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Payroll MateA‚A® is a Comprehensive payroll software that fits the needs of accountants and small to medium size businesses.
Time Clock MTS replaces your manual time clock and timesheet systems while still allowing you to have complex payroll rules. KingSmart Hotel Software 2005 offers hotel property management and restaurant, spa, conferences POS software, back office Accounting, Stock, Payroll software. PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employeesa€™ attendance. Auto Schedule a is powerful employee scheduling software that will quickly make your weekly employee and break schedules.
PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance.
The Time and Attendance module is designed to keep track of the activities attendance of employees.
This allows them to track how much time is spent on one particular client or project and as a result, costs can be calculated more accurately. The Time and Attendance System runs online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access.
Processing Point, Inc., a leading provider of innovative, cloud-based business solutions and the creator of the uAttend Employee Management System, is pleased to announce the addition of 2,200 square feet of office space to support its fast growing enterprise. Today’s businesses depend on time and attendance systems to do much more than simply track how many hours their employees have worked each day.
A good time and attendance system gives businesses a virtual window into their workplace environment. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of today’s time and attendance systems. Businesses that use time and attendance systems also benefit from ensuring they are complying with labor laws and regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act or the Family Medical Leave Act.
One of the biggest benefits a cloud-based time and attendance system offers a business is reduced payroll costs. Automated time and attendance systems open up a whole new window for businesses to peer into how their company is running.
Using a time and attendance tracking system that makes sure employees are getting paid on time and properly can save thousands of dollars a year in time theft. As always, these are just a few of the many benefits automated, cloud-connected time and attendance systems bring to today’s workplace. The Diablo Golf Classic, an annual charity golf tournament sponsored by Processing Point, the maker of the uAttend Employee Management System, is scheduled for Saturday, July 19, 2014, at the Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos, CA. This is the 7th annual Diablo Golf Classic, which has successfully raised more than $15,000 for various charities since its inception in 2008. Chad Buckmaster, Processing Point CEO, added, “The Diablo Golf Classic really is like no other charity tournament you’ve played in before.
Processing Point is creating “The Connected Workplace™” for tens of thousands of businesses nationwide. If you are in charge of running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is constantly checking in on and keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance. Trying to keep track of your employees’ actual work hours using traditional time tracking methods such as a punch clock or paper timesheet is inefficient and often inaccurate.
When you implement a system that is able to automatically track, record and store employee work hours and then automatically export these records into your current payroll system, you instantly save valuable time. There is no question that the old-fashioned Bundy time clock that employees punch in and out of each day are in the past. No matter what type of business you have, from service-based options where employees are constantly on the move or a business that is spread out over a number of different locations, the benefits of time clock software can be significant for your business. As you can see, there are some major reasons why businesses across the globe are adopting technology like a uAttend time clock system.
Time clocks with punch cards were once the mainstream standard for tracking employee work hours, but these devices are quickly being phased out. Biometric Web Time Clocks provide a definitive convenience to business owners and managers by reducing labor costs and by improving attendance supervision, but they also provide convenience for the payroll department as well. The “cloud” refers to web-based data storage and applications that allow users to access data from any computer or mobile device without having to download special software.
Using web-based, cloud technology to handle everything from attendance supervision to payroll means that your business does not need to buy expensive software or do complex installations and upgrades. While there are many, many reasons why businesses choose to buy a uAttend™ Employee Management System, every business has their top ones. Employee time tracking software is complex from a development perspective, but it should never be difficult or complex for the end user. On vacation or away on a business trip and wondering about your workforce’s time and attendance? One of the great things about a uAttend time tracking system is that since it is cloud-based, updates can be made frequently without any downtime. Processing Point’s customer support team is friendly, knowledgable and extremely professional. Again, these are just a few of the reasons why we know our customers love the uAttend Employee Management System. As a small business owner, keeping track of employee work hour attendance is one of the many responsibilities you must juggle.
Cutting-edge, cloud-based technology offers huge flexibility and convenience for employees and employers alike when it comes to accommodating our need for mobility in today’s fast-paced business environment.
Since the uAttend system uses cloud computing technology, you can track employees’ hours no matter where you are. Using cloud-based systems like uAttend to handle employee time and attendance offers even more great benefits. Businesses today have to be mobile and must be able to change directions quickly and effortlessly. To determine potential savings that a time and attendance system might bring, it is best to first evaluate your current employee time tracking situation and identify areas of improvement.
The truth is that savings can come from any and all of these steps, which is why automated time tracking systems like uAttend are so meaningful and effective. Tracking employee time might seem like a basic task, but don’t underestimate its potential to save your business valuable revenue and positively impact your bottom line. When you have hourly employees, keeping accurate track of their work hours is one of the most critical aspects for your payroll department. The following are the top three things you should look for when shopping for Timekeeping Software.
The key principle here is to not settle for a timekeeping system until you know for sure that it will provide the service you need and meet the expectations you deserve.
Organizations face many challenges, including; retaining a competitive edge, managing employees and keeping them productive and motivated, keeping cost low and increasing customer satisfaction. If your current time and attendance is paper-based, there is no doubt you are wasting money by having someone manually calculate employee time, vacations, statutory holidays and host of other things that could easily automated.
Let’s say you have a mid-size company with 500 employees, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a time and attendance solution that’s intuitive, and can integrate to your; financials and job costing, payroll, human resources information system (HRIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM)? Upgrading can sometimes cost the same as what you spent a few short years ago on a new time and attendance system. If your current system is customized, it can create problems with upgrading or its ability adhere to bug fixes – more often than not, this can lead organizations to defer upgrades, sometimes indefinitely. Deploying a best-in-class time and attendance solution based on today’s technology, enables businesses in various industries, to adhere to multi-jurisdictional and legal compliance differences at the local, provincial, federal and state level. To learn more, go to our website and register for a free webinar, download brochures or a demonstration.
If your company happens to be one of the many, that’s struggling to collect employee hours using paper-based time sheets, there is a better and more productive way-ATS TimeWork On-Demand. When planned properly, a well implemented time and attendance can yield significant benefits for all stakeholders. Planning-Your company’s project manager and that of the vendor should work together to form the implementation team, and plan the project based on a methodology, including the scope of the project and available resources. System Configuration- The ATS Implementation Analyst provides the knowledge to implementation team in the design and database configuration. Harmonization-This phase involves integrating ATS Time and Attendance and Business Analytical Applications with the customer’s information needs and addresses customization requirements.
Training- ATS implementation team trains the Project Manager, HR, Payroll and other functional users on the new employee time management system. Go-Live Support- ATS implementation team supports the customer in the use of the new time and attendance system. While this is not a comprehensive list, it provides a benchmark of what our customers can expect when deploying a time and attendance solutions with ATS.
To download a comprehensive implementation methodology, go to our website or call us at 1(866) 294.2467.
Just a few short years ago, there was a lot of skepticism about using cloud-based applications.
ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables companies to streamline business operations by offering flexible time and attendance solutions including: rapid deployment with user interfaces, business analytics, forecasting, overtime equalization, attendance management and employee self-service modules.
Access Anywhere – ATS SaaS time and attendance systems can be easily and securely accessed through the Internet, from any web browser including: Google Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.
Software Updates – Our cloud-based solution is upgraded regularly in conjunction with our software developer releases, with no disruption to end-users. Pay Only What You Use – ATS subscription based model means that companies only pay for the number of user licenses used each month. Robust and Scalable – TimeWork is robust and reliable software that gives companies a real-time view of their business.
Every few years your company sets aside some time to review demos and understand the benefits of time and attendance. Based on our experience it is often the fear of change that makes companies reluctant to adopt something new. Sometimes being reluctant to implement a software solution that can streamline business processes can be attributed to a number of factors including; limited cash on hand, uncertainty about the current state of the economy and a fear of change. Both large and small businesses understand that in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to merely do more with less. To learn more go to our website and to view a demonstration, contact a software account executive. Purchasing a workforce management solution is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Enabling your business- Our time management software is equipped to handle challenges faced by many industries including; manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, distribution and retail. Reduce cost and streamline operations– Our solution is both affordable and is designed to dramatically lower typical deployment system costs. Increase productivity and grow your business- TimeWork interactive dashboard brings all the information that you need for your business right at your fingertips. ATS TimeWork is a best-of-breed time management software that offers the flexibility and functionality you need to manage a competitive business. Cloud computing services have become ubiquitous in recent years, yet there is nothing new about cloud computing.
When you consider the power of an ATS cloud based workforce management software in terms of its quick deployment, it is no wonder this model is fast becoming a staple for small and large organizations alike. ATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) time and attendance is a subscription based solution that changes the way you acquire and use business automation solutions. If you are still on the fence about using a cloud based time and attendance here is what you should know. In a recent conversation that one of our software representatives had with a potential customer, he revealed his disappointment with the way his company was keeping track of employee time.
The use of workforce management software is increasing as organizations seek to get an accurate handle on payroll costs while simultaneously improving productivity.
Maximizing cost-effectiveness and productivity is the goal of a workforce management software, and ATS time attendance solutions provides businesses the tools to measure and monitor employee activities. Here at Apex Time Solutions, we often wax poetically about the advantages of cloud computing software solution and for good reason. ATS SaaS time and attendance software has the ability to grow with the evolving needs of companies.

The ATS integrated software solution helps you manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance more efficiently.
Over the years, a great deal of money and resources has been spent studying the challenges that daylight savings time presents, to the general public. For more information or to download a copy of our time and attendance brochure, go to our go to our website. The latest in HR tech trend on the human resource front is that time and attendance management systems are becoming more people-focused rather than being process oriented.
With HR-focused technology apps, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and data analytics proliferating markets, many HR professionals are left wondering which tools are a fleeting fad and which have the power to transform the profession? Organisations across various industry verticals and of any size, are now focusing their HR efforts into more people-focused time and attendance management system, rather than being process-oriented. A people-focused time and attendance system can encourage open communication and active engagement with confidential communication, automatic benefit accrual, mobile access, and personal information management. According to a recently released white paper by Attendance on Demand, titled “HR Tech Trend: People-Focused Time and Attendance”, it states that a time and attendance system in an organisation is uniquely qualified to promote both transparency and engagement.
Unlike other systems which focus on a user group – like customer relationship databases for sales – nearly every employee in an organization uses a time and attendance system. Technology will increase transparency: This tech trend is believed to foster an “open culture” wherein employees are free to communicate their feedback both (negative and positive), and organizations are open to receiving it.
Technology will increase employee engagement: With organisations investing heavily into HR technology, they are more focused into increasing employee engagement by providing people with tools to connect across functions and stay aligned to what’s more important.
A people-focused time and attendance system goes above and beyond basic timekeeping to encourage open communication and active engagement.
A time and attendance system with mobile access (such as a mobile app that’s user-friendly, maintenance-free and tied directly to the parent system) shows the organization also values this level of engagement by employees. A time and attendance system that offers employees a way to manage their personal information confidentially gives employees a sense of privacy—and the feeling that their employer values this privacy. Savita V Jayaram has been working as a journalist and writer for many international publications of repute. The newly acquired space is located next to the company’s current location at 2796 Loker Avenue West in Carlsbad, CA. Today’s employers need an advanced system that can help streamline their payroll process, reduce overtime costs, eliminate time theft and allow managers to easily schedule, monitor and manage employee work hours and more.
They produce meaningful reports that include everything from employee work hours and breaks to audit trails with entries, corrections and approvals.
Owners and managers gain valuable insight on job costing, performance metrics, project expenses, labor costs and much more.
Time theft includes practices like buddy punching, rounding up hours or lying about hours on a time sheet. The tournament is known for its trademark “Diablo Challenges” that include zany challenges such as driving with hockey gloves and putting with a hockey stick, to playing worst ball and golfing with a set of 1970 clubs. There is a title trophy and championship jackets on-the-line for the winning team, and we have big prizes up for grabs along the course including a Harley Davidson for a hole-in-one. Since 2005, the company has been a leading provider of cloud-connected business solutions that help customers improve productivity and lower costs. The perfect solution to this all-too-common problem is to implement a uAttend Employee Management System. In fact, the many loopholes and limitations associated with these methods end up costing your company a good deal of money in the long run. You will be able to focus less on processing payroll and managing your workforce’s attendance and spend more time focused on running your business. Not only does it save money, but it also helps companies run more efficiently and be more productive.
Business owners and managers who need a more automated time clock system are finding benefit with web-based biometric fingerprint clocks. Payroll managers can now keep track of each employee’s work hours without running around to track down time cards or timesheets, and without needing to keep extensive payroll records on their office computers. Web Time Clocks automatically mark and record work hours and then companies, such as uAttend for example, securely store this work hour data on remote servers. This is why all uAttend systems feature a simple, easy-to-use dashboard and user interface making time tracking and management as simple as possible. We are constantly making improvements to our software and routinely update the system with new and improved functions and features. If you have a question or concern about your uAttend time and attendance system, rest assured your needs will be answered quickly and efficiently.
While aesthetics aren’t the most important thing when it comes to having an effective time and attendance system, it certainly helps to have a small and manageable unit that can be easily and conveniently moved around and set up at your workplace. Add to this, your long list of managing inventory needs, marketing plans and financial concerns and it can all get a little overwhelming. Through it, employees can clock in and out “online” using a physical time clock, a web browser or even a Smartphone or mobile device; likewise, employers can use the same methods to track and manage their workforce.
As indicated earlier, through cloud computing technology, employees have multiple options available to them that help make marking attendance easy and convenient. For example, if your business has multiple locations or if you have a remote workforce, punching in and out of a static time clock is not ideal. Let’s determine the potential savings that could be found from implementing a time tracking system in your workplace. As you review your processes, look for things such as inefficiencies, high administrative costs, redundant data entry and data entry errors, labor time consumption and other pain points. If you use a manual time tracking system or have a traditional time clock and notice any of the core issues mentioned above during your process analysis, chances are you will find great benefit in an automated time tracking system. Today’s advanced time clock systems not only reduce the time and effort it takes to monitor, record and manage employee time, but also allow you to generate reports, receive real-time alerts if someone is late, and even prepare you for performance reviews.
If your employees are not honest with their time reporting, it can cause your expenses to skyrocket and keep you from turning a profit. First, make sure the system you buy has an effective and reliable means to Verify Identity. There is nothing more frustrating than implementing a new system only to find out it will not work with your existing payroll processing software. If you are ready to take your time tracking software to the next level, a good place to start is with a uAttend™ Employee Time Management System. And, with all this to manage, you are likely not thinking about the negative impact your current time and attendance is having on your business.
If you are using some off the shelf or outdated time and attendance solution, you will, at some point, have to pay for new versions, annual maintenance and software bug fixes.
Moreover, your company cannot take advantage of real-time analytic reporting if you are using an outdated time and attendance solution. Also upgrading to a new solution will likely require stakeholders to ensure the business requirements are met. Who wants to be stuck with a time and attendance system that is so heavily customized that it prevents a company from taking advantage of newer versions?
ATS TimeWork OnDemand provides real-time visibility, streamlines payroll costs, increase workforce productivity and gives you access to multiple levels of consolidated reporting and enterprise-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all displayed in real time, on dashboards. But it was too long ago that some doubters viewed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions as the brand new toy that would fade away from the collective memory of most business executives. Your company can tap into the rapid innovation that the ATS Time and Attendance On-Demand, enables and adapt your time collection processes quickly to evolve with the 21st century.
Using ATS project methodology, it can be applied to large and medium-sized implementations. A kickoff meeting should include all stakeholders with the purposing of reviewing the project plan and communicate the company objectives for the project.
This will include, work-rule policies, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), and setting up the time and attendance system.
Today, businesses are adopting cloud-based time and attendance solutions in growing numbers. Our TimeWork dashboard offers you tremendous flexibility to optimize your payroll and HR departments. Our time management solution is hosted in an environment that can be dynamically scaled to meet our customers demand and deliver acceptable performance levels. This allows managers to make decisions based on real-time data, and enables continuous improvement in business operations. After a few weeks, you decide not to make a purchase and stay with your current excel and paper tracking time sheet process. The antiquated method of capturing employee data, although comforting, leads to erroneous mistakes and wastes valuable resources. Because of the flexibility of the system, it easily adaptes to any industry and lowers operational costs from the very beginning.
While a delay can sometimes be due to limited resources in difficult times and while this may, on the surface, appear to be a prudent course of action, the cost of doing nothing is costing companies thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity. ATS TimeWork offers a set of core enterprise-wide workflow management software features that help you transform your business into a real-time, on demand organization, responsive to the needs of your customers. Our workforce management solution allows you to consolidate the latest information within your organization – and make faster, better informed decisions on all levels. Some businesses have been slow to adopt it, in part because it was new to them and there were concerns regarding data security. IBM also found out in its own study that “More than 3,000 global CIOs of organizations are ready to embrace cloud computing over the next five years as a means of growing their businesses and achieving competitive advantage. Our intuitive product provides your company with the flexibility to innovate your business while paying for only what you need.
It turns out that they have been using paper timesheets since the inception of the company some 30 years ago, despite having in excess of 300 employees. Studies by industry giant Canadian Payroll Association have shown that companies who automate their business process with workforce management software have historically decreased the time it takes to prepare payroll by about 80% and have saved companies 3-5% on their net payroll costs. When we launched this software model a few years ago, the plurality of our customer’s response was overwhelmingly positive. The flexibility of our software solution allows it to integrate easily to Talent Management, HRIS, Payroll and ERP applications.
When combined with employee data collectors, our solution delivers embedded business intelligence that provides unparalleled access to enhanced reporting and labour analytics. While some argue the change affects shift workers more than others, the havoc it wreaks on the lives of many people who miss an hour’s sleep is undeniable. The online petition by End Daylight Saving Time remains resolute in their claim that DST does more harm than good to humans biological system. The use of these tools takes the place of employees having to report to the office on a daily basis.
Our integrated time and attendance system delivers deep insight into all areas of an organization’s work rule policy promoting better efficiency and more fiscally sound labour decisions. These attributes help employees experience how much an organization values their time, engagement and satisfaction. With this powerful tool sitting at the heart of an organization, it is important to shift focus from processes to people. So much so that the technology that allows employees to express those opinions is a growing priority for HR departments. More and more employees value mobility and flexibility, whether they’re sitting at their desk, in the field, or travelling on business. The system followed should also be labour law compliant to ensure transparency and goodwill between parties in a contract.
This module has various features that allow managers to see how employees spend their time and how much time is spent on meetings. From cutting-edge, cloud-based timekeeping software to the latest in mobile payment processing and point-of-sale solutions, Processing Point invests heavily in new technology in order to bring products and services that save clients both time and money. Time tracking systems like uAttend make life that much easier for business owners and managers. Automated systems can replace tedious and mundane administrative tasks that are inefficient and strain resources. Manual processes often leave businesses vulnerable to hidden costs like payroll and overtime errors, as well as scheduling inefficiencies.
Knowing when and where money is being spent, or possibly even lost, is critical to a successful and financial-sounds business, which is why cloud-based time tracking systems like uAttend are so important.

Studies have shown that buddy punching alone can cost up to 7% of a company’s gross annual payroll. Entering the time and attendance market in 2010, Processing Point is currently the fastest growing supplier of employee time management systems in the United States, with its uAttend and uPunch lines, which are available through Costco, Staples and other major business supply resellers. On the other hand, studies have shown that many businesses see savings of as much as three to five percent on payroll expenses after the successful implementation of payroll time clock software. No more manually entering employee work hour data into your payroll system, and no more worrying about whether or not employees are being paid accurately. These time clocks require employees to punch in and out with a fingerprint rather than with a physical time card. All time and attendance data that was once locked and stored in file folders somewhere on premise, is now stored in the cloud for instant access and retrieval.
Since the data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by managers through an online account from any computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone or mobile device. Gone are the days of large, expensive servers that take up floorspace in the office and that require constant maintenance. With a uAttend time clock system, all employee work hour data is stored in the cloud giving you access any time of day and from any location in the world.
When it comes to monitoring and managing employee work hours, turning to Time and Attendance Tracking Software can greatly reduce your workload and improve both the accuracy and efficiency of your time tracking system.
Leading the charge in cloud computing time and attendance solutions is the uAttend Employee Management System. In addition, managers and business owners have flexible and convenient options for accessing and analyzing employee work hour data. You can process payroll, analyze data for performance reviews, update employee wage information and so much more. Rather than forcing employees to first drive to the office and then to their destination, OR trusting them to accurately (and honestly) remember their hours when filling out a time card or time sheet, they can now simply punch in and out while on-the-go using their cell phone, tablet or Smartphone. This is one of the many reasons why cloud-based solutions like uAttend’s Time and Attendance Tracking Software reap immediate benefits and ROI from a management standpoint. In fact, many businesses see an immediate ROI after integrating a time and attendance solution.
Not only that, but solutions like the uAttend Employee Management System essentially automate your entire payroll process ensuring accurate, to-the-minute work hour records and paychecks. While time tracking in the past has always been limited when it comes to preventing time card fraud, technology has made it more complicated for employees to lie about hours worked. This is best done by implementing a biometric time and attendance system using either fingerprint or facial recognition. Timekeeping Software with cloud connectivity directly syncs to the Internet allowing upper management the ability to monitor and manage employee work hours with the click of a button. Be sure to research timekeeping software and find a solution that is compatible with your payroll system. This is one of the most reliable and affordable systems currently on the market, plus it integrates with more than 80 of today’s most popular payroll programs. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could have a solution that did not include these ongoing costs? Sometimes, these words tend to be the last ones uttered before the system breaks down, or you come to the realization, that your system is not keeping pace with your business. A 21st century cloud-based time and attendance solution connects to mobile devices and is available from anywhere, at anytime propels your business further and provides greater efficiency.
After all, your business requirements have likely changed from a few years ago when you first implemented the solution.
With an ATS cloud-based time and attendance upgrades are built-in and takes place without interruption to your company’s business operations. ATS time and attendance can manage your entire workforce – business analytics, time tracking, budgeting and forecasting and workforce planning  – in the cloud and with seamless integration to, Payroll, Talent Management,  Enterprise Resources Planning, (ERP), Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Depending on the size of the project, flowchart diagrams will point you to tools and templates that can be used at different phases and will help guide the roles that are required to perform activities.
That’s in part, to the advancement of technology and low total cost of ownership that comes with the deployment of cloud based applications. Over the years, we at ATS have heard of numerous reasons why some companies do not want to upgrade to a solution can make their lives easier. The end result is cost-effectiveness combined with maximum functionality for your overall operation. Our time and attendance software integrates all of your company’s management processes and enables users to access this information within a standardized system. These are both valid concerns; but as companies began to understand the advantages of a cloud based solution it has slowly gained traction in the business community. The ATS workforce management software suite, is designed for rapid installation so you can adapt to changing business needs as they evolve.
Our integrated solutions can grow with your business and seamlessly integrate with: Payroll Software Solutions, ERP, HRIS, Talent Management, CRM and other business applications.
Naturally our representative asked why his company had not automated the tracking of employee time and attendance before. HR, payroll professionals and supervisors can perform data discovery by drilling down through the integrated dashboard and reports, which represent attendance-related analytics. ATS SaaS time and attendance saves on the server costs and IT personnel, both of which are typically required when deploying an on-premises solution.
ATS software for tablet PCs, Smart phones and online time tracking is GPS enabled and tracks the location of the in and out punch by the employee.
Automated time tracking eliminates the element of human error and helps businesses safely and easily comply with policies. By implementing an employee management system like uAttend, businesses can save anywhere from 1 to 8% on payroll costs. There is food on different holes, beer on different holes, prizes on different holes and we have sponsors at different holes with their own unique challenges. Processing Point’s latest solution, the uAccept point-of-sale system, is a revolutionary POS that accepts all types of payment (including Bitcoin) and even allows for text messaging and emailing exchanges with customers. Employees can literally punch in and out on the go and employers can monitor and manage work hours from anywhere with an Internet-connected device. This emerging technology has eliminated certain actions involving time card fraud, such as buddy punching and time card manipulation.
In other words, you no longer have to be in the office or on-site to access work hour information.
Once a business embraces cloud-based time and attendance technology, the web-based data can be accessed regardless of where the business owner or manager happens to be.
Simply login to your company account from any Internet-connected device (e.g., laptop, PC, Smartphone or mobile tablet)! By simply logging into their online uAttend account, managers open a virtual window into their workforce.
With a streamlined and automated system in place and all your employee work hour data securely stored in the cloud, you will accurately pay your workforce and be free of the stresses that often arise from payroll problems.
Plus, you can manage all of your employee attendance needs with a real-time application that uses a single computer interface.
Cloud-connected software enables users to access and retrieve employee work hour data any time and from anywhere.
If your employees do not have to verify their identity when they clock in, your business is vulnerable to time theft practices and you are likely paying unnecessarily high labor costs.
With biometric time clocks to verify identity and innovative cloud-based software, uAttend offers all three of the top required features, and then some!
In short order, that quick upgrade you were going to get, might end up lasting longer than you had planned for. In fact many businesses would prefer to deploy a business management software solution in weeks not years and do not want to hassle of having their IT department maintain a Server for each software application. They all help to increase the consistency, timeframes, quality and success of your company’s time and attendance system. You need to get past the smoke and mirrors and settle on a time management solution with the core fundamentals that meet your company’s needs.
The ATS Time and Attendance software will adapt to your information flow quickly and without additional software development expenses.
Our solution streamlines the payroll process and provides an ROI in a matter of weeks with this SaaS integrated workforce management suite.
With no substantial upfront fees, large and small organizations are finding that a SaaS time and attendance model are often easier for corporate budgets to absorb. Automated time and attendance systems save hours of valuable time for HR and payroll departments. In addition, these solutions allow access to detailed audit trails should a complaint ever need to be addressed. Time and attendance tracking systems are known for their roles in minimizing and often altogether eliminating time theft. The whole day is about having fun all the while raising money for charity, which is why Processing Point chooses to be a part of it. Managers may have been aware that a certain amount of work-hour time theft was occurring, but they had no good way to stop these practices before biometric fingerprint time clocks were introduced.
You can see real-time metrics on who is currently punched in, who was late, who is on vacation or who is working in what department. With minimal initial investment and a scalable month-to-month contract, it is easy to see how the benefits of an automated time and attendance tracking system means huge savings for your business. If you are ready to take control of your company’s time and attendance reporting, we recommend finding a system that offers today’s most advanced timekeeping software. Investing in a biometric time clock with timekeeping software helps you prevent time theft by ensuring that each and every employee is accountable for his or her work hours. Automating your payroll processing system from start to finish will save you hours of time and money. Contact uAttend’s time and attendance experts today to learn more about the benefits of timekeeping technology. And in today’s very competitive business landscape who wants to maintain expensive servers when there are less expensive alternatives like a cloud-based application.
Our solution, once deployed can easily be transferred to other sites while safeguarding the consistency of all your data and processes. They no longer have to manually calculate, tally and process employee work hours for things like payroll or performance reviews and have instant, real-time access to work hour data such as missed punches and vacation requests.
Proceeds go to a chosen charity each year such as the American Cancer Society, the Wounded Warrior Foundation and It’s All About the Kids.
This means a manager can monitor an employees’ punctuality and attendance even while he or she is out-of-town on business. You can generate reports, monitor workload balance and even export work hours to your payroll system. They can customize their dashboard with their favorite widgets for snapshots such as who is currently in the office, who was late, who is on vacation or who left early. Your employees will clock in and out through a convenient means that works best for your company, and you’ll access their time quickly and efficiently from wherever you might be when you need the data.
You can aggregate valuable time and attendance information from multiple locations so you can keep an eye on the performance of your employees any time of day and from anywhere with Internet access. Through automation, they can do more work in less time and apply their new-found ‘free’ time toward productive tasks. You can check and see who is currently working, who was late, who left early, who is nearing overtime, what departments are short-staffed and even keep an eye on employees who historically have had problems with punctuality. Cloud-based access also allows for employees to work remote or at multiple locations and offers the convenience of a Smartphone or mobile app for punching in and out.
They can even schedule real-time alerts to be notified if and when an employee is late and a department might be short-staffed.

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