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I thought with how crazy this time of year can be I would create an article to help everyone stay sane. Pamina Mullins, Stress Management Consultant, Life Coach, Motivational Trainer and author of “WHY ME? Since I am a Career Coach, I’d also recommend to job seekers that they do not take a break during the holidays. Miracles do come from God, for it is God who made you and He who provides the laws of manifestation and materialization. The best part about falling in love with your life is that you begin to see it through child’s eyes again, where everything is new and possible. The most important thing is to honor yourself.  When you continually seek to align with what is best FOR YOU, your world will always be filled with peace and joy, no matter the season! If you feel stressed, depressed or pissed off about your body, career, bank balance or relationships, STEPHANIE RAINBOW BELL will get you back into alignment with your Divine Greatness.
Also, click on each name and see what else they have to offer in helping you live a happy, healthy life! Gratitude centers us and helps us to remain focused on what and who is important in our lives.

To the contrary, continue to apply for jobs, network at holiday functions and volunteer for your favorite cause. When you become conscious of how to utilize the Universal Laws and Principles that exist, you will begin to see miracles and live a miraculous life daily! You may not know your passion but I’m sure you know what you’d like to have or do or see or experience.  Begin there, by becoming as clear about what you desire as possible.
We have more pressures and obligations so be mindful of your time, mood and your self-talk. Can you imagine enjoying life the way you enjoy your vacations?  Emphasis should be on playing your way through life.  You’ve heard it said, and it’s true, no one on their death bed ever wished they had worked more. These are some amazing suggestions that I think everyone can apply to make their holidays happier, healthier and more meaningful. I work with people from all different walks of life to set goals, clarify decision making, improve relationships and overcome specific conflicts. Volunteering results in us feeling grateful for what we have while we make the world a better place. Through your thoughts, belief systems, emotional feelings and desires you create miracles, all the time.  Whatever you desire is yours.

Rather than criticize yourself for not getting something done, focus on what you did accomplish!
I hope you enjoy these holiday messages from top Life Coaches and Spiritual Leaders as much as I did putting them together. Expect more from life - Claim your FREE life coach session now and make today the day you define a more direct path to the brighter and happier future you deserve. I am also deeply grateful for the sage words of wisdom offered by these Life Coaches and Spiritual Leaders. You were made in the image of Divine Source [God] and that divine creative aspect in you, coupled with Universal Laws are what bring about miracles.

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