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This spreadsheet is designed to make it easy to define and categorize all the costs associated with a detailed project. This sheet allows you to specify material and labor rates and quantities for each task - automatically calculating the dollar amount. This version is based on our general business budget template, and includes a section for recording income sources. When adding new budget categories, make sure to verify the formulas for the Subtotals and Totals.
This template is for defining a budget by listing expenses (and income) on a monthly basis, and you can easily delete or insert more columns for projects of different lengths.
Make sure you have an accurate understanding of your resources and the costs associated with those resources.
Use your budget to track your performance and to communicate with other departments before, during and after your project.
After sweeping, it’s always impossible to sweep all the leftover particles into the dust pan.  A wet paper towel will pick up everything that the broom can’t.
When you’re able, hire a cleaning professional.  You can usually find good deals on services such as LivingSocial or Groupon, or you can hire a college student to help. If your house has an odd smell, put 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract in a coffee cup and put it in the oven at 300 for one hour.
When cleaning the shower or bathtub, do a quick scrub, then spray very hot water all over, and do a thorough scrub.  The hot water will increase the effectiveness of the cleaner. One time-saving way of creating your grocery list is to create a master list, then each week after meal planning, you can cross off what you don’t need to get that week.  You can find some printables of master grocery lists at the end of this post that you can customize to your preferences. If you choose to use paper grocery lists, I would definitely recommend organizing them by where the products are located in the store – this will cut your time in the store down big time! You may also need multiple paper grocery lists if you shop at multiple stores.  In this case, I would suggest keeping a master list for each store. If you have a smartphone, there are plenty of free apps you can download that will save tons of time and money on groceries.  You already know that I’m a huge fan of ZipList and Cozi, but here are some others.
Keep all family members’ documentation you need for check-in and security (passport, driver’s license, birth certificates for “lap children”, boarding passes, and credit card if you are checking bags) in one small bag that is easily accessible inside one of the carry-ons.  This will keep you from having to dig through lots of bags. If possible, buy bulky and disposable items, such as diapers or formula, at your destination.  This will save lots of space in your suitcase. Be sure to pack your house keys in an easily-accessible place!  This way, when you get home, you can easily grab them and unlock your house to bring in your bags.  Once, when traveling only with my two year-old, I left all my keys at home, not thinking that I would need them.  My husband was at work when we got back, so we were locked out! If you have any beauty routines that you do less often than every day, do them the day before you travel so that you don’t have to pack the supplies for them.  Examples include tweezing your eyebrows, shaving, and using a face mask.
Take out at least $100 cash, preferably in small bills.  You’ll need them for tips, taxis, and services that don’t accept credit cards.
If you travel frequently, consider enrolling in a frequent flyer program.  Better yet, apply for an airline’s credit card so that you can rack up travel miles and get deals on hotels and car rentals. For babies who are too young to go in a stroller without a car seat, I like to use a Moby Wrap.  You are allowed to keep a child in the wrap throughout the entire flying process (including security and boarding the plane). Most airlines allow families with kids to board the plane early.  Take advantage of this!  Sit as close to the front as possible so that you can be one of the first ones off. That lyric is for my mom, but it perfectly sums up time management as a new mother.  That’s probably not the situation for which Bob Seger intended it, but it works, and I’ll use any chance I get to throw out some good lyrics. I like to use these display ideas for my non-routine events (tasks and events that I know about in advance, but do not happen in a recurring pattern).  They are also great to use for your master schedules if you’d like! Meal Planner: This tab will help you plan your family’s meals, and simplifies grocery shopping.

Upcoming Events: This tab serves as a reference for preparing for events such as hosting parties, surviving the holidays, hosting guests, and traveling. One of the best ways to save time in your day is to simplify your cooking and meal routine. The good news for busy people who like to cook is that it’s never been easier to chop, slice, and peel your way to a family dinner.
The more you try these time saving tricks, the more you will see what works best for your family and find some tricks of your own.  When you do, please post them here!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your time can be wasted away in distractions, interruptions and preoccupations, or it can be put to its highest and best use. Set goals everyday – Before you sleep, list all the things you want to accomplish on the next day. Use your spare time – You may not notice it but you have lots of spare time as a high school student.
Working student – If you are a high school student and have a part time job, you can use your break times to do your homework or study.
By using flash cards or summary sheets, you can use odd times to study--while you're waiting for class to start or for a friend to pick you up. Use Vertex42's project budget template along with a well-defined project plan to help put together a solid budget - one that will allow you to accurately predict your costs and to manage those costs during your project. Use it for home remodeling, contract work, small community service projects, and even large IT project budgets. The categories are laid out in the traditional WBS (work breakdown structure) format, making this template a useful addition to our popular Gantt chart template, which can be used to define a detailed project schedule.
This spreadsheet can be useful for smaller projects such as home remodeling or other small construction projects, where it may not be as critical to use a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS).
As your project progresses, enter the actual expenditures for each task to see how well you are staying on budget. If you want to plan, track and graph spending over time, you might want to use the EVM template.
This eliminates last minute small trips to the grocery store which can be a big time zapper!
If you do not get enough rest, you know you will not be able to perform your planned tasks as scheduled.
No matter how much you plan in advance, there will always be times when you will need to adjust your calendar for the needs of a particular situation. Put your most important goal in life on top of your priority and your least important goals to down below on the list. Try to add up the minutes of the school bus ride to school and the school bus ride back home or, the extra 5 minutes teachers give you at the end of class. It is also ok to say no if your boss asks you to work on a school night and you have an important exam the next day.
If you plan properly and set aside enough time for rest, there is no one who can stop you from achieving your goals.
For most people for every hour of study done in daylight hours, it will take them one and a half hours to do the same task at night. Unless you are doing a multi-year, multi-million dollar project, you probably don't need to invest in expensive or more complex project budgeting software. The difference between the budget and the actual expenditures will be calculated for each task along with the total variance for the project.

This will cut down on the time you spend making lunches the night before (or, let’s face it, the morning of) your workday. Otherwise, decisions that affect how well you play the time management game, what position you play and when you get to play will be decided for you. It is absolutely critical that you squeeze the most out of each precious minute in your day. When you're tired, it will be impossible!) According to some studies, students can perform well in their studies more efficiently if they figured out the amount of time they want to designate for studying. With enough rest, you can complete your daily activities with a refreshed mind, allowing you to finish them faster, saving more time. Too much speculation about problems will bring on stress and will lower the quality of your work. If you try to study in this situation, you will most likely waste your time and become frustrated. If you know how to cook ten meals, cook those ten meals in a cycle until you’re ready to try something new. You can also keep snacks in diaper bags, or in small Tupperware ready to grab before you head out the door. To the mentor: The link to the master schedule template is an example of what you can suggest to your students.
For instance, if you perform better at math during early morning better than afternoon, you should study it during that time on weekends.
You can understand the topic more effectively and memorize it more successfully than by just reading. If you schedule this just like you would soccer practice, or music lesson, it become routine.
Or, you can designate a meal type to the day: Mondays are casseroles, Tuesdays are meat and potatoes, and so on. While you probably have no control over when your classes are scheduled, you do have control of the rest of your time.
By doing this, you will get an idea of what you need to do on your homework when you get home. Remember, work is not your number one priority as of now, it is only a part time job and the most important thing for a high school student is studying and passing the exams. Well, it was not time well spent as you were too tired to remember any of the information you reviewed. Be respectful of your employer and give 2 weeks notice if you need to leave your job if it is interfering with school. For instance, the first Monday of the month is chicken enchiladas; the second Monday of the month is lasagna.
If you're going to accomplish anything today, these are the 1440 minutes you have to work with. Take a stroll through your local cooking store and you’ll be shocked at the creative tools that have been invented! These websites will allow you to search for recipes by preparation time and cook time, and create your own cookbook. You’ll never know when a lot of activities or an illness can prevent you from completing a long term project.

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