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But almost half said they were dissatisfied with the returns on their investments in that area. And a few months prior, Business Week reported a survey of more than 900 human-resources managers and 4,500 leaders in other corporate departments across 42 countries and 36 industries. It asked leaders the following question…“In your organization, which of the following leader qualities gets the most respect? Creativity is the process of developing new or interesting ideas, and innovation is implementing those ideas into valuable or profitable solutions.
Innovation can also help companies recruit better people and increase their employee retention rate. Abraham Maslow said, “If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”How many tools do you have in your innovation toolbox?
The story of the KnowBrainer is an example of my desire to create “the ultimate innovation tool” — a tool that runs on people’s brains instead of computers.

The tool was called the Pocket Innovator and it earned a Bronze medal at the Minnesota Inventors Congress.
My first order for 2,000 tools was from DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) and then dozens of news publications gave it favorable reviews.
I then followed up with the Pocket Persuader (an innovative tool for selling ideas) that was very popular at firms like Lucent Technologies and Abbott Laboratories.
My experiences with the Pocket Innovator and Pocket Persuader lead to my desire to create the “mother of all tools” that would combine the best of the Pocket Innovator and Pocket Persuader. My goal was to design at tool that contained a process for “generating” and “selling” ideas and the result was the KnowBrainer tool.
The original Pocket Innovator had a 7-step process and the Pocket Persuader had a 6-step process. The process from both of those tools evolved into a whole-brain-based, 4-step process called the Accelerated Innovation Process.

Ten years after the Pocket Innovator was released, the KnowBrainer was released with a better process and, for the first time, questions.I had been using the Question Banking Process and Questionation Method for over a decade and realized the full power of incorporating the “questions” into the tools. Each generation of the KnowBrainer tool improved with better questions, better nouns, better verbs, better images, better quotes and better directions. I studied color research to guide the selection of colors and I investigated ergonomics to determine the shape and size of the hand tool.A word can be worth a thousand pictures, if you have the right word. The improvements were evident when a group of students at Northwestern University and Wayne State University both found that the KnowBrainer increased the volume of ideas by over 500% versus traditional brainstorming.Over 100,000 people around the globe have used my innovation tools and techniques and I continually collect feedback on the content and user experience.

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