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February 1, 2010 by Anne 22 Comments I’m back for the unveiling of me and my friend Ashley’s training plan! I spent some time this weekend researching training plans and created one that I hope will work for us. Basically, we’re going to be flexible and see how the training goes, but this is our general plan!
Looks like a good plan, but need to ensure aerobic levels of the non-running days are good! Must admit that I am a little jealous that you’re running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. Do you have a strength training circuit you can share or guidance as to what do on lifting days?
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Lose weight effortlessly, fuel right, and energize your runs with my Nutrition for Runners program! Not only are Swim Smooth great technique coaches, we're also experts at fitness training for swimming.
Improve your swimming even further with 11 weeks of focused training, getting you in peak swim shape for next season. Owning one of these plans comes a very close second to being in a Swim Smooth training squad in Perth, Western Australia. Let one of these plans guide and develop your swimming so you can rip out an a big PB swim split next season! This plan contains 32 pool sessions plus 3 optional open water technique sessions to get you in peak shape for your big race.
Our specific swimming preparation plan for Ironman distance with a greater endurance focus for the longer distance.
The guidelines for choosing from the 3 levels of plan are the same as for the Olympic plan above.
We recommend you follow this plan with three swim workouts a week, meaning it will run for 11 weeks. We've carefully taken into account the overall training load for an Ironman - the sessions are designed to develop your swimming but still leave you with plenty left over for your lengthy run and bike sessions.
Our new on-line coaching platform features 16 full Swim Smooth training plans to choose from, each every bit as comprehensive as the Waterproof Training Plans here.Delivering our very best coaching video and training plans straight to your computer, tablet or smart-phone: The new Swim Smooth Guru is available now! Description: Detailed training plans provided in a waterproof booklet to prepare you for your triathlon race season. In the back of the booklet are explan-ations and pictures of all of the drills for whenever you need reminding - neat!.
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Each HUUB wetsuit has been rigorously developed for a particular stroke style by expert swimming coaches Swim Smooth and heavily tested by real swimmers at their test centre in Perth, Western Australia. Many triathletes without a swimming background suffer from low lying legs in the water creating a huge amount of drag. Experiences: You don't have a swimming background, find swimming with a pull buoy significantly easier and absolutely love swimming in a wetsuit! The buoyancy distribution of these suit will be a revelation lifting your legs right up to the surface, significantly more than any other wetsuit on the planet.
Women naturally have a better buoyancy profile than men and find achieving a good body position much easier.
Women are a different shape to men (you might have noticed!) and have a different buoyancy profile which needs a unique approach to wetsuit design. Experiences: You may find swimming in a wetsuit a little awkward or unbalanced, and may struggle to get a good fit as traditionally wetsuits have been designed for men. Something special and unique just for you ladies, the HUUB approach to your unique needs is a thinner suit with less buoyancy.
You rely on your kick but in a conventional wetsuit are brought so high at the rear you start to kick air. Those with some swimming background as a junior often have quite a dominant leg kick when swimming.
Experiences: You dislike wetsuit swimming and often feel unbalanced and restricted in a conventional suit.
Despite working hard on creating a long efficient stroke, swimmers with a long pause and glide have quite a low body position in the water.
Experiences: Although you enjoy swimming in a wetsuit you may find you don't perform as well in open water relative to your peers as you do in the pool. You already benfit from swimming in a wetsuit but choosing a 3:5 will take your efficiency to a different level entirely locking your legs high up to the surface with its amazing buoyancy profile. Every HUUB Suit was developed and tested with our elite athletes in Perth Australia for devastating speed.

Always near the front of the field, experienced swimmers have good stroke technique from their days as a junior swimmer.
Your experiences: Confident and capable, you are looking for a suit with the best materials and neutral buoyancy profile to transfer you pool speed across into open water. Fully featured HUUB suits employing a neutral buoyancy profile to maintain your horizontal body position without feeling unbalanced by shifting the buoyancy profile too much towards the rear.
Training plan template – 20 page word & 14 excel forms, This training plan kit includes a 20 page ms word template, 14 excel forms, checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets to capture scope, requirements.
Training plan template - download free forms & samples , Download training plan template free.
Today I’ve got one of my half marathon training plans to share with you, as well as a few sample workouts from my speedwork sessions.
Total mileage per week: Not including the speedwork sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, this plan had me running up to about 30 miles by the week before the taper phase. Rest Days and Long Runs: I usually found it most convenient to do my long runs on Saturday, and use Sunday to recover from them. Speedwork: Monday and Thursday were my speedwork days, and I changed up the order of my interval and fartlek runs (explained here) every other week.
Week 3 and 4 Intervals: Warm up, then 8 repeats of 60s balls to the wall running, followed by 60s recovery.
You can make these intervals harder by increasing the number of repetitions, increasing the length of the work phase, or decreasing the length of the recovery.
Yhe quality of your posts and the amount of information you are able to pack in is just amazing.
I just read this post before I have to leave and I’m going to come back and read it again! I think that training plan looks fab and I’d probably scale it down to about 22 (beginner) miles per week for myself–I love all the resources you gave too! I have used Hal Higdon’s training plan for two marathons and it has worked out great! April 16, 2014 by Presley 26 Comments Yesterday I mentioned I was stressed out about getting behind on, well, everything. I didn’t proof-read any of that chart or this post, so please yell at me when you find a glaring grammatical error. You’ll notice we’re only running three days a week… this is because if I run too much I get shin splints and knee issues.
On Sundays, you’ll see I wrote the total weekly mileage — we aren’t planning on going over 15 total weekly miles, again because of my previous knee issues.
Actually I think yoga might be on the 15th… and running on the 14th since Turner wants to join! Blast from the past Yeah I did a lot of pilates during my fall 10 miler training and it was GREAT for both stress relief and a non-impact relaxing workout. I’ve actually never had one, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt, but never be afraid to switch it up if your mind is telling you otherwise! I think I need to do this to hold myself accountable in my training – I just seem to wing it most days. We planned out our long run distances, but then just winged it with running during the week. I’m training for a half and need to be better about strength-training, cross-training and yoga. I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler too and I was very excited to get in through the lottery.
Designed to get your swimming into top shape for Olympic Distance, Half Ironman and Ironman races. We understand that the prime route to improving your swimming is the right mix of technique work and training.
Solution - follow one of our highly rated training plans to get you fully prepared for your triathlon race season! Within the plan we use two timetrial swims (200m and 400m), from these results we'll show you how to set target speeds for your swimming sets. A unique feature of these plans is that they are printed on high-tech waterproof paper and supplied as a tough waterproof booklet.
Simply keep the plan in your swimming bag, pull it out when you get to the pool and follow the next session - we've done all the organising for you! Each session is approximately 2200m per session, we'll nurture your technique and provide you with plenty of fitness challenges along the way!
Each session is approximately 2700m and will direct and challenge you - giving you the perfect mix of training and technique to get you into top shape for your triathlon season. Alternatively, the plan will still work very nicely if you prefer to swim twice or four times per week. However, the plan will also run very nicely if you prefer to swim twice or four times per week. If you are not entirely satisfied with your training plan, return it to us and we will refund you. Get focused and see what we can do for your swimming in 11 weeks - then rip out a great race! Delays are rare but we must allow 28 days before a claim is made against the suspected loss of a parcel. You can order from us safe in the knowledge that we have never left a single order unfullfilled anwhere in the world.
Try on your new suit when you receive it and if you would like to exchange it for another size, return it to us and we'll send out a replacement with free shipping. From a tailored buoyancy distribution to the unique X-O-Skeleton, bicep and calf releases, find the right suit for you and it will fit your individual stroke technique 'like a glove'! They also tend to cross-over the centre line in front of their head and drive their kick from the knee rather than the hip.
The X-O-Skeleton resists any cross-overs in your stroke and helps you swim much straighter in open water. Not only is the distribution different but most women are more naturally buoyant overall than men and so require a less buoyant suit.

Easier to get on and off, and leaves you feeling balanced in the water when you swim, just like you do in the pool. Without a wetsuit this kick keeps their legs high in the water but in a conventional suit the buoyancy in the hips and legs is too great and the legs are lifted so high the swimmer starts to kick air. When training in the pool you may be slower with a pull buoy although this isn't always the case if you kick more from the knee than hip. This allows you to use your kick just as you would in the pool without lifting you too high at the rear so you start to kick air and lose stability. Whilst not as low as the classic leg-sinkers they will still benefit hugely from the getting their legs higher in the water. Waves and chop from other swimmers tends to stall you in the pause and glide in your stroke and may knock you off balance.
The X-O-Skeleton maintains your stroke alignment so you cut through the water cleanly and keeps you tracking arrow straight between the buoys round the course. They already have a great body position in the water and although nobody's stroke is perfect they have only minor areas to tweak and improve.
The X-O-Skeleton maintains your swimming posture and keeps your stroke perfectly aligned even if you fatigue during a race. It shows how swimmers fall into six classic styles of stroke depending on their physical attributes, experience, gender and even their personality. The plan I followed was a bit of a mish-mash of advice from my cross country coach, online training forums and articles, and whatever the heck I felt like doing. Keep in mind that at the time, I’d already run several shorter races, trained for 2 seasons in cross country (more about this here), and had already completed my first half marathon.
As a general guideline, it’s wise to only increase your total weekly mileage by about 10% each week in order to prevent injury and overtraining. In my first half marathon I thought tapering was for people who were lazy and therefore didn’t do it properly.
This was particularly true in my marathon training plan, when I got really sore after some of my long runs and one rest day just wasn’t long enough.
This quiz from Runners World helps you to figure out what type of half marathon training program is best for you based on your racing preferences. In addition to marathon and half marathons, there are also programs for 5k’s, 10ks, and other races. My husband has terrible back problems, and we both workout (semi) regularly – I think we would both benefit from one.
Even if you haven’t been working out, it feels ahhhmazing to roll it up and down your back at the end of the day.
One of those things was training for an upcoming race festival complete with a half, 10k, and 5k.
In the last few weeks of Army Ten Miler training in the fall I had some trouble with my right knee. Your head is 10 times more knowledgable about what you can and can’t do than a plan will ever be, so if you need to run less to feel good, by all means do that, or if you need to run more do that, too. Good luck with the training and keeping the knees injury free (hate when that gets in the way of running!).
Not only does this get your training intensity right, it highlights your progress and keeps you motivated to improve for the next timetrial.
These will get you practising those all important open water skills of drafting, sighting, navigation and pacing.
As an advanced swimmer you may feel you need to swim further than this but these sessions are highly focused and avoid 'junk yardage'. Don't be put off if you're quite new to freestyle swimming, these plans are just what you need to improve your swimming - and motivate you too! This plan will direct you and challenge you - giving you the perfect mix of training and technique to get you into top shape for your triathlon season. We operate an extremely fast service and in the unlikely event we cannot send your parcel out on the next working day, we will inform you immediately by email.
Many good athletes suffer in this way and despite their power and strength on land find swimming a frustrating experience. As a bonus the thinner material is more flattering too, avoiding that chunky look of men's suits! Worse, being overly high at the rear leaves the swimmer feeling unbalanced and uncomfortable in their suit. Using the exact same construction and technology as the 3:5's you have the perfect suit to maximise your speed. The bicep and calf releases make swimming in your HUUB much more like pool swimming, your kick and arm stroke feel loose and relaxed: amazing! The bicep and calf release system maintain the kick and catch technique you've refined over the years in the pool. If you’re looking for a good resource to log your weekly mileage (as well as the mileage on your shoes), check out this post where I explained the Runners World Training Log.
But by race 2, I knew better and took my mileage down quite a bit so that I’d be on top form – and it worked! As I mentioned yesterday, my last long run for the half marathon plan was the full distance, 13.1miles.
Tempo runs are something I always have trouble with, so I threw them in there to force me to try for once. I’m hoping to avoid that this time with a better training plan and stronger legs since I’ve been doing more strength training.
These features add up to a stunning improvement in performance, finally giving you the rewards you deserve in the water. A lot of you mentioned you were racing for the first time and I can’t wait to hear how it goes. In the half marathon plan, my weekly mileage peaked at around 32 miles, and for the marathon, it was around 47 miles – according to my training log anyway!

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