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The ultimate respiratory training device for breathing and controlling the flow of air delivered to your body. The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 is the ultimate respiratory training device for breathing and controlling the flow of air delivered in to your body. When elite athletes want to improve their performance they go to high altitude levels to train.
Training Mask 2.0 makes your work out more intense allowing you to take your work out to the next elevation. It started with the first version made from an Israeli civilian gas mask and has been completely revamped and remolded into Training Mask 2.0.
Training Mask 2.0 is held on the face with a comfortable neoprene strap that overlays the air tight silicone piece that rests against the face. Training Mask 2.0 is a less aggressive looking approach to working out while still getting the aggressive workout that one desires.
After extensive research and clinical testing from the UNIVERSITY OF NAIT, the Training Mask 2.0 has made remarkable advancement in the fitness and training industry. Our multi-level resistance system reduces air flow through our patent pending flux valve system. While using Training Mask 2.0 the conditioning of your lungs significantly increases along with endurance and diaphragm strength. Training Mask 2.0 will benefit your respiratory system as your overall cardio and endurance will improve with continued use.
We have constructed the Training Mask 2.0 out of high grade neoprene as well as high quality printing that is able to with stand outdoor training, rain or shine, or any other weather condition that may have been keeping you away from training at your peak performance.

NFL players, Ironman athletes, BJJ champions, MMA fighters — they all use Training Mask to increase their performance and get an edge on their competition. That’s a convincing list, and it should answer the question as to who uses Training Mask. Thick, viscous, overwhelming fatigue oozing into your subconscious as negative demons devour all empowered thoughts.
A walk-through for new users covering the components of your Training Mask, how they all work together, and how to acclimatise to the Mask (with example warm-up exercises).
Belinda Granger is a beloved and respected figure in Australian Sport with her name going down in history as one of the world's most accomplished female endurance athletes of all time. Through the use of an adjustable valve system, oxygen intake is restricted during exercise.
When they come back to sea level they perform much stronger, faster, and have increased endurance. From the average daily walker to the marathon runner, Training Mask 2.0 appeals to every athlete who wants to improve their overall health and performance. With Training Mask 2.0 you do not have a claustrophobia like feeling nor will you have to worry about vision problems while training. Training Mask 2.0 promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths.
It’s quickly become one of the best-selling fitness and training products, especially among MMA and BJJ practitioners. All of your pores and crevices are inevitably filled with mud, not one inch of flesh is spared, but you revel in the splatter.

This restriction of oxygen intake forces your lungs and diaphragm to work overtime and ultimately more efficiently, resulting in a pulmonary system that can process more oxygen, more effectively.The mask comes with three interchangeable valves which control the flow rate of air in to the mask.
With great feedback from test marketing and direct responses we have made Training Mask 2.0 smaller, lighter and more comfortable.
With reconstruction of an entirely new mask mold, neoprene that is stretched over the rubber resistance mask, and caps give Training Mask 2.0 a smooth, sleek look and comfortable feel.
The resistance caps make for a nice snug fit against the neoprene and hold the neoprene in place, acting as a "post" against the silicone that rests on your face.
Our snap and go resistance nose pieces are truly revolutionary as it makes the ease of use that much easier. When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently.
Numerous clinical trials have found that these devices can increase endurance and VO2max (maximum oxygen absorption during most intensive exercise), improve lung function tests (VEF, PEF, FVC, and VEmax), lower heart rate for the same load, reduce medication (drugs) and symptoms, improve quality of life scores and lead to other beneficial health effects. This acts to vary the level of intensity, mimicking the difficulties of training at altitudes of 3000ft, 6000ft, 9000ft, 12,000ft, 15,000ft & 18,000ft. Training Mask 2.0 gives the end user a redesigned look and feel along with the resistance levels that they desire. When you breathe against resistance, the lining in the lungs essentially stretches out, allowing the alveoli’s surface area to become "stretched" thus **increasing your lung capacity and increased (oxygen transportation).

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