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In our final example of integration of MVVs into HR practices, we will explore Training and Development (T&D).
Without a good outline of what gap(s) needs to be closed, you have the potential to be scattered all over the place. A few years back, I was supporting a company that tragically allowed many immigrants to work without the benefit of English as a Second Language training for several years.
Another creative solution to a problem such as this is tasking an employee to become a trainer within an organization to deliver a topic that is relevant to the need that was discovered. The CEO in this case witnessed an increase in the attention to detail of certain executives, an embrace of principles not so easily understood before, but it also gave him insight as to who were the “A” players versus who were the “C” players.
You’re probably wondering by now how this all fits into the integration of your organization’s Training and Development and its relation to the MVVs of the organization. We value your contribution.  What training and development programs have you worked with that were successful?  Why were they successful?
It takes strength and courage to examine the underbellies of our organizations.That might include addressing a manager who uses bullying tactics to get what he wants from employees, but whom everyone else thinks is great fun.

In the past 25 years, I have watched T&D dwindle to an almost nonexistent state in most companies. Simply going through a job description review project can help you discover what skills and abilities are lacking in your team. Take the list of items that you captured during your assessment stage and better define what is needed. While it may be good for some, I do not believe it is effective for the majority of employees. When I discovered this, I was frankly outraged that these folks were never given the resources to better themselves. And when God is reflected in your heart and the way you respect your employees by not only paying them correctly and protecting them with benefits, but truly caring about their development, your employees will see Christ in you. Or the secretary who has been around for years and knows the ropes (and everyone’s secrets) but refuses to develop technology skills.
I could write a book on the impact of not investing in the development of your people, but you might find it boring. Summarize these by category and you will start to discover trends across your organization.

When the gap was discovered, I identified a resource, hiring a gentleman who had recently returned fromAsiaand who had been immersed in this same immigrant culture. The American Management Association’s program, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, was delivered by an HR leader. Training and development offers a way for organizations to face the music together and institute real changes in culture and mindset. Take it even further and include a development aspect to your performance review process, and document what development is needed by each of your employees. He developed a curriculum to deliver and help these folks speak English for less than $1,500.
But, as leaders of organizations, we must decide how we are going to right ourselves and guide our employees to work in alignment with our Missions, strive for our Visions and operate within our organizational Values. When you couple this with rewriting your company’s job descriptions, you will take it to a greater, more desirable level of detail.

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