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The Humane Society and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow have teamed up to offer dog obedience group classes at the Humane Society. This reward-based training is where you will start your journey to having a well-behaved dog by focusing on creating reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus on you. This reward-based training class is designed to make your dog well-behaved in public, or to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen test. We adopted Cece- now known as Sunny Day- and knew that she was going to be the perfect dog.
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Mary has over 5000 hours of experience training dogs professionally and over 60 diabetic alert dogs across the world.
In our classes we have a small student to trainer ratio to encourage one on one attention to help you succeed in teaching your dog to help save your life.
In addition to being a published author and speaker, Mary McNeight has been recognized both nationally and locally for her service dog expertise.
Mary McNeight has been featured by local and national media outlets as the best resource for diabetic alert dog training the world over.

Mary McNeight not only trains diabetic alert dogs but mentors and teaches other dog trainers to become service dog trainers. Media outlets across the world recognize Mary McNeight as one of only a handful of reputable diabetic alert dog trainers on the planet. Our diabetic alert dog training program has helped save the lives of children and adults with diabetes from all across the country! Mary has been in your shoes and understands the unique challenges that come with training your own dog for service work. Get to know the truth about Diabetic Alert Dogs and training them in this free webinar class attended by dog trainers and prospective medical alert dog training students all across the US, Canada and even India!
How We Help You Train Your Pet Dog To Serve As Your Medical Alert Dog Service Dog For Diabetes, Seizures, Narcolepsy and MigrainesThe Service Dog Academy, located in Seattle WA, trains your puppy and adult dog using a combination of online SKYPE sessions and videos in combination with our 4 Day Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Workshop. Donate To Support The Program That Saves Lives Hundreds Of Times Per DayMary McNeight and Service Dog Academy have been pillars of justice, advocacy and education in the medical alert dog community.
Free Dog Training AdviceSign up for our newsletter and get free pet dog training advice, notifications when new videos go up and information about school events such as webinars, chats and when you can meet us in your town.
Service Dog Academy closed its West Seattle storefront and training studio on December 31st so that we may focus on providing trained medical alert dogs to those in need. The Service Dog Academy is proud to offer dog training classes for our Seattle neighbors through our brand new training studio located just minutes from Beacon Hill, White Center, Sodo, Normandy Park and Downtown Seattle! Bonus: puppy dog training with basic service dog training techniques for the best behaved puppy in town! Service Dog Academy was recognized two years in a row by the 6000+ member national pet dog trainer organization The Association of Pet Dog Trainers for their innovative training methods.

Google Review Student Testimonial: The knowledge and skill shared at Service Dog Academy is priceless.
We add distractions and distance to the basic behaviors to help your dog advance and make the behaviors reliable.
We help you set your puppies personality up for alert service dog success through our training foundational principles. If you would like to receive exceptionally high quality, educated and excellent training for your brand new pup, we recommend the Seattle Humane Societies puppy classes. This class is mostly for pet dogs but is a perfect intro into the training methods we use for service and therapy dogs.
For the best medical alert dog training advice in Seattle (and the US and Canada), you cant beat our mutli national award winning State Certified Professional dog trainers and behaviorists will show you how to harness your puppies innate nature to bring out the service dog you have ALWAYS wanted. We love her so much, and without the wonderful staff and volunteers at HSTB, we probably wouldn’t have come home with a puppy. Thank you so much for a wonderful adoption, and I hope to have many more visits to the shelter.

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