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My monthly message is FREE on the site and this month it is about how to find your Dream when you are having a hard time finding your dream. For those of you that are interested, you can subscribe to my monthly Q&A with Paul video series where I answer people’s questions from around the world on a wide variety of topics.
This is a great opportunity to learn simple, natural methods for aiding the healing process from much of what ails people and is particularly useful to those in the health care and exercise professions.
I got in the gym yesterday for quick workout coupling lunging, squatting and multidirectional cable twists, which felt great.
We will announce the winner and runners up for the PPS Success Mastery Dream Big Contest in the next couple of days. Speaking on a grand scale, emotion is the product of love – Love being the energetic flow of desire being willed and will being perceived.
All things and energies in the universe are a result of yin becoming yang and yang becoming yin in every sense of the words; the sun is hot, but will become cold; space is cold, but suns warms it! When we are infants, children and adolescents, we are under constant influence from parents, siblings, family, and our social circles. Our programming, for example, teaches us what to love, to fear, and how we may respond to either stimulus.
Children are generally supported by their parents such that they can safely and effectively express their emotions, giving them an opportunity to connect meaning with feeling. Unfortunately, many children are simply tossed on their emotion-bike and sent down rocky mountain trails without an effective training period, nor training wheels! This kind of experience floods the child with affect, while often detaching their feelings from any logic or understanding of such events.
This often triggers painful and scary associations with all perceived in the environment at the time.
The result can be that such people have emotional upheavals or outbursts for what seem unlikely or illogical reasons relative to those of us that were raised with appropriate use of training wheels before being tossed to the mountain trails. At some point in our lives, most of us realize that our emotions, though important and necessary, are commandeering our minds. We often have the experience of making snap decisions our of emotional turbulence that we regret later on, often damaging potentially good relationships. After enough setbacks though, those that have higher aspirations than constantly being in a state of turbulence and relationship dissonance begin seeking ways to balance themselves. Sometimes, it’s quite tough because some of us find ways to become special, or celebrated in some way because of our emotional surges. For example, such emotional surges, turned into athletic fervor; when I played football, boxed, and kick boxed, I could turn my rage into a force of impact and was often celebrated for that! When an emotional child or youth gets celebrated for such explosive self-expression, it often sets the tone for how they are likely to express themselves outside the athletic arena!and non-competitors often don’t appreciate the battering. This can be very confusing for those that go from being celebrated in one instance to being chastised in another.
Being rather simple-minded, I often come up with simple ways or concepts I can use and test on myself before teaching them to others.
I’ve always remembered that and have had to remind myself of that truth many times in challenging relationship experiences, which seem to forever come and go like the tide. Where there is too much desire or holding (in), or being overly logical, the bike is leaning left. Where there is too much fire, outward expression, will, or excessive creativity without conclusion, the bike is leaning right.

If, for example, someone is shouting at me and I can see their fire blazing, that would be hot-yang expression.
Knowing that water controls fire, I have to lean my bike left to counterbalance their excessive right leaning force. Think of two people riding a bike together; if one leans too far to the right while rounding a right hand turn, the other must counter-lean to the left of both will crash! If someone is too stuffed up with emotion and can’t express themselves, or just can’t get moving, take affirmative action (excess yin), then I must generate the warmth to facilitate movement.
As a male, my natural drive is to try and help by “fixing”, which is next to useless when relating to most women! I’m constantly working on the transition between perceiving a woman from my male perspective to allowing myself to feel and understand their experience.
Men are often perplexed by women who rant on and on, but seem uninterested in correcting what’s bugging them! Thus, the bike trail comes complete with all the obstacles of a mountain bike trail, yet this trail talks, acts, and reacts, making it much more challenging than even a tough mountain bike trail.
In simplistic form, where there is too much female energy, seek to balance with male warmth and rationality. Where there is too much male energy, seek to balance with female feeling, acceptance and nurture.
Once one realizes that trying to change the world without first changing themselves is futile, they are in place to begin the inner-practice of emotional self-management. I created this chart to remind me and my students of how to use the mirror-of-self as a guide for their internalization of external events and vice versa. The circles with the green in the middle represent the human a€?I’ (or ego), which is an agent of integration.
The qualities on the right represent the base energies that flow through the respective chakras and the qualities on the left represent the types of energy or energy qualities we can consciously use to enhance, adjust, or better understand within ourselves what we are experiencing from the outside (external mirror). Using myself as an example, I’m not only born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo making me very sun-like and analytical, I’m full of fire by nature of my personality or disposition.
Therefore, I’m either experiencing someone that is so like me that I must see the opportunity to better see my own shadow, or I’m experiencing someone so opposite to me that I can learn to appreciate their viewpoint. The path to emotional~mental self-management may be the most challenging path you will ever experience. There is no need to hold off on the experiences on this path, for if you are reading this blog post, you are already on the path! To deny that you can learn and grow in any situation is to ensure that the ego-shadow will stay strong and live in a perpetual state of ignorance; and this form of ignorance is never bliss! Many stuck in this form of ignorance seek to use medical and recreational drugs to create the impression of joy, peace, stability, etc!, but that is only yet another act of co-dependence. I’m learning as much today as I ever did, and the lessons often seem to come at the worst possible times (there’s that path again!).
But that is how we build character, empathy, compassion, and gain the experience to truly become wise people. Right now, the world needs a LOT of wise people so lets get on the bike together and start practicing! The song used during the scene featuring Agnes's training and the Minions building her motorcycle is the Rocky Balboa theme with the Minions singing it. This short film is set in July 2013 (the same date that Despicable Me 2 came out), as shown on the Daily Gru at the end of the short film.

The character models of Lisa and her friend are reused in this short as friends of Gru's daughters. The kittens from Panic in the Mailroom make a quick appearance on the cover page of the Daily Gru. The mall couple seen during El Macho's dance (the woman Eduardo was dancing with) while Margo and Antonio are having lunch at Salsa y Salsa, and another woman seen in the mall scenes (has blonde hair styled in a bob cut, and wears a dark green jacket over a gray T-shirt and a denim maxi skirt and brown shoes) make a brief appearance near the end when Agnes parachutes away from the exploding ice cream truck when it is hit by her motorcycle. This mini movie takes place three months after Despicable Me 2, it can be hinted since because Agnes's Birthday was in late April and Eduardo's Cinco De Mayo party was in May.
The tricycle that Kevin ate when he was an Evil Minion in Despicable Me 2, is shown near Gru's house in the background during this short despite it's fate in the events of the second film, it is possible that Gru got a new one for the girls sometime before this mini-movie. A blue Volkswagen Beetle makes a brief cameo during the scene where Agnes is chasing the stolen ice cream truck on her motorcycle. Training WheelsTraining WheelsCartoon Long Brown Wiener Dog Using Training Wheels Happy Boy Riding Bicycle with Training Wheels Cartoon Chubby Man Riding a Bike with Training Wheels - Coloring Page Outline Trio of Happy Kids Riding Bikes with Training Wheels Cartoon Long Wiener Dog Using Training Wheels - Coloring Page Outline Looking for something else? The Stabilizer kit is perfect for individuals who have physical impairments which prevent them from otherwise enjoying bicycle riding. How we experience our emotions and interpret them is most commonly a reflection of how our parents teach us to create, express, experience and respond to emotional stimuli. I still have to witness and actively seek to manage the emotional flow that moves through me and often realize I’m reacting to triggers developed from the period of my developmental relationships. Be brave enough to perceive the situation from my heart-mind; empathy and compassion are very high forms of love. I can choose to see the challenge as an opportunity to be more creative and go outside my own box.
I can seek to gain insight as to the source of my own emotions over a specific experience I’m having, or I can ask better questions to gain insight into the nature of others feelings or experience.
I can choose to stay present with a challenging situation out of my own philosophical understanding that we are all expressions of THE ONE, the source of life itself. To deny the path is to deny your individual responsibility as a co-creator in relationship to self and other in every regard. The three of them go after the truck but Agnes falls as she attempts to pedal to the truck.
It's heavily implied that the part of the town where the ice cream truck exploded is where these three people actually live, when they are not at the mall. The Stabilizer kit is perfect for individuals who have trouble balancing a two-wheel bicycle without any assistance. The Minions, seeing her so upset by this, decide to build her a unicorn-themed motorcycle and also make her physically train. We are proud to announce that we have happy customers across the US, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, and Australia.
This central location and large warehouse facility lets us provide shipping reliability and timeliness in today’s fast paced environment. She accidentally causes the thief to crash and is declared a hero, though her motorcycle gets destroyed. Many of our products feature componentry from world class companies that contributed technical expertise to their creation.

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