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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Have you ever found yourself bleary-eyed and strung out from too much coffee and too little sleep after pulling an "all nighter" right before the big biology test?
We’ve got some Effective Time Management Tips for College students to make your College Life a little more enjoyable and ensure that you are able to spread your time around the required study hours and have yourself some fun as well. When time management for college students starts becoming a problem, then life as a college student can become very difficult.
The starting point of effective time management for college students, or anyone for that matter, is defining priorities.
Now that you know what your highest priorities are, you are ready to set goals and make plans to meet those priorities. Use these suggestions on this page to help you have better time management as a college student. Can I meet the deadlines?”  These are some of the worries of college students when it comes to time management. Many are seen to be happy to go lucky students who really don’t care if they are using their time efficiently.
Set up a reminder for important events using your Smart Phone, diary or other applications. One of the best things when managing your time is when it comes to preparing yourself for tests and exams is by doing a little bit of it every day instead of putting it all off to the end an doing it all at once.
When you’re overwhelmed with a number of things to be done setting your priorities is key to managing your time effectively.

These of course lead to lower grades and, overall, an unhappy college student! But, when time management for college students is effective, time becomes your ally instead of an enemy! Use this exercise weekly as you plan. For example, if you were setting a goal for your homework this week, you would see what assignments are due and then set specific due dates throughout the week to complete them. Do you see where this is going?
This way you can more easily measure your progress and meet the goals you want in college and in life!
However, not every college student fits this group – most of them want to direct their time better but have no idea of how to do it.
This is an effective method for ensuring that things are not left to the last minute and that you are not double booking yourself.
Saving yourself additional stress and avoiding you from getting burned up the day before your examination. In addition, you are expected to put in about 2 hours of preparation and production outside of class for each hour in class. Or if you’re not an early bird prepare everything the night before so that all you need to do in the morning is to eat your breakfast, shower and get dressed. Sooner of later this will become a habit and you will never be late to activities or events again.
Taking on more of than you can handle will only result in stress and further unwanted consequences.
You plan for assignment due dates ahead of time, thus giving you plenty of time to do your best work. This kind of student time management can bring better grades, more satisfaction in your work, and less stress over homework assignments and upcoming tests! 1 is for most important, 2 is somewhat important, and 3 is least important. Use your best judgement here.

As you set due dates for your goals and priorities, you will want to schedule adequate time to carry out those goals each week. Or you could just take a paper with you through the day and write what you do. Be honest here. Remember, you are trying to decide your highest priorities, so what you choose will probably differ from other people.
Of course, paper planners work just fine! When planning for bigger assignments, it helps to spread the assignment out over a few days, or a week or two if you have the time. This way the assignment is more manageable. As you schedule your time for each of your priorities, keep in mind that you need to have time for yourself too.
It might surprise you how much time is going by! Lets just assume that you have 4 class this semester, 12 credit hours, two classes per day, each class lasting an hour. Give yourself time to relax and time to do things away from your school work. Making time for the other priorities in life is just as essential to time management for college students as making time for homework and studying for tests.
If you add a half hour for each meal that still leaves 8.5 hours per day for you to do what you will with them!

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