stop procrastination and get started, it can be tempting to keep going. A 'little and often' approach will keep everything active and prevent projects stalling.26.
Remind yourself that you made what you thought was the best decision at the time.--Reading about effective time management activities is a start. But to really get the most out of them works, practice them throughout the day.People are encouraged to invest money, but recognizing the importance of time management and investing in improving that is even more worthwhile. Money can always be created, but time is finite.Make learning and using some effective time management activities a priority and turn them into daily habits -- youa€™ll be amazed at the results in your personal and professional lives.

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