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In June 2013, a gathering of leaders concerned with leadership capacity in the fields of education, community development, state government and the nonprofit sector gathered to identify map current initiatives and craft an idealized future, where leadership development is available to all Vermonters’ at each stage of their lives.
This background paper summarizes the June Leadership Vermont event and will be discussed in more detail. In Vermont, we are blessed with many, many opportunities to learn and practice leadership development at all stages of human development.
The attendees at the June 2013 Leadership Vermont event share the desire to coordinate these activities in order to better promote individual effectiveness and community resiliency. Several metaphors are in place for thinking about a systems based approach to leadership development in Vermont.
Because, at its core, leadership development is about trust–relationships between people who inspire each other to reach farther than we would on our own. Effective leadership can be cultivated in formal and informal settings at all stages of our lives and within every community. Agent of Community Change: Leadership is intertwined with change – which happens through dialogue which brings out common desires and weaves them into a shared vision. Inclusive: The leader believes that strength lies in diversity and is eager to open the doors for others to solve problems, learn for themselves, and make mistakes safely. Collaborative: In so doing, the leader draws out the best from others, holds space for people to learn, says yes to their ideas, provides skills for self-advocacy and helps others to actualize. Comfort at the Margins: While many people are uncomfortable with uncertainty, a leader can deal with ambiguity and is willing to risk their comfort and certainty for a greater outcome.
Some additional quality of leadership: Confidence, Courage, Responsibility, Communication and Awareness. It is mostly the case that leaders exist outside the formal titles of leadership in all corners of our state.
School Aged Children – Pre-K – High School: Leadership is developed primarily through the influence of parents, through teachers, coaches and extra-curricular activities and through peers. Young Adults: These young citizens are new to the workforce and are building their professional and service networks. Mid-Careerists: As this age reaches key leadership positions and contemplates retirement, it is important to promote mentorship opportunities, succession planning (cultivating leadership at all levels of their organizations) and informal ways to transfer knowledge and leadership skills.
Retirees: Vermont’s retirees have a great deal of expertise to offer and a desire to make a difference.
New Residents to the state: How do we invite “new comers” into leadership opportunities, assess their skills, and make the most of the experience they are bringing into our communities?
Research: We need to start by developing clear understanding about what promotes, advances and sustains leadership development. Develop Statewide Initiative: From a Leadership Literacy Initiative to a Vermont Leadership Task Force, there is an interest in a shared framework to better develop leadership capacity in the state.
To determine our progress toward the 2018 vision for Leadership Vermont, we can look at a variety of economic, civic, community health indicators that show that the Vermont economy is booming, citizenship is thriving, the next generation of leaders lives here. It will be helpful to create integrative frameworks that help make sense of the complexity.
I am the new Director of the Master’s of Science in Leadership program at Norwich University. Common Good Vermont is the only statewide organization in Vermont dedicated to uniting and strengthening all of the mission-driven organizations that serve the Green Mountain State.
Common Good Vermont offers unique underwriting opportunities to reach a highly-targeted group of individuals and organizations.
I originally bought the bike pictured here, a Giant Defy Disc Advanced 1, with one descent in mind: Hogpen Gap in North Georgia.
The rest of this article will discuss the pros and cons I have discovered so far with disc brakes on a road bike.
I’ve noticed that I scrape my feet on the sides of the chain stays more on my disc brake bike. There are more and more companies making disc brake road bikes and wheels, but still not enough to create a healthy, competitive field. This is sort of a touchie-feelie, nebulous comment, not technical at all, but my confidence level was higher knowing I had the braking power I would need. Ask me again in a couple of years though, when the technology and the marketplace has advanced. In the Masters 35B Ed Lally finished 14th, Claudio 15th, Russell Ray 26th, David Rankin 29th and I am listed in 37th as a DNF, in a field of 40.
I was ready to get the bike out and race in the Team TTT but Bill and I couldn’t find a third, and teams must have 3 or 4 riders.
The Sunday road race was a loop around 455 and 561, with some climbs including Makeout Mountain, The Wall, the as far as I know unnamed 561 climb, and a long drag uphill on 561A to the finish.

Lauren Chandler and I finished within seconds of each other, although we were not allowed to draft, being in different divisions.
The first of our CFL Holiday Monday 40K TT series was well attended with 40 riders, with several from our overseeing team Kyle’s Bike Shop racing, but only two Hourglass riders (sort of) in the field.
As September approached I told my coach at the time (Dave Severn) that I wanted to take a stab at a few cross races, maybe even the whole FRS series. What’s more, is that I found out later that week (when Josh posted the series standings on Facebook) that I was leading the MB division, with a 4 point lead over two guys tied for second. Long story short, I had enough of a lead to hold off the challenges at WAR #3, even though I did not get another podium. Michael Ploch for trying to catch David Fleet for me so he wouldn’t catch me in the points at WAR. I went from getting my ass kicked in the Eddy Merckx Division to getting my ass kicked in the Masters 50+ division. Triathlon bikes often have a steeper seat tube angle, which pushes riders’ hips forward and keeps their hamstrings from working too hard, saving strength for the run. Adding aero bars to your road bike and mastering that position will most likely increase your speed on a time trial, provided they are installed correctly and the bike is properly fitted to you. Eddy is a retired pro cyclist who won the world championship three times, the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia five times and the Veuelta a Espana once. This is largely personal preference, but the consensus of riders on our Facebook group is that frame is number 1, followed by aero wheels, and then components. I was in the unfamiliar position of leading the mountain bike series going in to this weekend. I decided to forgo the Masters 55+ division and stick to two races, the Cat 4 and the MTB (of course). On Sunday I relaxed and just noodled around on the course in the Cat 4 race, getting heckled and conserving energy. Josh and Kayleigh Thornton were our kind and generous hosts October 18&19 for the second of the Wicked Awesome Race Series weekends. The Wicked Awesome Race (WAR) series is turning out to be a cornerstone in the Florida CX scene.
It seemed Josh looked for every sandy, off camber turn he could find and put the tapes around them.
The course changed during the weekend as well, getting softer and more difficult after each pass of frenetic riders.
Weather was perfect for the weekend: scattered clouds, no rain and temps between 70 and 85 for all races. I got there slightly later than I wanted so I did not have time to preview the course before my Masters 35,45,55+ race. During our post race beer and analysis, we discussed the course (of course) and both decided that it would be worth it to try using flat pedals on Sunday, as opposed to clipped in pedals. Perhaps it was the cooler, morning temperatures, but the 45 minute M35,45,55+ race seemed a little easier today.
My first win, and it was great to share the podium with Mark and Connie, who are great people. A successful season came to end on October 7th, as Topview Sports hosted the 10th and final (for this year) Airport Time Trial on Heintzelman Blvd.
Our own Hourglass Cycling team had several members make the results, including two podiums. The light stayed with us until all post race activities, including several announcements by Tim Molyneaux concerning next year’s plans. John Tenney, 3rd Masters 50+I got a decent warmup but switched to a shallower front wheel due to the wind from the south. KAMLOOPS - Sun Peaks Resort is cashing in on a lack of snow in Italy and France with the Canadian National Ski Cross team choosing Sun Peaks as its pre-Christmas training camp. World Cup ski cross events were cancelled in the European countries due to a lack of snow but the conditions at the Nancy Greene International Training Centre in Sun Peaks are excellent. Olympic champion Marielle Thompson and teammate Georgia Simmerling are both training at Sun Peaks along with two-time World Cup winner Dave Duncan, Sochi Olympians Brady Leman, Chris Del Bosco, Louis-Pierre Helie, Ians Deans and Tristan Tafel. In the past week, 20 centimetres of snow has fallen at the top of the Sunburst Express chairlift. KAMLOOPS - What may sound like the premise for a drug culture comedy is no laughing matter for Barb Alonzo.
VERNON - There’s no shortage of things to do in Vernon for those staying in town over the long weekend. DES MOINES, Iowa - Amid a massive frozen foods recall involving millions of packages of fruits and vegetables that were shipped to all 50 U.S.

We share an ideal: to live in a state where all Vermonter’s enjoy a healthy and productive life, able to contribute to the common good. But many of these formal and informal initiatives operate in isolation of each other, making it difficult to leverage the collective effort in order to have a greater impact on the well-being of the state. At all stages of life, our teachers, coaches, mentors, peers, supervisors, political leaders and neighbors have an impact on the work we do and the common dreams work for. Leadership can be taught in workshops, but mostly is it is absorbed through mentors, coaches, peers and practice. The leader works well as part of a team, and guides everyone to do their best—even if they don’t want to be a leader too. Parents have an important role to play in developing a sense of responsibility and common purpose in their young children. There are many strong student age leadership programs in Vermont from sports leagues and school bands to clubs, school governance, and formal organizations such as the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps and Vermont Youth Orchestra.
Programs such as Leadership Champlain cultivate their skills and sense of community participation. The hub includes an easily accessed roster of leadership development opportunities that reflect the unique characteristics of Vermont’s citizens and communities.
Proposed ways forward start with mindfulness and focus on building a framework of lifelong leadership development, supported by an infrastructure that leverages today’s formal and informal efforts and creates future opportunities. Assess the resources at our disposal, identify the gaps, determine sources of funding support. At the core of these indicators is the belief that resilient communities depend upon engaged citizens, social capital and diverse and inclusive social structures. Some consideration must go into the comparisons we make as we evaluate current offerings and future opportunities. Common Good Vermont serves as the “go to” resource for our peers to share resources, gain skills, and build partnerships. Most of the KBS riders took a shot at this challenging course with a couple of fairly steep climbs and long (long for Florida that is) descents. However, time trial bikes must adhere to International Cycling Union (ICU) requirements mandating that the saddle nose of the seat tube be 5 cm from the center of the bike’s bottom bracket.
We share a simple definition of leadership: citizens of all ages are able to be responsible for themselves and navigate the challenges of daily living. An important concept, watershed, reflects the shared desire for an inclusive, organic and natural structure that we can grow through the strength of our relationships and human networks.
They understand that trust and relationship are central to achieve something greater than any one person can.
They are willing to give up truths that appear to be self-evident (orthodoxies) and will even break rules if they have to.
It is important to note that youth leadership development differs from adult leadership in some key ways. This can also be tied into Personal Learning Plans supported by the Vermont Agency of Education.
Triathletes often ride through hilly terrain, cover distances up to 112 miles during races and must transition to running quickly and efficiently.
We believe that this is a necessary condition for individual well-being and community resiliency. The leader has the courage to say difficult things and is also willing to admit when they “don’t know”.
You wouldn’t want to accidentally mix the bikes up, however, as each is specially engineered to fit the task at hand.
A variety of charts can be created to illustrate and begin to tie together the leadership development spectra from several points of view.
The events will be done in reverse chronological order, so this post can be updated with the most recent event near the top. This generation may be less comfortable with the “leader” identity, but they have a great deal of experience with team structured initiatives. As such, triathlon bikes favor a more relaxed position and a lighter frame than time trial bikes.

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