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Career development is a top engagement driver, yet often one of the lowest scoring items on most engagement surveys.
Managers will leave the core learning experience with a solid understanding of career management principles, a pragmatic framework, and tangible plans for action and conversation. Features very brief context setting on the role of career coaches and situations that might warrant coaching. The Workbook supplied during the workshop contains worksheets and information participants can use after class (Career Discussion Guide, Tips for Handling Challenges, Information to Share with Your Employee). Clients who purchase the career portal have the option of online pre- and post-workshop resources. In many organizations it is the #1 reason people give for leaving, especially in industries where competition for talent is fierce.

BlessingWhite strongly recommends that managers be encouraged to participate in the employee learning experience. Most managers understand this, yet struggle with career coaching because of a number of misconceptions around the needs of their team members. During the workshop or web class they’ll use those insights to shape their learning and create career coaching strategies.
Managers who successfully manage their own career success and engagement on the job are better poised to support the personal and professional success of their teams. BlessingWhite’s Career Coaching solutions equip managers to have purposeful career conversations that benefit the organization as much as they benefit the person being coached.
And although most employees understand that they need to own their career, it’s up to your organization to be clear on its business strategy and needs for talent.

It’s up to your managers to help employees realistically align their aspirations with the organization’s goals. Managers are the critical link in helping each individual understand what he or she does well and adapt it to what the business needs.

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