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For many roving workers and freelancers tracking time and expenses is a necessary evil, but one which can eat up a ton of time.
Today on AppStorm I’m going to look at the seven of the best expenses and time tracking applications for Mac. To digitize receipts Xpenditure allows users to scan them and link them to your bank accounts and ID, integrating together the receipt and the bank confirmation. Nutcache makes time tracking simple through utilization of a calendar which can be filtered according to department or individual. Aside from its simple, intuitive interface that makes time tracking simpler and invoicing even more speedy, Harvest adds a wide range of integrations with third-party apps including Xero, PayPal, QuickBooks Online, and a whole lot more.
Harvest is a great tool for employees and employers by allowing easy creation of timesheets and by incorporating a notification system, ensuring key documents are submitted on time.
WorkFlowMax is a Xero product, which has the benefit of aligning time tracking, expenses, and accounting (if Xero happens to be your accounting app of choice). WorkflowMax helps to solve the problem of time tracking by incorporating timers, a mobile site, and additional widgets in order to track working hours. Hubstaff is a time tracking solution that was designed to empower teams to work together more effectively in real time. In addition to screenshots, activity monitoring, and reports, Hubstaff’s platform also includes key features like automatic payroll and GPS. Motiv, as part of its wide range of features also possesses a client portal and the ability to brand your documents.
BillGrid aims to solve a common issue, tracking time and expenses for different projects for the same client.
BillGrid gives you flexibility when tracking time on a Mac by allowing manual or automatic recording.

Now you’ve seen some of my choices of the best time tracking and expense software for Mac, visit our sister site GetApp where you can search and compare more top time and expense tracking applications based in the cloud.
Thankfully, there’s a whole bunch of awesome cloud-based expenses and time tracking software for Mac users to save themselves a lot of hassle. While these applications aren’t specifically for the Mac, being web-based applications they can be accessed on a range of different sources. Due to Xpenditure’s integration with miiCard the app helps to ensure security by requiring identification.
While predominantly a project management application, Nutcache handles time tracking, invoicing, and expense tracking. Through this, superiors can quickly view an overview of time worked and form time sheets accordingly, making this a great choice of time tracking software for Mac users. Running as an application on the desktop, Hubstaff uses a combination of screenshots, activity levels, and in-depth reports to enable freelancers, website owners and virtual teams to keep better track of the actual time they’ve spent working on client projects. It integrates with more than 30 popular business applications, which means users can work more efficiently and managers can gain a better understanding of which third-party applications their team members are running while they track time. In addition to time and expense tracking, this cloud-based software adds proposal and contract creation, quoting, invoicing, and electronic signature capture to the fold. Through the branding functionality, users can change colors, logos and even add a custom domain. BillGrid allows you to do just that for not only time, and expenses, but also invoices and estimates.
In addition to expense and time tracking options, BillGrid also places huge emphasis on client information storage. All of them have a colorful, accessible look and feel, so Mac users should feel right at home with them. In addition, some of the below applications also offer Mac clients.

Xpenditure has apps on the Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry marketplaces, and also links with a range of accounting software including both QuickBooks and FreshBooks, allowing you to streamline your financial tracking. It boasts some handy collaboration features, allowing you to invite coworkers and clients to comment on projects and share files with ease.
Through this, users can start timers to track when they’re working, these will then simultaneously create timesheets. From the data received through these sources you can use this expenses tracking software for Mac to instantly generate invoices from the timesheets. The Client Portal in Motiv is a great way to gain continued reputation with clients by giving them access to timesheets, agreements and contracts.
If you need to send your client an invoice, you can also do this with one click from the time you have tracked across the entire project.
Allowing you to quickly view estimates, amount invoiced and range of recorded files relating to a specific client. This software generally requires a subscription but most of the applications come with free trials. Xpenditure keeps up with your receipts and it even exports to your accounting app of choice for full-scale financial reporting with ease.
The application also gives you the option to remove idle time if you leave a timer running.
All in all, it’s a very useful and attractive time tracking application for Mac users.

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