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Study two hours per credit hour for a lighter class, three hours per credit hour for an average class, and four hours per credit hour for a difficult class. Set an alarm on your phone or computer to sound off at regular intervals to remind you of the benefits of completing a task on time.
The Urgent Important Matrix is a tool to help us to use our time effectively, not just efficiently. Managing time effectively, and achieving the things that you want to achieve, means spending your time on things that are important and not just urgent.
Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are often associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals. The matrix can be drawn as per the pic below, with the dimensions of Importance and Urgency.
Now study the matrix using the strategies described below to schedule your priorities and maybe get a bit of reality check. There are two distinct types of urgent and important activities: Ones that you could not foresee, and others that you have left to the last minute.
If this happens, identify which of you urgent-important activities could have been foreseen and think about how you could schedule similar activities ahead of time, so they do not become urgent.
Urgent but not important activities are things that stop you achieving your goals, and prevent you from completing your work. These are the activities that help you achieve your personal and professional goals, and complete important work. I know that after my 2 hours workshops and after your first ever kettlebell workshop, you will want to use your Epsom salts gift to relax those muscles and help reduce any post workout muscle soreness (known as DOMS) in a warm detox bath.
We all have a lot of stress in our lives, both at work and at home, and time management is one of those stressors. There are many different time management systems to help you cope with time constraints and work overload.

The Pomodoro Technique  – This systematic approach was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. Franklin Covey’s Focus – This is another technique that many people, especially busy executives, swear by.
The system uses a four quadrant management matrix to help you manage your work load based on urgency and importance. Some people take bits and pieces from all these systems, or others, to find the right fit for their lifestyle and work habits. Managing time when there doesn’t seem to be enough makes you feel like Sisyphus trying to push that boulder up the hill. It is an issue that concerns everyone, from the single working mother who has to balance child care with a full time job, to the entrepreneur starting a business from home and working day and night to get their product or service off the ground.
There are all kinds of things you can do to improve your state of mind and your ability to manage your workload. Using it helps you overcome the natural tendency to focus on urgent activities, so that you can keep clear enough time to focus on what’s really important. Try to include everything that takes up your time, however unimportant you may perceive it. As you do this, you can plot the listed items on the matrix according to the assigned importance and urgency.
Here, the best approach is to leave some time in your schedule to handle unexpected issues and unplanned important activities. Ask yourself whether these tasks can be rescheduled, or whether someone else could do them.
Make sure that you have plenty of time to do these things properly, so that they do not become urgent.
Many of us are overwhelmed and having difficulty multitasking and prioritizing our work to meet deadlines.
You work in increments of 25 minutes and take five minute breaks in between, using a timer to measure your progress.

You can also organize your office to be more efficient by decluttering your stacks of paper and going paperless. By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can save hours of time that you would spend inputting data into your spreadsheet. For example, some people like to use voice recognition software and dictate their writing instead of spending hours at the keyboard. Others are activities that other people may want you to do, but they do not contribute to your own desired outcomes. David Allen has written a number of books on this topic, and his organization provides time management seminars and solutions for individuals and organizations.
Those are the kinds of tasks that we don’t look forward to and frequently put off until crunch time. Some of us love the feel of keys clacking under our fingers, but if that just makes you edgy, change it. Of course, that is both good and bad; more work around the clock but more access when you need it.
This will maximize your chances of keeping on schedule, and help you avoid the stress of work becoming more urgent that necessary. That is how serious that a lack of organization and focus can be to your career and your health.

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