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As the year comes to a close, the Life Changes Network is pleased to announce its selection of the Top 10 Books That Could Change Your Life of 2015. These carefully selected books bring readers life-altering insights and maps on how we can change ourselves and harness our talents to impact the world. This year's selection of the Top 10 Life Changing Book published in 2015 was curated by the best-selling author and CEO of SANGE Author Speaker Network, Kimber Kabell.
The fantastically true story of a young man and a little dog, Ciccina, that came into his life as his mentor; to have him understand the world beyond his human senses and experience life, love and healing beyond his human understanding.
A revelation of how personal transformation can reap entrepreneurial and professional rewards. A radical, how-to guide for using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools to create extraordinary wealth while also positively impacting the lives of billions.
The author's posthumous collection of unforgettable, award-winning essays and stories articulating the universal struggle all of us face as we figure out what we aspire to be and how we can harness our talents to impact the world. Sharing creativity principles and practices at the leading edge, the book offers a life-altering map for stepping beyond what we already know and into a dimension of imagination from which innovation is born and dreams come true. The accumulation of five years of research, study and personal experience with past life regression therapy work. An amazing, proven, 10-point plan that explains noninvasive, life-altering practices to help those in pain to permanently heal their mind, body and spirit. The LIFE CHANGES Network is an authentically entertaining transformational media, live event and wellness solutions company. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Parents often find themselves at a loss, while deciding which books would be the best for their little kids. Big Red Lollipop (Rukhsana Khan) – For preschoolers with siblings (particularly girls), this one is a wonderful read.
Where The Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak) – Toddlers in the 1-3 age range are, invariably, big fans of picture books.
Frog And Toad Are Friends (Arnold Lobel) – A storybook that showcases how differences in physical features or characteristic traits cannot come in the way of friendship. The Neighborhood Mother Goose (Nina Crews) – How about making your kid learn nursery rhymes in a slightly ‘different’ manner? The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) – ‘The Little Prince’ can give ‘Peter Pan’ a run for its money. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (Richard Scarry) – The remarkably diverse range of colorful illustrations of vehicles is the high point of Scarry’s book. Bark (Jules Feiffer) – You won’t get a funnier book with an animal protagonist for your kid, than this one. The Lion And The Mouse – Yet another storybook that has been frequently adapted in computer games and fun apps for kids.
My Father’s Dragon (Ruth Stiles Gannett) – Dragons mean adventure, but this book puts a whole new spin on this notion.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, Oliver Jeffers’ ‘The Incredible Book-Eating Boy’, Dorothy Kunhardt’s ‘Pat The Bunny’ and Dr.
This week, from December 21st through December 25th, we’re participating in the Top 10 of 2015! Annnnnnddddddd… because I’m a HUGE rebel and never play by the rules, here are my top ten honorable mentions!!
The Network's mission is to inspire personal, positive change, and this list expands upon the success of previously released Top 10 Lists of life-changing Independent Films and Indie Songs.
Ranging in content from visionary business strategies to transformational true stories, eye opening new research, and life-altering health and healing practices, each is singularly insightful and inspiring.
Not conceptual but experiential, a story of what happens when we meet our own humanity with fierce kindness and tap into our divinity. Full of inspiration and encouragement, as well as practical tips for diet, exercise, and mindfulness.
More than a theory, reincarnation is the key to set ourselves free from karmic cycles and provides profound healing of body, mind and spirit. A whole new body-mind paradigm for those interested in living a balanced, well-integrated life. When it comes to change, Life Changes is setting new trends and ushering in a new paradigm, with experts who have either changed their lives, changed the lives of others or are changing the world from moment to shared moment. In what follows, we would acquaint readers with some children’s books, whose popularity has stood the test of time.
Many parents end up purchasing books that they ‘think’ will serve as great reading material for their kids – without considering if the little ones might find those texts rather boring. The story, filled with rhymes and verses, has been loved by children all across the globe – and the beautiful illustrations make it all the more alluring. Irrespective of whether you are from a cold European country, or from the warm Asian continent – you can buy this book online, and introduce the magical world of snow to your li’l darling.
The book illustrates the power of bonding of Trixie (the protagonist) with her pet bunny, and the sheer sense of loss when she loses the latter. The excellent illustrations, by Jules Feiffer, play an important role to keep readers interested too. Over the years, kids have loved the way in which the lazy frog and the hardworking toad have taken care of each other, in this much-appreciated book. While reading about the protagonist’s fact-finding missions across New York, the penchant for more knowledge would automatically be boosted in your little one. As the overcoat in the book keeps getting recycled, kids would also start valuing their possessions just that bit more. Preschoolers would get a fair idea of different models of cars and trucks, simply by flipping the pages. Your child will double up with laughter while reading about the canine – who has only one problem: he cannot bark! The smooth flow of the narrative contributes as much to the widespread popularity of ‘The Lion And The Mouse’, as the amazing illustrations present in it.

The book highlights how important a helping hand can be – even if it comes from an unexpected source.
The way in which a little, helpless dragon is protected by Elmer Elevator would excite even the most stoic of kids.
A Madness so Discreet and These Shallow Graves are probably my two favourites ones, but I love the ACOTAR one too.
I wasn’t as big of a fan of The White Rose because of the creepy faces- and because The Jewel was just the prettiest!
The images and illustrations speak highly of the author’s abilities to feel the pulse of young children. Not surprisingly, it is available in practically all leading online bookstores for kids too.
All the popular nursery rhymes are present in it – but they are accompanied with delightfully designed pictures and illustrations. Simms Taback’s tale has been revamped and retold in several modern-day Android and iPhone apps for kids too. The unique bonding between the boy from ‘somewhere else’ and the stranded pilot is fresh and heartwarming. The images of the cars have charming resemblances to human faces – and they are, of course, a riot of colors. All the images are detailed, enabling little readers to check out the nitty-gritty of automobiles.
The story is nothing more than a bunch of ducklings trying to cross a Boston road with their mom – but it has wowed kids the world over for decades now. Couple the story with the superb pictures – and you have a really great kids’ storybook.
Since I am a self proclaimed “cover girl” (as Lisa calls it) it was definitely tough to choose only 10! The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is one of the few covers with models on it that works, and Red Queen is minimalist but pretty. I love A Madness So Discreet, Vengeance Road, The Heir (I am such a sucker for a pretty dress haha), Wrath, The Accident Season, Verum… actually, I don’t disagree with any of your picks!
A tinge of thrill, a bit of adventure, and a whole lot of reading fun – that’s what this hugely popular book offers.
If your child loves cars, (s)he won’t tire of reading and re-reading this brilliant piece of child literature.

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