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From middle school to retirement, and often beyond those boundaries, the nightmare that can be public speaking rears its ugly head for those who fear it.
Prepare: Take time to prepare yourself will actually give you confidence to face audience and tailor your speech. If you feel your knees knocking or shaking, no need to stand in one particular place, just move around. Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine wakes you up in the morning can give you jitters if you drink later in the day. Standing in front of a room full of people and speaking up is nerve wracking for most of us, and very few of us, if we are honest, can claim to be naturally comfortable with so much attention. Excessive sweating, inability to concentrate, dizziness, stuttering, are but a few symptoms of social anxiety and fear of public speaking, and if it sounds all too familiar, take comfort in the fact that you are in good company: many movie stars, whose career is about being the center of attention on and off screen, have admitted struggling with public speaking. These intense words are by no means an exaggeration for people suffering from social phobia.
Obviously, these tips only scratch the surface, and to become comfortable with public speaking, you will need to challenge the negative thoughts that feed your social anxiety, be it fear of failure or of inadequacy. Taking deep, long breathes prior to delivering speech allows you to speak more slowly and also focus on your material.
Use personal stories, humor and conversational language-in this way you cannot forget what to deliver. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Now, the how to do it when neuropathways want to travel old paths, that’s the key to long-term change in thought patterns. Public & Customized Private Sessions including Technical Accounting, IP Licensing, IT, Sales Management & more! But when you combine public speaking with social anxiety, this situation can seem like an impassable mountain and trigger overwhelming stress. For them, the prospect of having to address a crowd is indeed nothing less than terrifying. You will have probably heard that picturing everybody in the room naked will help you feel more comfortable… If it works for you, great, but most people will surely find it more embarrassing and distracting than anything else! An anonymous crowd will often be interpreted as hostile for those suffering from social anxiety whereas individuals are less intimidating.
With relaxation exercises and replacing your harmful thoughts with balanced views of yourself, you will learn to cope with this stressful situation. But with some practice and right steps, you can overcome your public speaking anxieties and give better presentations. Or perhaps right before you hit the stage your sweat glands start pumping, your heart starts pounding, your hands start shaking, and your voice start quivering.For me, public speaking anxiety presents itself in yawning. However, no matter how seriously you are affected, it is possible to gradually overcome social anxiety and public speaking. So for those of us who’d rather people kept their clothes on, here are a few tips: Be prepared. Distract yourself by going for a walk, or doing something that has nothing to do with your presentation. If you know anybody in the audience, look at them from time to time, or select a few ‘strangers’ who look friendly, and the crowd will become a collection of well-meaning people. If you suffer from symptoms of social anxiety, then here are some social anxiety public speaking tips that I hope you find helpful.
Rehearse your speech, be familiar with the information you are presenting, make sure you know how to operate whichever device you will be using.

Social anxiety will trigger various physiological responses, and by working on your breathing, you will keep them under control. This will give you a greater feeling of control and will help you concentrate on calming yourself.
I know, this is common knowledge, but plans don’t fail because of a lack of common knowledge. Therefore, if you want your presentation to be solid, don’t neglect the ACTION of preparation. This not only means putting together great content, it also includes practicing how you deliver your content. It only makes sense professional speakers should have a routine before presentations as well.
Mine includes exercising, stretching, mentally walking through my presentation, arriving early to make sure everything is set according to my rider, and using Entertainer’s Secret before I hit the stage. Nothing combats public speaking anxiety on the day of your presentation like following a routines. The time to practice effective presentation skills like gestures, eye contact, and the speed and pitch of your voice is long before you’re onstage. Once you hit the stage, focusing on these kind of details cause you to be robotic and mechanical.
That's because it was Kent and his Speak It Forward Boot Camp that helped me identify my speaking vision that ultimately became the public speaking component of my company. With that personal insight plus the marketing strategies Kent teaches, I booked my first paid speaking engagement within a matter of months and started a full pipeline of scheduled speeches.
If you are thinking about adding professional speaking to your career portfolio, there is no better place to start than where I did at Kent Julian's Speak It Forward Boot Camp.Shout Out – Jen McDonoughIn the 9 months since attending Kent Julian's Speak It Forward Boot Camp, I have created an incredibly strong brand, developed a very clear message, and have been hired for my first paid speaking engagement -- WOOHOO! Today I shared the stage with the Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork and Ole Miss Basketball legend Keith Carter.
I have two more speaking engagements in May, training later on in West Virginia, and another speaking engagement in June at the Biltmore Estate! All of this is happening because of the techniques I learned at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp like showcasing, reserve interviewing, and the Revolving Door Marketing strategy. This is fun!Shout Out – Sarah MeeceSince attending the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, I’ve been contracted for FIVE speaking engagements during March and April. I am definitely not saying I know exactly what I am doing (I’m using the just-get-moving ideas Kent speaks about so passionately when he teaches on marketing), but thanks to Kent and the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, I think I am on the right track. The event gave me a great overall picture of how to build a SOLID game plan for my speaking business. No matter where you are in your speaking journey, you WILL learn something of value from this event. Kent holds nothing back, and gives with the generosity of a heart committed to your success. He lives to give!Shout Out – Lee GaitanKent Julian no-holds-barred approach to sharing information is amazing!
Register now, you will NOT be disappointed!Shout Out – Jon BeckerIf you are serious about developing a speaking career and don’t know where to start, Kent Julian's Speak It Forward Boot Camp will cut through the noise and bring all the clarity you need. Register Now!Shout Out – Aaron AshworthThe Speak It Forward Boot Camp is by far the most straightforward training I’ve ever experienced.
There are no unrealistic expectations and no pressure to do everything today like most training seminars I’ve attended. If you are aspiring to be a speaker or want to boost your current brand, make sure to make this experience a priority.

I wanted to learn ways to capture an audience's attention just like Kent, and I got just what I came for!
If you are considering a speaking career, the Speak It Forward Boot Camp is an amazing value.
Kent's straightforward, cut-to-the-chase advice will be some of the most valuable you will ever hear. This boot camp, however, focused exclusively on speakers.There are times when we think we want to wait for the right moment to do something in our lives. It is so worth it!Shout Out – Karen RowlandKent Julian is approachable, wise, and humble. He doesn’t hold anything back from the struggles he has faced to the secrets to how to does everything he does -- he is that transparent! The golden nuggets of how to craft and hone your message are an investment that will bring you returns for years to come! The openness and sharing of Kent’s life and business gave us an inside look at what he is living. It’s absolutely the best personal investment you can make and it’s a superb value for the money!Shout Out – Kelly BlackComprehensive coverage of all aspects of the speaking business.
If you want to venture into the speaking business, this conference is geared to give you practical information that you can use immediately. Kent gives 1000+ percent, so you will not be disappointed cost-wise, content-wise, or in any other way!Shout Out – Marty WengerKent Julian’s content was developed from experience and presented with specific examples. It was very different from those who simply present academic material without the personal sweat to back it up.
Do whatever it takes to get to the Speak It Forward Boot Camp because it is an investment in both yourself and your business! Other conferences "hide" or "hold back" information for their "bonus" or extra workshops, but the Speak It Forward Boot Camp gives you all the facts! Kent truly wants you to succeed and offers an incredible amount of practical, useful information for your speaking career. I was prepared to learn a lot when I came to the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, but I was not prepared for how much I got.
I was not expecting all of that to be so clear, but Kent really has a gift for breaking what he teaches down into nuggets that are easy to process.
Richard SeymourWhat I loved most about the Speak It Forward Boot Camp is Kent’s willingness to share all the secrets he has learned over his years of experience. GO in capital lettersShout Out – Trent ThomasThe best part of the Speak It Forward Boot Camp is how much usable material Kent gives you so that you can start your speaking business immediately.
There is no wondering, "How does Kent do this or that?" He tells you everything and is very committed to over-delivering! Kent's material also provides lots of tips and concrete practices for becoming a more focused person.
He boiled down everything that took him years to learn and gave it to us in a very tight, easy-to-understand, 3-day package.
You will learn how to discover your message, how to deliver a killer presentation, how to brand yourself uniquely, and how to market yourself to your niche.

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