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Whether you are responsible for a thousand employees or just starting an online business with a few friends, you need to know how to be a leader. In the business world, and in life in general, there are those who lead and those who follow. If you are dishonest with employees, chances aren’t good that they will trust you in the future. If your company consists of three people, or if you are running it completely on your own this may not be as much of an issue.
You may feel that you can complete assignments more efficiently than others, but try exercising a bit of trust in other people’s capacity. Tweet this article to all your friends and share with them the top 5 leadership traits one must obtain! If you suddenly had a windfall budget where you could invest an extra million dollars in leadership training, on which people would you focus that training? This says to us that companies are choosing to spend their leadership training dollars on the senior management.
Leadership training for future leaders sends the signal that you value their contribution, and that there is room for them in your organization to grow and advance. Even if you train employees that don’t go on to become leaders, what they learn will still help boost their productivity and morale. Leadership training needs to be an investment, yes… but you can keep costs down by finding alternative delivery methods. Leveraging your leadership training dollars doesn’t mean training a select few decision makers. While every company is different, there are certain general qualities that every leader should have.

If you can’t find a way to relieve that stress, it will start to impact the quality of your work. Would you spend money training the senior leadership—those individuals already at the top of your organization? A recent study by the Brandon Hall Group found, among other things, that over a third of companies spend more than $2000 per person for leadership training at the senior leadership level, and 69% spend at least $1000.
Across all segments the study looked at, there were companies at both the high end and the low end of the spending scale.
Do organizations get the most “bang for their buck” by spending leadership training dollars on senior management? The best way to answer it for your organization is by conducting a needs analysis to see what training would be most effective, and where.
Online training, video training, mobile apps, and other technologies can drive results without expensive instructors or off-site trainings. It’s a matter of finding the most efficient delivery methods so that everyone can get the training they need to reach their potential.
If employees can tell that you are dishonest with clients they will likely follow your example, and vice versa. One of the best ways to increase productivity in the office is to take a break and laugh a little. You will need to be flexible, adaptable and able to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. But when we look at individuals, supervisors, and middle management, more than half of the companies polled spent less than $500 per individual. Think about it: if a trainer comes out to lecture a classroom of employees, they will often charge the same fee whether there are 7 VPs in the audience or 70 mid-level managers.

And there were a significant number of companies investing in their high potential employees. But if there was ever a time to fret about the lack of gender diversity in your organization, it's when the first woman is promoted into senior leadership. According to new research from Columbia Business School and the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, once a woman lands one of the five highest-paying executive spots in a given firm, the chances of another woman joining the executive team are a whopping 51% lower.
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