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Choosing a recruitment agency for most hiring managers is a task they take to with the same enthusiasm the rest of us have for calling Vodafone’s customer service.
Most take refuge in agency claims to being specialists in whatever job it is they need to fill.
So, if you’re a hiring manager and need to use a recruitment agency and want to cut to the chase before speaking to any of them, check their job adverts.
If their job adverts are useless, chances are they’re still going to be useless when speaking to potential candidates. If nothing else, it shows that the agency at least try to interpret what their clients are looking for. It’s got to be the most logical starting point when assigning recruitment agencies to work on your vacancies. As a young entrepreneur during the dot com boom, Jody Rookstool successfully guided two technology start-ups. Do you have any hard-fast rules that are followed in your own selection of team members or those who will be working close with you? Do you have an anecdote or philosophy to share that comes to mind that would sum up your thoughts about hiring? This one is great and for more interview question examples and advice check out my book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret. The hunt for talent is expected to heat up further in 2016 as companies form new strategies and streamline existing ones in order to attract the best. Being a full lifecycle product development services provider, we combine deep domain expertise with cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide. We started to incorporate attributes such as fun, play, transparency, design, competition, visual communication and increased use of social media to effectively increase the number of candidates and their interests in pursuing career with us.
Gamification is being used effectively for several real world processes including talent acquisition and management by companies in developed economies. We believe gamification has a higher impact on employee engagement because with proper strategies, we can ensure and deliver effective training and productivity based on the demography of our workforce. Most companies hire a diverse workforce dispersed in multiple locations and belonging to different cultures.
Considering the same, the first and foremost thing we need to do is to set our strategies for our target audience and identify business objectives that we want to achieve over a period of time. There should be a good balance to hire and retain employees from different generations — from millenials to Gen X and Baby Boomers.

In our endeavour to increase our attractiveness and engagement, it was little challenging to identify and design the right strategy and platform to fit a widespread and diverse multi-country and multicultural workforce.
Does gamification work best for tech roles and employee branding and partnering is a better option for non-tech roles? While one may get a feeling that gamification works better for tech roles than non-tech, I think gaming designs, interface and delivery platforms have come a long way and there is very little difference in terms of effectiveness of approaching and engaging external candidates, new hires and existing employees in an organisation. We come across accomplished and respected technical employees who are less engaged with gaming than employees who are in completely non-technical functions.
Recruitment is a tedious process and what can be worse than hiring the wrong kind of employees. Tips for RecruitersYou are conducting the interview rounds and there is a candidate sitting right in front of you. Corporate honchos deliberated on what employers and employees expect from each other at a time when the job market has started to look up and how India Inc is gearing to face the challenge of getting its workforce in place. Basically, jobs ads that read like the company are doing you a favour just by letting you know they have a vacancy.
Rookstool found himself looking for direction and answers on his young career as a business owner and CEO. Dharmendra Sethi, global head-talent acquisition and management, Globallogic, a software services company headquartered in California, talks about this and more in a TimesJobs interview.
Indian companies have now started recognising the need for gamification and started adapting customised games for acquiring, engaging and retaining talent. Companies hire both technical and non-technical employees who have different appetite towards the use of technology.
We ran pilot programmes in different geographies and built a more homogeneous platform to implement our new methodologies.
Moving forward the effectiveness of gamification will depend on the demography of the workforce demography such as their generation, background and individual preferences.
So save yourself the trouble and ask yourself these questions before you make the final call of hiring the employee. How do you know if this candidate is going to be the right choice for the job and the company? This video will help you understand the power of a team and how everyone achieves more when in a team. Therefore, understanding the necessity to excel in the highly innovative and competitive space of product engineering services, it becomes imperative for us to review and revise our operations, especially our HR and recruitment processes to reassure that we have a strong pool of talent.

While it can be used effectively for hiring, it works a lot better with employee engagement and training. Currently, we have a fairly high percentage of roles suitable for Gen X and Baby Boomers who are mentally and emotionally more engaged with online branding, partnership and relationship approach which is highly recommended for the growth of a company.
Methodologies that are not well-thought can do more damage than good, Gartner forecasted that 80 per cent gamified applications and methodologies fail to meet business objectives due to poor design.
We may need to constantly slice, dice and analyse the data to improve our strategies and games and balance it with the use of employee branding and partnering. People are more flexible and adaptable, but then, there are some who are not.Hiring a new employee is a very expensive affair for an organization and the worst decision you can make in crucial times is hiring the wrong kind of candidate. Even if your prospect employee has the right qualification and experience, attributes like eagerness to learn, flexibility and adaptability are essentials to be a part of the team.
If you wish to distinguish between the right and the wrong kinds here are few questions to ask yourself before making the final choice.1. In circumstances like these, you need to hire someone who is open to change and adaptable in nature. Mention the kind of work your company does and the things that the employee will have to do.
This makes it clear that the candidate has an ear for listening and can analyse the situation. For any team to function in a desired manner, it is very important that each member of the team is a team player. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who easily shakes off his responsibilities and then the team suffers because of that person. It will be a bad choice if you employ someone who is good at what he does, but only thinks about himself, his advantages and his convenience. Hiring someone who is creative and but self-directed and has problems collaborating could also be bad decision making on your part.
No experiment was a success without previous failures and adaptive learning requires making mistakes.
Ask the candidate about their screw ups in their previous job, if the applicant is a slight bit hesitant mentioning them or says that there were no mistakes, re-consider your options.

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