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This anecdote illustrates the fact that investing in employee development is crucial, but certainly need not break the bank.
If you’re in the business world, you’ve most likely heard the term “internal coaching” before.
PowerPoint is a highly sophisticated tool with an array of animations and effects, but all the bells and whistles are not much use outside their own environment. Another nice feature that PowerPoint lacks is live characters that guide you through the course. A PowerPoint presentation is a data-heavy format; hence large files, with performance issues not uncommon on conversion. Luckily, nature abhors a vacuum, so there are a bunch of tools building on and extending PowerPoint functionality. Since the introduction of HTML5 in 2010, a good number of Fortune 500 companies have implemented the new technology on their websites. Before finding an outlet for his talents – both tech-savvy and creative – Brian Tarr worked as an iSpring tech support pro for two years. The training program prepared these individuals through detailed classroom sessions focusing on genetics, reproduction, business management procedures and Genex programs. Participants in this class will be serving in various capacities as they return home from training. District Services Coordinators and Regional Services Coordinators are responsible for providing insemination service, sales, and genetic and reproductive development to herds.
Breeding Program Specialists help producers to implement strategies by providing reproductive and genetic services. Hamid Rutaro, of Madison, Wis., will begin joint responsibilities with AgSource Cooperative Services as a field technician and Genex Cooperative as an Area Program Consultant. Recent graduates of the Genex training program include: (left to right) Osvaldo Benevides, Tim Best, Jared Belcher, Hamid Rutaro, Timothy Kersten, Jason Rauf, Marcia Itle, Rachel Graves, Mike Corso, Casey Brinley, Joshua Sasson, Becky McLaren, Adam Dicke, Luis Vieira and Crosby Krischel.
The course contains 28 lessons explaining the terms, symbols, modifiers, rules, and basic concepts of geometric tolerancing as prescribed in ASME Y14.5M-1994.
The ASME Standards Comparison contains 9 lessons that cover the pertinent changes made to the Y14.5 standard. With participant-focused lessons, user-friendly navigation, and detailed full-color graphics, the three courses in the ETI eLearning System rival the classroom for expertise, consistency, convenience, and affordability. Both courses allow the option of utilizing the seminar version - with lessons taken in any order and a printable certificate of completion when all lessons have been completed.
The new ASME standard contains numerous changes that affect the specification and interpretation of geometric tolerancing.

The ETI eLearning System is available in a LAN version which is perfect for companies that want to maximize employee time, because it allows multiple professionals to train concurrently, right from any Windows-based PC. Students who complete each class course with the minimum set passing score will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Contact ETI for more details about the eLearning System and how it can benefit your organization. The template is provided by Microsoft for free and you can download it if you need to make a presentation about new employees training.As son as you download the template you will realize that it is well organized using sections and chapters in PowerPoint. This kind of software should be sweepingly familiar and cause as little friction as possible. On the one hand, standalone third-party systems, like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline, tend to take on a specific angle.
Import your deck into another format, try sharing online – and the effects you sweated over three nights in a row are gone. These digital assistants help to improve engagement and add a personal touch to any educational content. The more feature-packed the deck, the more difficult to export your content as video, Flash or HTML5. For example, you can easily record and sync video and audio narrations and link them up with slides and animations. Now that his latent writing abilities have finally been discovered, we enjoy reading every single article.
Whether service or sales is their focus, they are ready to help producers gain profitability. This training class included one new Breeding Program Specialist; Josh Sassen, Little Falls, Minn. In this position he will provide testing services and program consultations for both organizations.
Crosby Krischel of Havelock, Iowa will be putting his training into practice as a Marketing Intern in northwest Iowa.
CRI, a member-owned holding cooperative, is comprised of three subsidiaries: Central Livestock Association, AgSource Cooperative Services and Genex. Two courses teach the fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, including the symbols, modifiers, rules, and concepts of GD&T. This course covers more than sixty significant revisions, additions, and deletions from the 1994 to 2009 standard. You'll learn how the subject matter has been reorganized, and about new sections that have been created for profile, orientation, and form.

There are greatly differing opinions regarding best practices in Human Resources, but this appears to be a topic upon which HR experts, managers, and even average employees can agree: internal coaching is a positive force for all levels of business, and it’s here to stay. As a result, crisis-stricken SMB budgets might not be overly responsive to staff development needs – but they should be!
This tool should facilitate knowledge sharing, and deliver comprehensive functionality and cross-platform compatibility.
Launched on May 22, 1990, it’s been the standard of slideshow presentations for a whole generation. Like it or not, you’ll have to get off the couch, lay your smartphone aside and turn on the laptop to watch, let alone edit a presentation in high quality. You may have quality concerns but this issue has been tackled by the most prominent players out there. This conversion guarantees a cross-platform copy of your project is accessible from pretty much any device on the market.
You may look down on PowerPoint as a tool for plain folk and go after a ‘more professional’ alternative, but chances are you’ll end up facing a brick wall. Always full of humor, his work is invariably built on a solid foundation of research and facts.
The other three interns are from the GENESIS MOET (Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer) facility near Shawano, Wis. It comes right off the shelf as a complete authoring solution for most purposes, and many features are identical to other Microsoft Office products, so the learning curve is relatively low.
On the other hand, custom software misses out on the one-size-fits-all nature that is so intrinsically PowerPoint. With a variety of gestures, expressions and poses to pick from, you can choose just the right combination to guide users through a course. E-Learning software from iSpring Solutions, for one, ensures that your cherished effects remain intact and the conversion is 99.9% accurate.
Complex ‘high end’ solutions are sure to require a rather steep learning curve, and a tremendously higher financial investment. Casey Brinlee of Howe, Texas, Rachel Graves of Ewing, Mo., and Becky McLaren of Independence, Iowa will spend the spring semester working with the donor and recipient females as well as caring for young calves. And by the end of the day, you might find yourself in isolation, swamped with performance and compatibility issues.

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