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Active has 10 years experience working with sports organisations and league managers like yourself.
Sports software features Online Sports Registration Build a custom registration form and collect participant information online. Active Network is a technology and media company that helps millions of people find and register for things to do and helps organisations increase participation in their events and activities. Career advice blog written by a qualified and experienced career coach full of helpful tips and advice on: career development, career change, job search, CVs, cover letters, interview skills, happiness at work, work life balance, professional development and training. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
In another post I reviewed alternative agency costing models and suggested how simple budgets and quotes for marketing projects can be prepared using a spreadsheet. Do let us know any services you would recommend for different sizes of consultancy, agency or in-house. Time tracking and management has gone to be a must necessity for the way ahead productivity to go in a smoother manner in the reluctant fashion.
There are definitely advantages to time recording software, but in some instances constant watching can result in decreased productivity. Are there any traffic managers out there that are responsible for pricing when it comes to ads, brochures, email blasts, etc? Addictomatic searches for relevant information on blog posts and in pictures, tweets and videos, allowing users to choose the particular social media sources from which to pull results.

While you certainly have all the resources at your disposal to monitor and manage your reputation in real time without these tools, why not save yourself the time and effort? That's why our sports management software is the leading solution for league managers and coaches that need to streamline sports management, reduce paperwork and find more free time to interact with their participants. Larger agencies will require more features to manage multiple quotes and to relate proposals back to live projects. But are most definitely a “necessary evil”, without timesheets you can’t monitor project progress, you can’t see if your estimates are accurate or not and you can’t (re)negotiate with clients on project fees.
Making time recording as frictionless as possible will help you get meaningful, accurate reconciliation reports at the back­end. The cloud based tool is featured with a calendar based and user friendly interface making it all the way to achieve the end result. In order to do this, you must employ real-time search tools to remain informed about what is being said about on various social media platforms and to be able to respond immediately as it appears online to prevent major damage to your reputation. However, this task can be made much easier by real-time search tools such as Addictomatic, Social Mention, Kurrently, Topsy and RSS Micro. The tool Kurrently allows users to find out what’s being said on Facebook and Twitter, after keywords are entered.
These and other real-time search tools will allow you to devote your time to other reputational issues as they arise, and do so more quickly than you’d be able to do without their help. Our sports software gives you the tools to build a custom online registration form, collect participant registrations online, process payment securely online, communicate effectively with your athletes with integrated email delivery tools, and manage participant data from any computer with access to hundreds of standard and custom reports.

I’m often asked about the project proposal and time recording systems I recommend, so in this post I give some of the main contenders that are most widely used. Supporting the agency’s profitability endeavours by providing easily accessed and accurate reporting.
There isn’t one solution to timesheet completion though, I’ve used and managed the use of them for twenty plus years and ongoing ‘carrot and stick’ or ‘hearts and minds’ sums it up. Social Mention is similar to Addictomatic in that allows users to select the social media sources from which relevant information is grabbed, but has the added features of providing downloadable data on sentiment analysis, top keywords, top users and top hashtags. Try our sports management software free and see how Active can help find you that time to focus on what's really important - the players! Topsy gathers from social networks and employs alive-ranking software that applies influence algorithms to this data.
Others specialise in one function (e.g proposal generation) but integrate with other platforms.

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