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Het mooie is dat je dan ook kunt zien waar je klanten en bekenden je het meest voor waarderen.
De top 10 wordt nog steeds ruim aangevoerd met de endorsement voor het alles omvattende Corporate Communicatie (184) gevolgd door Strategische Communicatie (96), Interne Communicatie(79), Public Relations (44) en Strategie (41).
Our unique approach to coaching operates at individual and organisation level, management and leadership, coach and clients, and can transform the impact of coaching in your organisation. Whatever your coaching needs, we can help you define exactly where you are and where you want to be. To find out more, please click on the purple ‘coaching wheel’ to explore the site or just give us a call on 01582 714280 for an informal chat.
About usMaximum Coaching is a ‘boutique’ management development consultancy, focused on improving management, team and leadership effectiveness at a behavioural and organisational level. During my tenure as President and CEO of a major company and CTO and CIO of a Fortune 100 company, I learned a lot in terms of controlling my high stress level, which varied in length generic lexapro 10 mg daily and weekly depending on people, business and customers. Based on my own learning experience and managing over 180K people just in one organization, I want to share my stress cialis generic and pressure reducing techniques with my own top 10 trends as parameters one can use as baseline and adjust accordingly to suit your own personal needs. TAKE YOUR VACATION ON TIME EVERY YEAR: This topic to me is one of the most important that people miss.
FOCUS ON POSITIVITY: How many times has someone knocked on your door, only to tell you a negative story of share gossip?
COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE: When I started one of the most massive transformations in telecommunications history, I was bluntly told my endeavor will fail like those who tried before me, without any explanation. NOT INVENTED HERE ATTITUDE: In workplace politics, employees always try to convince you that we can do it better than anyone else.
CREATE FUTURE LEADERS, NOT FOLLOWERS: Of course you need to balance this, but any leader in any company has to make the ultimate decision. DAYDREAM: During any business day, take 5-10 minutes to daydream, perhaps during lunch or whenever time allows. This entry was posted in Career on and tagged advice, Career, management, motivation, personal brand, tips by Soureya.
And deliver the right coaching, training or consultancy solutions to help you implement and realise your goals. Your job is to provide an environment where they perform like a world-class pro with a focused mind and brilliant stamina to support their daily work. Sometimes I felt enmeshed in a soap opera with so much drama, often when issues could have been resolved in 5 minutes. Some people accrue vacation hours year after year, saving up to have weeks or months of vacation down the line, not realizing they are being burned out by constant work and the amount of time spent neglecting their personal lives.
I remember in my organization, people would come prepared with 50 viewgraphs (VGs) that could never be presented within an hour. While I believe leadership is in your blood and DNA, that does not mean one cannot learn from a good mentor and become a great leader.

Start planning for your next vacation, your next weekend and what you would do with all the fun ahead of beginning another 5 day work week. We merken het laatste half jaar dat we met succes niet alleen strategische communicatie adviezen mogen geven, maar ook steeds meer als persoonlijke coach van leidinggevende ondernemers mogen zijn. I would suggest minimizing the number of emails you want respond to, being mindful of reply versus reply all. Some people like to waste time and create bigger stories out of nothing versus focusing on the job at hand. Take your vacation without one bit of hesitation since there are people who can handle the load until you return, and have confidence that things will run as expected since you gave employees the tools they need to perform optimally before you left.
Many corporations offer courses on how to remove negative thinking from your brain and body and focus only on positives.
I set a policy that if you cannot summarize your point with 6 VGs in 30 minutes, you were not communicating efficiently and would postpone the meeting until those parameters could be met. Eventually, you will train your mind to do this automatically, and the benefits of a brief mental vacation will rejuvenate you to come back to work mode like a world-class athlete ready for the next round.
My rule of thumb is up to 10% get reply all and rest either no response if not needed or 90% with reply to the original sender only.
Productivity will go up massively in that clean and productive environment, allowing employees to become even more innovative for the company and drive many ideas that can generate patents in support of product, customers and technology plans of the company. Let me also point out how much time is wasted in hall ways of corporations on rumors around next round of re-organization.
No one knows how much time we have left, but whatever that number is, we need to enjoy every day. Effective communication focusing on positive success is paramount, combined with outlining specific numeric goals and holding everyone, up to the top of the management chain, equally accountable as employees. We went from a viewgraph factory model to real product and development factory and delivery model. The last trait is critical because effective leadership forces you to make decisions quickly. At the height of my time in the corporate environment, about 15 years in, I was getting about 400-500 emails daily. In general, if you cannot control the organization structure, let it go with the flow and be confident of your skills and your ability to win in the marketplace no matter when you land in the business. This caused massive innovation I had never seen in any level of corporation, reducing cycle times for service delivery by 95% and Free Cash Flow exceeded $17B in 3 years of transformation.
I also established a philosophy in my organization that I was not afraid of saying NO to anyone. I truly wanted and did in many cases respond to each of them at the expense of time away from family versus optimizing the allotted time for email response. Arguments will not solve problems, but listening calmly to diversity of ideas and opinions will.

In one case, we had 14 layers of management to get to our CEO, so it was a 14 stage process for a customer to navigate through. It not only lessened stress on me and my team, it also shifted focus to real software code implementation for a product rather than superfluous and elaborate VGs.
I’ve become a believer that emails are the most effective means of communicating, and words may be misinterpreted, causing more headaches down the line. As part of a cultural transformation, I worked with HR to go from 14 layers of management down to 7. Lastly, I must add that credibility, integrity, dignity and passion are not things that are given to you on a silver platter. Almost everyone responds to via the reply all button, causing even more emails to be read where you are not in the chain of decision making and may end up totally wasting valuable time and energy. I must confess that this was not a popular decision, but as a leader you are not trying to win a popularity contest.
During one town hall meeting, I told my team that if you ever opt to come to my office and ask for a decision, first, I will not overrule my team due to the massive trust I cultivated. You need to earn them in a short period of time to be able to lead a team, especially in a corporation world but this can also be applied in any other setting as well. I even personally established a response time for myself and my team that any email will be responded in MTTR (Mean Time to Respond to email), within 4-6 hours, not realizing the amount of time it takes to reply to each. Once the decision was implemented, I was respected among my peers and employees, which is the best you can ask for. I only asked questions to seek understanding, and I wanted decisions finalized before leaving my office. Even though the intention was good, I realized quickly that many don’t even require reply, such as an FYI-related basis, and I should not have ever been copied. Once you make a decision, stick with it and execute flawlessly as fast as humanly possible.
That worked so well even I was surprised at how fast decision making can truly be implemented in the corporate world. After years of addiction, I’ve learned that nothing is so important that cannot wait hours or a day, and if it is that important, people are determined and have other means of gaining contact ASAP.
In addition, limit replying to specific individuals that are absolutely needed to make a decision on the topic.
The same analogy can also be applied to SMS messages these days, as well other applications that force us to be smartphone addicted.

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