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Until now, endurance athletes have generally either used training levels or zones based on an anchor point (typically some form of threshold) or utilized performance models (like the critical power model) to target specific time and power-based training targets.
While threshold-based zones are solid, they are a generalization developed through the review of data from thousands of endurance athletes. With the introduction of the new iLevels in WKO4, athletes are able to optimize their training levels to their own unique physiology and daily fitness. One of the challenges of the Coggan classic levels is that interval time frames were fixed, based on the desired physiological response.
Since the new iLevels system is driven by the power duration curve and modeled FTP, the training levels will automatically update with any changes (even micro changes) in performance fitness to ensure accurate interval targets as athletes train and de-train. Pmax: The maximum amount of power that can be generated for a very short period of time (at least a full pedal revolution with both legs). Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC): The total amount of work that can be done during continuous exercise above FTP before fatigue occurs. Modeled Functional Threshold Power (mFTP): The model-derived highest power a rider can maintain in a quasi-steady-state without fatiguing. The goal of these changes to the classic training levels approach is simple: we want to help you maximize your training.
Earlier this year, Pioneer dropped the price of their premium powermeter system to just $999, making it a very enticing option if you already owned a Shimano Dura-Ace or Ultegra crankset. Now, that refinement has spread to its hardware and software, helping the spider-mounted transmitter unit clear any frame and letting you easily switch between ANT and ANT+ modes on the fly. Shown above, the new transmitter’s mounts sit flush with the small chainring, letting it fit any road, cyclocross or similar frame that would fit a Shimano road crankset. The original transmitter mounts protruded beyond the little chainring, causing frame clearance issues on some bikes. Pioneer says they were the first to offer true dual leg measurement, and first to put the full spread of data onto the cycling computer for on-bike analysis. That’s because the transmitter pairs with their computer with full-featured ANT, not ANT+, which allows it to send more data. Collectively, all of that data is now renamed HDpower Metrics, which helps make it a bit easier to grasp.
For anyone using another brand cycling computer, they used to have to remove the transmitter’s battery cap, push some buttons, and switch some settings to switch the Pioneer system to ANT+ mode because it shipped in full-power ANT mode. The cyclosphere online experience now gets the mobile treatment, showing you all of the important info in a much more succinct, smartphone-friendly display. You’re also able to post directly from Cyclo-Sphere to Facebook and Twitter, and those links take you to this screen, now, too. Speaking of TrainingPeaks, starting September 15, Pioneer’s computers will start to show three metrics that had previously only been available to TrainingPeaks users, and you’ll get it whether you’re a TP member or not.

Normalized power isn’t simply the power without the zeros; for NP every power data point recorded is raised to the forth degree, the mean is then found of all the data points^4 , the forth route of the this mean is normalized power! If these are compatible with Dura Ace and Ultegra, won’t they als be compatible with new 105’s? Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. This bundle includes a $119 premium TrainingPeaks subscription for a few dollars more than the item alone. TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training.
Ensure the "Save To" location is the TrainingPeaks icon or the WKO+ icon if sending your file to WKO. If you are getting an error message having to do with your "baud rate" make sure that your SRM is awake and on the main screen. Your SRM needs to be fully charged when downloading, otherwise there is a voltage issue and it can throw an 'un-able to determine baud rate' error. Statistically speaking, this bell curve process creates a solid basis for a good portion of athletes, but it does not take into account any athlete uniqueness. Should these two athletes be training by the same threshold-based system if the goal is to maximize their training results and performance?
These new training levels work by blending modeled functional threshold power (mFTP) and modeled power duration data to track with your actual capabilities and ensure that training targets (power and time) are optimized to produce maximal results.
These are driven by each athlete’s power duration curve, optimizing the training levels.
Stay tuned for a series of educational articles and webinars to learn more on how to use your new iLevels.
The discounted pricing came as a result of their continued refinement of the installation process in the Long Beach, CA, clean room facility.
It used to mount to the bolts for the small chainring and would add about 2-3mm of depth, which caused clearance issues with some frames. And there’s a lot of data being captured, with 16 different points being collected at each 30? of crank rotation. That includes the dual leg power measurement, torque vector pedaling force and pedaling efficiency calculations.
Now, Pioneer ships it preset in ANT+ mode, so all you need to do is put the magnets on the frame, pull the battery out and back in to start it up, then pair it as normal. As long as your home computer will receive ANT+ signals, you’re good to go, then just switch it back to full ANT when you want the data back on your cycling computer.
That makes it much more enjoyable for fans to see what you (or the pros) are doing when checking from your phone. And all of the data can be set up to automatically forward to TrainingPeaks and Strava directly after the ride.

Those include TSS (Training Stress Score), IF (Intensity Factor) and NP (Normalized Power). Andrew Coggan and the rest of the team introduced a new approach focused on blending the best of both of these to optimize training zones by individualizing them to each athlete’s unique physiology.
For example, here are the power duration curves of two different athletes, with lines added to demonstrate where the Coggan classic training levels intersect the curve.
New Training Levels and Terms By now, you’ve likely noticed that there are some new terms in the training levels and that some of the former terms are no longer used.
The latter is the ability to see your power metric without zeros, which is different than your average.
The 30s averaging is what causes many people to mistakenly think that it is removing the zeroes. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, Ironman World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze, and plan their training. So if your FRC is 15 kJ you should in theory be able to hold 1000 watts for 15 seconds or 500 watts for 30 seconds. In particular, this opens it up for use on the Cervelo P-series bikes and Pinarello’s Dogma F8.
The bigger story is in initial setup when using their powermeter with either your home computer or another brand cycling computer. There are even new Youtube installation videos available that walk you through the installation and pairing process. The average will consider zero power output (like when you’re coasting downhill), but NP shows only the power when you’re pedaling and will generally be higher and show more accurately what you’re putting out on a ride. Those new metrics will show up on the cycling computer and in the cloud on Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere. The rechargeable Joule retains historical reporting to quickly gauge your power numbers so you can see what you have done and where you are going. It is ANT+ and works with other ANT+ powermeters.In addition to all the normal cycling functions, the Joule features downloadable power, altitude, training stress score (TSS) and normalized power.
CycleOps Power part number 7286.Included in the package is a Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer and two handlebar mounts.

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