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There are some life choices over which you have no control or which others will make for you – like when and where you are born, the family you are born to, your life during childhood, the school you went to, etc.
The closeness or distances you choose to maintain with family (immediate and beyond) affects your life. Your overall health is a function of many things – the key determinants being the diet you consume and the nature of exercise you ensure on a regular basis. The place you live affects every dimension of your life, whether or not you acknowledge it.
All these affect your daily routine, your lifestyle, your social networks, your productivity, your outlook to life, your opinions, your views, your judgments, your energy, your creativity, your thoughts…. Your choices on the importance you give to personal finance will eventually determine the quality of your life.
Children mark the beginning of a new phase in your life – one which changes almost every dimension of your life. At some time in the journey of life, you have to be clear and decide on your life priorities and also rank them in an ascending order. The vocation you choose affects many dimensions of your life – from what your daily routine is, to how happy you are, to how much you earn, to the kind of people you interact with, to the kind of impact you can make in your sphere of influence… and based on the choice of your vocation, you also make a choice on the kind of organization that you work for – be it self-employed or as an employee. One of the most important choices which you make in life is connected to your spiritual awareness, growth and journey.
Crystal Paine’s course Make Over Your Mornings is a video driven course that can transform your life by helping you take control of your days.
However, no course on earth is going to do that if you don’t know why you want to transform your life in the first place.
Before you click over and buy the course, I want you to take just a few minutes to think about your why. As a person who was emotionally abused for much of her young life, fear has a way of rising up like a massive wave and knocking me over. Living life without a plan sounds exciting until we are actually in the thick of it and realizing that we are getting nowhere.  Suddenly what we thought would be a relaxing and laid back approach to life is causing us to feel like we are stuck in mud and unable to work our way out. If lack of time is an answer to any of those questions then I strongly recommend you invest  in Make Over Your Mornings and learn how to make those changes, those goals, those dreams fit into your day. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

In this blog, I have articulated the most significant choices which have the potential to transform your life. This could be through formal college education (Graduation, Post-Graduation, etc.) or self-learning through reading and books, observation, online tutorials, meaningful discussions, pursuit of hobbies, human interactions, personal experiences, reflections, self-realizations, etc.
In addition, the friends you choose to make and how you choose to nurture these bonds over a period of time impacts your life. Of course, the pre-requisite is that you need to be aware about these two aspects on your every-day life and knowledgeable on how they affect your life.
And place includes every dimension of your immediate environment – encompassing the milieu at home, to the exact location in terms of geographic co-ordinates – the latitude and longitude, to the weather, to the people living in your vicinity, to the community life, to the availability of resources, etc. Beginning from how much time and effort you put into understanding personal finances, to how much financial planning you do, to how much you earn, to how much you save, to how much you invest and most importantly to how frequently you review your finances and make the required course corrections. And once you have children, you need to make choices in their upbringing – both minor and major. And the respect, importance and value you associate with your time and others time will reflect in how you conduct yourself, how you interact with others and how others will respond to you.
And what’s significant is the significance you associate with this journey and the personal commitment you make to progress and advance in this journey.
And this one single choice has the potential to change your acuity of yourself, your self-confidence, your dreams, your goals, your successes and also others perceptions of you. Freedom is about choices and we are oppressed by so many things simply because we do not give them due attention. I think that once people realise that everything in life is about choice then, as you point out, they can toally transform their lives. Why waste it by living it below your potential? Grab the course and learn to live your life with intention. I wanted to show them that BIG goals can happen even when you have to start at ground level.
What dream have you put on the shelf because you felt you didn’t have time or energy to ever pursue it? Grab the course and discover how to finally find the time and successfully set mini goals to reach that dream. Well then, you either know already and are applying the knowledge in this course and therefore don’t really need it, or you need to take a few moments and write down your motivation to change. In the long run, the importance you personally associate with learning and how disciplined you are in your learning efforts can potentially transform your life.

More importantly, the choice of your life partner has a significant bearing on how your life will eventually turn out. Beyond this, you need to ensure that you invest the required time and effort to eat wisely and exercise regularly. It’s vital to be cognizant that for every priority you choose, there are implications – both big and small, both positive and negative, both in how they will affect your life today and several years from now.
One of the direct implications of this choice is how you choose to react and respond in any given situation or circumstance in life. Some people get caught up with external stimuli that they forget they still have the power to control their thoughts and behaviors and not be under control by anything outside of their environment. Just by being aware that we always have choice gives a boost of self confidence power to our lives. It is all about taking 100% personal responsibility for everything that is going on in our lives – and then choosing change.
They watched me struggle running telephone pole to telephone pole and then slowly work my way up to being able to complete a marathon.
4 deaths of precious loved ones (plus 1 more just recently) in just a few years had made me turn off the dream switch.
And lastly, the choice of how you build and nurture other relationships in your personal and professional life makes a difference. I often hear people talk of being their circumstances whilst choosing to be victims, however I like to believe that we always have choice on how we react to situations. If so, grab the Make Over Your Mornings course, apply its teachings, and watch those watching take notice of the changes in your life for the better.
And how you nurture your children will ultimately reflect in what they make of themselves and the mark they leave in the world – and this will be part of your legacy. Any negative situation can have a positive side if we choose to look at things differently with a flexible way of thinking. These past few weeks I have started dreaming again and am using the principles taught in Crystal’s course to make those dreams reality.

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