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Poor time management in the workplace can result in low productivity, missed deadlines, and employee burnout.
Time management tools help employees to manage, monitor and budget their time more effectively, ensuring that the majority of work hours are assigned to completing important projects and tasks. This tool runs securely in the background of a computer or mobile device, tracking time spent on applications and websites. Getting Things Done isn’t just an app, though there are online tools that can be used to assist with completing the steps of the system.
It can be used on mobile devices, laptops, computers, and can also be synced with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and other time management tools. Things is a task manager app that allows you to create task lists that can also be managed through the “Things Cloud” so that all to-dos are viewable on all of a user’s devices including Smartphones, iPads, computers, and laptops.
To use Things, users type in everything that needs to be accomplished and the task manager helps with setting time limits and breaking everything down into manageable tasks.
The app displays reminders for overdue events, allows events to be assigned to specific days or times, and allows certain goals and events to be set to “someday.” As goals are completed, the avatar “destroys” them. The software works by analysing input regarding how much time is spent on tasks and projects – you can create budget and time breakdowns for each employee and task, generating graphs and summarising billable and unbillable hours.
Toggle works with most operating systems and can function offline so that time can still be tracked when users are out of wifi or mobile coverage areas.
The best time management tool may vary from workplace to workplace, especially across different industries.
Before selecting a time management tool, employers should engage in a good deal of research to pinpoint the tool that best fits with the organisation’s needs and priorities. Time management tools can help to optimise productivity, but it is important to ensure that the tool that is selected fits with company culture requirements, and, crucially, will actually be used by employees!

Our Time Management Online Course will advise you on how you and your employees can make the most of your time at work.
In many cases, employees understand that there are roadblocks that are keeping them from managing their time efficiently, but they don’t know how to overcome those challenges.
Such tools also assist in creating awareness and delivering understanding on where time is actually being spent and how this can be converted into more productive activities. The tool creates reports that can help users to understand their daily habits and how much time is spent on each activity.
The tool has intuitive controls so that users can block distracting websites so that it is easier to focus and you can pause or quit using the tool at any time. The inventor of the program, David Allen, is recognised as a leading expert on organisational and personal productivity. Handily, Remember the Milk syncs Evernote Reminders so that any reminders created in Evernote are automatically added to Remember the Milk. You can use it to manage ideas and focus thoughts by mapping these in a tree or star-like diagram. Freckle can help managers and employers to understand work rhythms, team member utilisations, budget accuracy, and client and project overhead.
Freckle even has a feature that allows the tool to automatically bill clients based on input when a task is completed. As tasks are completed, users check them off the list in the same style as old fashioned pen and paper. Toggl is set up to be so intuitive and straightforward that employees will actually use and rely on it every day.
Projects and clients can be added and time can be organised into instantly understandable colour coded graphs to differentiate between time allotted to different projects or clients.

The app allows users to create to-do lists, adding new tasks and arranging the tasks in a list or tree format to prioritise. Some of the time management tools listed above work best for teams, while others work best for individual workers. There are a multitude of time management tools available nowadays, so employers should explore all the options and really take time to narrow the list and test the final few before making a decision. Reports show how much and what percentage of time was allocated to particular activities such as meetings, emails, social media and research. Reminders can be given priority, tags, locations, and URLs to help improve time management. After organising tasks, Things presents a checklist that can be printed or reviewed regularly.
Freckle can alert users when projects seem to be getting off track or when more work has been assigned than can reasonably be completed within a given timeframe. Tasks can be broken into subtasks indefinitely and managed according to the user’s preferences. Certain tools may also be optimal for managing billable hours, while others are best for organising and prioritising tasks. Location-based reminders can be set up so that users are notified when they arrive at a location that is relevant to a do-to list, such as sending a shopping list when a user arrives at a store.

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