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Seminar and WorkshopCITA organizes seminars & workshop for industry professionals bringing the latest trend and technology to fashion industry stakeholders. We have updated our 2014 seminar schedule with courses designed to introduce and inform attendees of the latest industry technologies. Our 2014 seminar schedule has been finalized, with many courses designed to introduce and inform attendees of the latest industry technologies. Many of our courses have been approved by the state for continuing education credit. Instructed by salesmen Mike Temes and Neil Vogel, the seminar hosted a variety of customers from engineers to contractor.
The training session held in August was designed to provide knowledge on the basic understanding of steam and heat transfer applications.
The seminars are a great way to introduce customers to our facility while also providing the customer with a four-hour training. Christine Del Priore, Outreach Associate for Nicor Gas and the Energy Efficiency Program, was the guest speaker for the basics of steam class. The end of the program cycle is May 31, 2014, and although Nicor offers many rebate programs, according to Del Priore, this program is by far the biggest. For more information on the Nicor Rebate Program, contact Mike Temes or Neil Vogel at 815-886-9200. Nicor Outreach Associate, Christine Del Priore discusses the benefits of the Business Energy Efficiency Program.
One of the primary ways Metropolitan has been able to raise Navien brand awareness is by hosting educational seminars.

As official representatives of Navien America in the territories of Illinois, northwest Indiana and eastern Missouri, Metropolitan supports a network of distributors within the Midwest in providing homeowners with the highest-quality tankless water heating equipment and related accessories.
Metropolitan’s Navien wholesale manager Mark Brickey attributed a number of factors to Metropolitan’s success, the first being the quality of Navien heaters and combination units.
One way in which Navien has improved its strong product base was the creation of the new NPE series heater.  With features such as the ability to utilize half-inch existing gas lines and two-inch venting, and the inclusion of an operator interface to view set points and essential system information, and run diagnostics, Navien’s new NPE series heater has garnered much popularity.
Brickey said Metropolitan’s sales staff has made a concentrated effort to endorse Navien units and said the training conducted both at and away from Metropolitan has significantly raised both interest in the brand and overall sales.
Overall Brickey credits the hard work of Metropolitan’s sales staff as the chief reason why its partnership with Navien has achieved positive results. An important commitment to the many markets we serve is sharing our knowledge and expertise with water and wastewater operators, plumbers, design engineers, city officials and more to best prepare industry professionals for everyday field work. After welcoming hundreds of guests to our facility for our number of training programs in 2012, we are pleased to announce our 2013 schedule, complete with many new courses designed to introduce and inform attendees of the latest industry technologies, has been finalized. Six courses from last year are revitalized with new presentations and demonstrations, while three entirely new classes have been added to the schedule. Two of our new classes pertain to commercial-plumbing applications, the first focusing strictly on the application, maintenance, operation and repair of pressure reducing valves. A second new commercial-plumbing offering details specific methods of improving the energy efficiency of various pumping systems in commercial buildings.  Entitled “Energy Saving Strategies,” the program is intended to provide participants from facilities managers, contractors, owners and maintenance personnel an in-depth look at strategies to improve the overall efficiency of commercial pumping systems.
As has always been the case with our training seminars, many satisfy state requirements for continuing education.  All courses are free of charge and lunch is always provided.

Supplier merupakan partner yang penting dalam menunjang strategi perusahaan dan harga bukan merupakan faktor penentu dalam memilih supplier, maka dalam Purchasing dibutuhkan teknik-teknik untuk membangun relationship dengan mereka. Pelatihan ini akan membantu peserta untuk memahami teknik-teknik membangun relationship dengan supplier dalam lingkup kerja Purchasing.
Many of our courses have been approved by the state for continuing education credit.  All courses are free of charge and lunch is always provided. One of our priorities has always been to provide continuing knowledge on the different aspects of the water pump industry. The class discussed topics on steam generation, piping practices, steam trap, heat transfer, condensate management and a variety of other areas of the steam industry.
At the completion of the class the attendees received their PDH certificate Employees are encouraged to remind customers of our ongoing training seminars throughout the year or refer them to the training tab on our website. Before the class broke for lunch, Del Priore spoke to the attendees about the benefits of the Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program and Business Custom Incentive Program.
Del Priore wanted to extend the opportunity to the training class so that customers could see the benefits that go along with the program.

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