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Future Momo JewelryMy name is Jessica Neaves and I am a San Francisco based jewelry designer. It's probably time for me to post a piccy of the other super cutie in my life (who am I kidding? A limited pressing (10,000 copies), which included one of 8 trading cards, was released August 6, 2003. Because the concert was filmed on Ami's birthday, the rest of the group lead the audience in singing Happy Birthday to You between "In the name of love" and "Wo Ai Ni". A performance of "Movin' on from this recording was included on the album Greatest Live Hits.

Plus, she gave out some soap samples - and I am really regretting not having purchased some. For Christmas I bought Adin an adorable little hat that Jess made, and a floral pin for Katrina, my sister in law.

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