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When it comes to continuing education and going back to school, it can be difficult for adult learners to balance work, family and their education - plus all the other things life throws at you unexpectedly.
This organized list should be used daily, but also create a weekly and monthly list for planned events. Coming to the conclusion that there just aren't enough hours in the day, you will need to understand that trading in excellence for efficiency is better than trying to tackle it all. In the midst of your busy day-to-day tasks that you have under control, don't forget about yourself! 3) Do your most difficult subject first thing in the morning or at whatever time you feel freshest. Stick to this few methods, do them consistently and you will get lots of studying done effectively. We'd like to applaud you on making the decision to go back to school, and understand your needs are different than those of a first time student that just graduated from high school.
Keep in mind that when you feel in control of your tasks, you will be happier, and more relaxed. Taking online classes will help you better manage time for education - when it works around your bigger commitments.

If you have tips that work great for you and want to share with other students, post them on CU Online's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page. Example – if you have only 4 hours to study today, then you can do 1 chapter of Physics ( the shorter chapters) and another chapter of chemistry. This website is created so that I can share some of the interesting lessons that me and my students had in our classes together. You probably have an existing work load at your full time job or next military mission, ongoing family matters and engagements, plus the new time commitments for your education.
Once you get in the groove of becoming familiar with each task, it will become second nature.
You may need to take a moment to stop and look at your list to determine if something can be removed that is a low priority. It's hard to break away, but remember that even intermittent breaks to pamper yourself will go a long way.
We'd like to share a few helpful tips to be successful, when at times you may become overwhelmed with it all. Acknowledge that you did a great job on the exam, term paper or the completion of a semester.

Behind every successful student is an individual that can manage their most critical resource - time. It's also a good idea to include regular stretching and walking breaks between studying or switching activities during the day.
Maybe a favorite hobby, reading a good book, visiting a coffee shop, watching your favorite TV show or getting a massage. We don't necessarily mean multi-tasking, but if you are up to it, it can be very beneficial. Some self reflection will determine if you are going in the right direction or need to make adjustments. Accomplishing small things on a regular basis and developing good study habits will help keep your momentum going forward and put less focus on being overwhelmed with too much to do.

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