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Heart rate is the most widely used metric for tracking intensity, yet it is the most commonly misunderstood. Threshold heart rate is a maximum heart rate you can sustain over a longer period of time, such as from 10 to 60 plus minutes depending on ability, and level of aerobic fitness.
Cardiac output, pulmonary function, strength, VO2 and the overall size of the body all factor into how fast your heart needs to beat to deliver oxygen to the muscles.
During diastole (the relax stage), the left ventricle fills with oxygenated blood, and then, during systole, it contracts pumping the oxygenated blood through the aorta and into the body. Those who are new to endurance training, at any age, may experience a change at threshold heart rate after initial tests. Other variables include medications, which can lower or raise threshold heart rates, as well as training fatigue.
Throughout training, whether rested, in peak form, fatigued, or over-trained, the ability to work at or near your threshold heart rate can provide valuable feedback. Mike Schultz brings more than 10 years of racing and training experience from national endurance and ultra endurance events, mountain bike stage races, and 24 hour solo cycling events.
With a long standing interests in fitness and technology I have been around the block with a lot of the different heart rate monitors that have been and are available.
Used to be mainly a Polar guy, but the models after my old Polar S810 have just been hideous, and for a plain old heart rate monitor I like to be able to also use it as a daily-wear watch. Data recording is glitchless, I like the standard and especially their fancier chest strap, which handle sweat well and don’t shrivel up (Suunto, take a look and try to learn).
Garmin has unveiled its new HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim, the company’s first underwater heart rate monitors.
Storing up to 20 hours of heart rate data during swims, both HRMs forward data on to a compatible Garmin device at the end of a session and send real-time heart rate to a Garmin watch when the monitor is out of the water. Specifically designed for triathletes, HRM-Tri is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor from Garmin, capturing heart rate data during every leg of the race. With a unique, non-slip strap design, HRM-Swim is positioned as being ideal for capturing heart rate while training in the pool.
Being user-replaceable, the HRM-Tri battery lasts up to 10 months and the HRM-Swim lasts up to 18 months. Users can view detailed metrics of their activities, from brick workouts to pool swims, including pace, strokes, SWOLF, heart rate graphs, mapping and more. This is the latest version of our site (version 3.1) since we launched back in January 2008. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page, or for research & consulting enquiries, please visit our sister site MultiSport Research. Christmas is just around the corner and we all know how hard it is to buy something unique for that special cyclist in your life (even if that special cyclist is you!). Based on extensive wind tunnel testing and lessons learned from the slippery TT-oriented Norcom Straight, the Transonic is said to be 55 and 65 seconds faster on a 40-kilometer time trial ridden at a steady 300 watts than the company's other two road bikes, the SST and the Altamira.
The ICEdot Crash Sensor mounts to any helmet and notifies your emergency contacts when it detects a critical impact. Probably the best GPS cycling computer on the market, the Edge 520 displays a wealth of metrics in the configuration of your choosing.
A great gift on its own, or an extravagant accompaniment to the Edge 520, the K-Edge Garmin mount can make anyone’s bike look Euro-pro. For some funky, unique cycling glasses, check out what the Swedish designers over at POC have come up with.
Heart rate data is an easy, affordable, and effective training metric, allowing you to see how hard you’re going, how well you are rested, and how well you are recovering.
There are usually common themes running through new bike accessories and training aids that arrive on the market and this year has been no exception. Author: Marcus SpeedA former professional athlete, Marcus has a wealth of experience and has been a representative at both State and National level.
While using these long runs to build aerobic endurance a runner should strive to be as efficient as possible. You can also vary paces up and down for a long run with the goal of increasing your ability to hold longer durations at target marathon (or Ironman 70.3) race pace, which is zone 3 heart rate. To increase strength over long runs, incorporate a structured hill circuit within your 2 hour run. Finally, for those training for an Ironman or marathon and plan on running 4 hours or longer for the race distance, completing much more than a 3 hour continuous base run will often result in accumulated muscle damage that is detrimental to overall training and also requires extra recovery time (away from running).
Base running will make you a stronger runner, but honing in on purpose and goal setting will allow you to maximize performance gains. LifeSport head coach Lance Watson has coached a number of Ironman, Olympic Games and Age Group Champions over the past 25 years. Steamboat Springs is home to renowned outdoor companies including Honey Stinger, Moots, Ericksen Cycles, SmartWool, Big Agnes and many more! Steamboat got its name from its famed water works when fur trappers, who visited the area in the late 1800s, heard the bubbling sound of one of the local hot springs and thought it sounded like a steamboat. Seven thousand feet up in the Colorado Rockies, nestled quietly below one of the largest ski mountains in North America, sits a small ranching community that serves as a constant reminder that the Old West is alive and well. A real western community built around skiing and riding, the mountain lifestyle, and a collective sense of place--Steamboat is a bona fide mountain town in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Rocky Mountains.
Steamboat may be known for its winters, but when the Champagne Powder® snow melts, wildflowers blossom, biking and hiking trails are unearthed, the Yampa River flows for kayaking, rafting, tubing and fly fishing, hot springs bubble away and Fish Creek Falls shows its might.

Steamboat is home to two ski areas: Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill, the oldest ski area in continuous use in the state of Colorado, as well as nearly 90 Winter Olympians who call the area home.
A variety of lodging, from B&Bs to high-end resorts, from casual condos to private residents, offer the ideal place to rest your head. Threshold heart rate is also related to the maximum power, or effort you can sustain for the same period of time. There are athletes that have a higher heart rate threshold, while others have a lower threshold.
While there are many factors that go into a threshold heart rate, one of the main factors may be the heart itself, specifically the left ventricle.
The size and strength of the left ventricle will determine how much volume of blood can be delivered with each beat. If you’re on medications, especially for the heart, it is important to consult with medical professionals to determine the safety of exercise and expectations when it comes to heart rate. A trainer or treadmill is convenient but if the athlete does not have a lot of experience working hard on trainers or treadmills often, the result can yield a lower than expected heart rate. This is especially important when you factor in the amount of power you can sustain at this intensity.
Focus here will be on watches that just do heart rate and the ability to get data off the watch. Both those brands used a USB dongle to get data to a computer, which is a bit slicker than Polar’s old infrared thing. Reasonable size, and seems like they make nice watches (and dive computers, where they really got their start), but pricey, at over $300. Here are pictures (left to right) of it with a Suunto t6d, a Garmin Forerunner 410, and a Garmin Forerunner 910XT. Transferring data to a computer works well, and there is even a TrainingPeaks Device Agent you can use to upload to your TrainingPeaks account. The HRM-Tri features an adjustable strap with soft, rounded edges and covered seams for maximum comfort outside of the water as well, where it can provide advanced running dynamics, including cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. Durable and compact, the strap stays in place during push-offs and creates minimal drag through the water.
Following a workout or race, users can analyse their heart rate data in-depth on Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile, a free community where users can save, plan and share activities, use social media sharing and live track. Starting from only $7.99, KustomCaps make custom laser-etched headset caps in a variety of sweet anodized colors.
Rapha, the benchmark in cycling fashion, have released their new range: with a straight-leg fit, the specialist denim is made from nylon, cotton, and Elastane yarns, and is hardwearing, stain resistant, and fast-drying. The Crash Sensor pairs up with your smartphone via the free ICEdot app over Low Energy Bluetooth. TrainingPeaks crunches the numbers from your training to accurately assess where you are, and can be easily customized for a detailed training plan for your specific goals. The Wahoo Tickr is one of the best heart rate units because it works on both ANT+ and Bluetooth, meaning it wirelessly connects to both Garmin head units, smartphones and other ANT+ devices. Some are an innovative improvement on existing technology, others perhaps herald a new era of how we ride our bikes.
Athletes can use a regular route to keep track of running as quickly and smoothly as possible, at as a low heart rate as possible. For instance, after a short 15 minutes warm up Zone 1, run 90 minutes alternating 15 minutes Zone 3, 5 minutes Zone 2-1. If you plan on running 8:00 minutes per mile off the bike for an Ironman, incorporate long runs that are 15 to 20 seconds per mile faster than goal pace.
Today, the Netherlands-based company is releasing its own GPS watch lineup, and the first products are the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport.The recent advances in wireless and sensors, in connection with the components and app development price drop, have enabled the democratization of wearable technology. Having a high or low threshold heart rate does not relate to athletic performance, rather, it may simply be related to how you’re built along with your athletic experience. If it is safe to test and workout, then it is important you are somewhat rested and prepared for a threshold test.
Determining this range initially takes some time and understanding, but once you figure it out you will have a consistent measure of feedback on fatigue and intensity throughout your training. He is certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Personal Trainer and as a USA Cycling Certified Coach. It stores heart rate data underwater and forwards it after the swim to a connected compatible device.
More abrasion-resistant than regular denim, the stretch in the yarns also allows for ease of movement, and the offset inseams are designed to prevent chafing. Its unique design and distinctive form turns the tool into a handle, giving you more leverage than other multi tools on the market.
Cyclogeography is an essay about the bicycle by former London bike courier Jon Day, and is a poignant reflection of the freedom we feel when cycling, as well as a reflective look at the relationship between bodies, bikes, and geography. When it detects critical forces, the Crash Sensor triggers your phone to sound an emergency alarm, and if not disabled, you need help! However, the approach when running them should depend on what phase of training you are in at that point of the year and what short and long term goals are. During early season or base phase, while the athlete is building an aerobic foundation one can use tools like TrainingPeaks to see if these endurance gains are being achieved.
Typically, I will have athletes build a 2 hour run using 30 minutes Zone 1, 30 minutes Zone 2, and 30 minutes Zone 3 and for experienced runners, 30 minutes Zone 4.

Alternately try 3 to 4 repeats of 25 minutes including 3 x 5 minute hill loop followed by 10 minutes flat. The run segments get shorter for each hour while the walk remains constant which means muscles don’t get quite the breakdown. On the flip side, efforts below and up to your threshold can be sustained for a much longer time. For example, a 50-year-old athlete can have a heart rate threshold in the 180’s while a 25-year-old athlete can have the same. Maintaining a moderate to high level of activity may allow these athletes to carry the same heart rate threshold throughout life. He continues to compete in endurance and ultra endurance events on a regional and national level to further study the science behind sports specific training and practice what he preaches.
Timex models were disposable since the bands are not replaceable, for me they last a couple of years.
It will also send real-time heart rate and interval summaries when the monitor and compatible watch are out of the water during rests. Coolest of all, they feature a reinforced waistband to support the weight of your bike lock, and a reflective Rapha logo inside the right leg is displayed when rolled up. Your emergency contacts will then receive a message as well as a map and GPS coordinates of your precise location. By keeping an eye on the metric pace as it relates to heart rate (Pa: HR) one can observe improving cardiovascular fitness.
Your runs should start before you even go out the door with nutrition and hydration need to be taken care of, and with having a route mapped out to achieve the purpose of the workout. By incorporating a challenging hill at 80 percent of the distance or duration of a training run, you are preparing for what is to come on race day. Determining your proper threshold heart rate is important and will help you confirm your threshold heart rate range. It is typical for younger athletes to have a higher threshold heart rate, such as in the 180’s and higher. Mike resides in the Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania, where he coaches and trains full time and year round. The Nike actually had a replaceable band, which is a nice feature for a somewhat expensive watch. Then I updated a computer or two and I was stuck with their Movescount website and file transfer utility.
This metric tracks the change in heart rate vs pace while running at a constant 81-88 percent of threshold heart rate over the duration of a run.
It encourages mental fortitude as it is challenging to change gears in the middle of the long run. Likewise, Ironman runs typically occur in the middle to late afternoon when temperatures are at their highest. Since the hills are a part of a longer effort, efficient cadence with a slightly shortened stride becomes effective.
I have also found that a 4 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk to be a very effective strategy.
The Race mode allows runners to compare the current run against the last one or the best one.
It is also common to see athletes in their 30s and 40s test for a lower threshold heart rate.
It is important for all newcomers to the sport, and those coming off an extended break, to test fairly often to confirm threshold ranges. Former only works sometimes, and latter only lets you export in xls format, which can be uploaded to TrainingPeaks, yay, but not to WKO+, boo. For a runner who is increasing distance, heart rate will often rise as time extends, even if the pace remains constant. It makes sense to do one or two long runs in the heat of the day to get the body acclimatized, also on a similar terrain and road surface.
In both cases take time splits for the key hills to help gauge even effort for this strength component of this endurance run. With Goal, the user sets a distance, a time or a calorie goal and sees progress on the display with graphics and alerts.
Again, this is just the trend; it is possible that a higher or lower heart rate threshold can be scored at any age.
The Suunto chest strap is also lousy, the elastic scrunches up and there are electrical connections where you fasten the strap, which is a bad idea for something that gets soaked with sweat. This heart rate drift is referred to as decoupling; the longer heart rate stays even with pace, the fitter the athlete is becoming.
Many have found that by exercising at a low heart rate even in extreme heat is very beneficial.

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