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Emotions were raw today at a church service to mourn the death of an unarmed 19-year-old black man shot by a white Madison, Wisconsin, police officer, but demonstrations on the city's streets were tense but peaceful.
Friends and family who gather Saturday night in front of the home where Robinson was shot told ABC News they were concerned about safety in their community. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval identified the officer who shot and killed Robinson Friday night as Matt Kenny, 45, a 12-year veteran of the force.
According to court documents obtained by ABC News, Robinson pleaded guilty to charges of being a party to armed robbery in April 2014, and was under supervision when police responded to a complaint about him Friday night. Robinson was jumping in and out of traffic on Friday night and allegedly responsible for a recent battery, Koval said. The incident began on March 6th when authorities got a call that a male was yelling and jumping in front of cars, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said.
Robinson had a criminal history. Wisconsin Circuit Court documents indicate Robinson pleaded guilty in December to an armed robbery that occurred last April.
Saturday was a very emotional day as more than 1,000 packed Madison East High School for a visitation and funeral service.
On Friday, March 13th, the Dane County Medical Examiner released a preliminary autopsy report on Tony Robinson. The report shows Robinson was shot in his head, torso and right arm.
Time Team’s Sir Tony Robinson will be back in Newcastle for his brand new series: Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty. This time he will be exploring the frightening Japanese shelling of the town with some interesting eyewitness accounts.

On Saturday 3 May there will be a Roadshow for locals to get together with Tony to show off memorabilia or tell their stories. There will be several experts (including the Museum’s beloved Alex Renwick from Ravenswick Antiques) to assess war memorabilia as well as sausage sizzles and lots of entertainment. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. In fact, he's not sure that he can fully explain what prompted him to make his new series, Unexplained (Channel 4). Organizers encouraged the community to bring children and crayons for a discussion about the events of the weekend. The officer heard a disturbance inside and entered, where an altercation with Robinson began, the police chief said.
The officer, who was involved in a police-involved shooting in 2007 and was exonerated of any wrongdoing, was placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation, Koval said. An open letter signed by nearly 90 clergy members on Friday said Robinson's death exposed long-standing racial inequalities in Madison. In three documentaries showing from Monday to Wednesday this week, Robinson and the science journalist Becky McCall attempt to find rational explanations for apparently supernatural events.
Some people then headed to the downtown building that houses the Madison Police Department's Central District offices. No weapons seen.”Dispatchers identified him as Tony Robinson, according to 911 audio obtained by WKOW.
Plus, our favourite British host has been invited to the beautiful Warriors Chapel at the magnificent Christchurch Cathedral where he is has been told there will be exciting news about a wonderful new discovery from WW1.

These include the conviction of a group of West Country folk that they are reincarnations of a 13th-century French religious sect called the Cathars, and the case of an archaeologist, Frederick Bligh Bond, who excavated Glastonbury Abbey in the 1900s. About four minutes later, the dispatcher says, “I got another call for the same suspect at [the same address]. Bligh Bond later claimed that he had been able to make his archaeological finds thanks to the spirit of a former Abbot, whom he had contacted through sessions of automatic writing.
In Tuesday's episode he breathes in yogically through one nostril before simulating Frederick Bligh Bond's automatic writing technique, to see what secrets of Glastonbury Abbey it throws up.
McCall then reveals to him that the bones of one of Bligh Bond's excavations have just been identified by an osteoarchaeologist as belonging to a 'medium-sized mammal'.
Though McCall, with her red hair and handsome jaw-line, is a closer match for Gillian Anderson than Robinson for David Duchovny.
But there's always going to be stuff that we can't explain.' A few years ago, Robinson remembers something spookily inexplicable happening to him. A few weeks later, I found out there was a woman with Alzheimer's in the 1920s who had chucked herself out of the window of that room.' As soon as he's told the story, though, Robinson doubts his version of events.

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