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Related Posts :You Don't Want To Change Your Life!Change is something that is happening all the time, all around us without us making any effort at all. He is passionate about personal development and transformation and has recorded over 80 hypnosis programs plus runs a number of successful personal development websites. In the last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of time to consider the excitement of the unknown, albeit vicariously through my son. A new chapter is opening in his life as he starts a Master’s program in Biology in the fall (yes I am proud!), in a different city, full of unknowns.

Do you remember those youthful days and the world seemed so full of possibilities, a script yet unwritten?
I look at my son who is on the 12 lane highway, and I will honestly say I am a bit envious.
This entry was posted in change, living and tagged change, ignore age, new chapter, writing your life on April 24, 2014 by Patricia Moser. And for the next couple of months he will be doing research in the hinterlands of Ontario, also a new environment, new people and well, hopefully no bears!

So it may not surprise you that I prefer twists and turns, and the unexpected not only in my writing but also in my life. It is  an inherent side-affect of getting older — older and wiser as the saying goes.

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