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A man named Isis ceremonially placed a lanyard with my ID card hanging from it over my neck. Born in North Hollywood, on February 29, 1960, Anthony Jay Mahavorick did not keep his father’s name. In 2002, Accenture business consultants ranked Tony 45th in their list of top 50 business intellectuals, right after Richard Branson. The ID card around my neck had written on it in bold letters, my name, my correct event location (Power Pavilion), and my admission rank (General Access).
As the sound of electro-pop began to emanate from the main arena, the green shirts around us started to clap and whoop in unison, urging us attendees forward. As an Orange lanyard, I was diverted at the last second from the larger herd into the Power Pavilion which was, by any other name, the event’s overflow room, but nobody ever called it this. At the front of the Pavilion, two large projection screens showed shots of the main stage inter-spliced with clips of a B-roll sports highlight film.
Dressed in all black, with a wireless microphone around his neck, Tony burst onto the main stage and onto our screens in the Power Pavilion.
Tony told us that being here meant we were not going to settle for less than we could do, be, give, or share with other human beings and with ourselves. About five hours in, I clocked Tony at 240 wpm, ten words slower than your average auctioneer.
Even breathing in time together, no transcendent moment of group feeling ever happened, like the kind you might experience at a concert when everyone is singing and dancing together. This might be true, but there was no time to process it, its relation to the 99%, or, for that matter, to Mr. It was here, outside of The Pavilion, that I finally understood the immensity of a UPW event. When you walk across coals they shift and crunch beneath your feet in this remarkably comforting way.
On a table next to it there are identically shaped, square self-help books with titles like, Life Begins When You Do and If Life is a Game then These are the Rules and, cryptically, 212 the extra degree. In The Pavilion, it took me a few seconds to realize that the younger Tony now on the screen was video from a previous event, not a continuation of the live telecast. Oddly, that same morning, Tony launched into a little story telling about a reporter talking to Walt Disney’s son, Roy.
By having us forever exist in that otherwise fleeting moment, between want and ownership, when the newness of a thing really is making us happier, he would make better consumers of us all. It was in these moments that the essential message of Tony Robbins, with all its blurred edges and imperfections, emerged. Occasionally during the conference Tony would invite people up on stage to give 45-minute talks about how their lives had turned around as a result of these products. Not being able to afford something is not a valid excuse when you’re making an investment in yourself, Tony told us.
After a while these sales pitches started to blur the edges of the UPW event between personal message, show, and advertisement. There were payment plans and structured price reductions available for the $10,000 classes, if I bought all four I could reduce their price to nearly $7,500 each, which seemed like such a bargain.
The man was not going to break any records that day, and to me his dissatisfaction was palpable. Kit Dillon is currently working for The Moth in New York City and has been known to occasionally disappear to climb oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, start sandwich shops in Scotland, and design software for smart phones… but he would rather be writing instead.

Though infectious optimism appears to be the job description that comes with wearing the green shirt. For the next four days these screens would be our only connection to what was going in the main room. We were, all 5,300 of us, too intent on our individual achievement, too focused on how we would get across the coals.
In the darkness of a parking garage, somewhere underneath the Expo Hall, crew members were raking and shoveling burning embers in front of me. But he sounded different—younger and with a metallic hollowness that seems pre-recorded.
Apparently the entire UPW event has, over the last 35 years, been developed in conjunction with these products.
After 5,300 of us had gotten off together on a little guided materialist day dream, Tony snapped us back to our existence now—to our empty and unfulfilled lives. The reporter asked Roy if he was upset that his father wasn’t around to see everything that had been done with the Disney name. Again and again, we were told that these people had made investments in themselves that had turned their personal incomes from $10,000 into $1,000,000, sometimes in under a year.
But every year Tony Robbins inspires tens of thousands of people to do this exact same thing.
At 18, Tony Robbins began his career promoting the American self-help pioneer Jim Rohn and his motivational seminars. A kid in a red shirt, the same one in fact who made up the tail end of the conga line, zoomed around the room, randomly leaping on people. In one brief span, Tony asked an 18-year-old girl about the quality of her orgasm, referred to his penis as “Mr. The sales of which have become an unavoidable metric in the measurement of each event’s individual success.
While I tried not to let the exchange bother me I was, for the rest of the day, hyperaware of any glances and mouth-covered conversations between the crew members. These looked like a pair of cartoonish breasts —big and round with single small circles in the middle.
After making this point, Tony drew a thick double-lined arrow on the board, the point nudging its way between our two mammary desires.
What Tony was doing with his message, at least momentarily, was reigniting in us, his audience, our ability to want and to crave more than we had. These are four separate 13-day programs, some of which take place on Tony’s Fijian island home. These events, along with his study in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), will become Tony’s template for the UPW experience. Like Jim Rohn, Tony’s rag-to-riches story has become its own best example of the influence that motivational speaking can have on a single person. Happy,” and then transitioned to talking about the American Dream without any of us batting an eyelid. In 1983, Tony learned about fire walking from Trolly Burkan, a firewalking pioneer, and has been using it in his seminars ever since. More cheering, everyone just envisioning the shit out of their desires, their future wealth, cars and houses. High points: buying a jet, owning a McMansion in the Carolinas styled after an Italian villa, and buying two Ferraris, which he likes to drive around with his son Enzo.

In the courtyard of the Arena, there was a man with a digital camera strapped to his head trying to accept hugs from strangers. It is somehow, in the framework of this, an optimistic message and after watching 5,300 people line up while putting down credit card information and signing on dotted lines, you realize, nearly reaching for your own wallet, how really good Tony is at what he does. Earlier this year I attended a Robbins’ UPW event in The New Jersey Meadowlands Expo Hall and Arena to find out how he does it. This active participation can, however, take you down some pretty weird avenues of borderline personal crises. He held his hand to the camera with his ring, middle and index fingers tightly pressed together and said, “Read between the lines. I also tried doing my power move a few times—this energetic thing Tony had us all practice before coming down here. Most of the people around me started immediately copying this diagram into their course materials. As I sat there, watching 5300 people hang on his every word, it became clear that Tony Robbins was one of the greatest salesmen this country has ever witnessed. A few stragglers stopped to help this man but most of the audience just streamed past him to their cars. To most of the crowd, the opportunity to fire walk was a major selling point of the UPW experience. Mine was a rather graceless fist pump, which looked ineffectual compared to the guy next to me who was power striking the air in front of him. My personal Tony rep had reminded me three times before arriving here that I would, at the very least, walk on fire.
In the end, how you decide to walk across fire is your business but for me I just tried to stay focused on that deep and inviting color. It was simultaneously the culmination of the first day and the sideshow attraction of the entire event.
Learn how to set more effective goals.Use goals to help shape your destiny and unleash your best.  Ask yourself, who would you like to become?
If you must, you can.In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.
Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.GoalsGoals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives.
I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. He has accumulated so much practical knowledge in this field and yet he’s still capable to focus on what is important. If we taught more about passions, feelings, and how to relate to each other then this world would be a better place. I believe we are moving in this direction and it’s because of people like Tony that this world is improving.

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