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Nursing school involves a host of responsibilities that can make anyone question why there are only 24 hours in a day. At the beginning of each semester, one of the first things you should do is review your syllabi for important dates like assignment deadlines, exam dates and clinical hours and add them to your various planning devices: appointment book, smartphone, tablet, wall calendar, etc. Taking time at the beginning of each week to organize your school and personal responsibilities can save you a lot of time and frustration in nursing school.
Evernote is a free app available on Apple and Android devices that allows you to record notes and lectures, organize class information and websites, and store pictures. As fun as it is to see Aunt Betsy’s dog pictures on Facebook, extended time on social media networks is often a huge distraction. Nursing school brings with it a whole new set of challenges the average nursing student has to adjust to: care plans, foleys, sputum, manikins, auscultations, patients, sparkling white sneakers and skill competencies. At Utica College, we often hear that future nurses came to the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program because they encountered nurses who changed their lives and made hard situations easier to handle. Each day, we hear stories from current and prospective students about what drew them to a nursing career. Like so much of healthcare, nursing has grown too complex to do reliably without cognitive support.

Nursemind builds checklists that comprise all the activities that nurses do, whether formally ordered or not. Set up electronic alerts when possible to remind you of future tasks so you’re not completely going by memory. Evernote uses a cloud-based system and is compatible with almost every computer, phone or tablet.
Limit your time on these networks and only log in after you’ve completed your school work. While nursing is a stable industry that pays well, when we ask students, “Why nursing?” it’s often not the money or security that’s mentioned. B-U-T you may be wasting you valuable time (away from your family, your friends and your life) if you do not know how to use these 5 time savers effectively. You'll learn the most important 5 minutes of your day & how to organize your time and maximum results. Your EMR reminds you of the things that are ordered but most of what you do is not from orders. The pilot's checklist doesn't teach her to fly but it does make sure she forgets nothing important.

Students in Utica’s accelerated nursing program in New York, for example, are on a tight schedule as they juggle online nursing classes, simulation lab practice and clinical experiences throughout the central part of the state.
Keep your supplies and study materials organized and in a designated location so you can quickly pick up where you left off.
With the Quizlet app, you can make flashcards on your Apple or Android device quickly and easily. Prepare dishes such as soups, roasts or casseroles well in advance so all you have to do is heat the meal before hitting the books again.
When you are confident that no details are being forgotten, you can be more "present" for your patients.
Familiarize yourself with your instructors’ absence policies and contact them immediately if you need to miss a sim lab or clinical rotation. If you’re going to be on campus all day, prepare small meals that you can take with you such as trail mix, fruit, vegetables, and hummus and chips.

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