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Search results* The beauty of Hipmunk is that although it will pull up as many properties as what can be found on TripAdvisor, its interactive map will only highlight a few at a time, which is great for zeroing in on where you want to stay.
Drawbacks: Unfortunately, many of the hotels that come up in Room Key searches do not offer direct booking. Drawbacks: Might be excellent for finding a vacation package, but not so great when all you want is to find a specific hotel pronto. Drawbacks: The web design and search functions are not as sophisticated as other hotel booking sites. DealBase – Unbiased listings of thousands of hotel deals from the best hotels worldwide.
Foursquare – Check in when arriving at your hotel to receive available upgrades or other rewards. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Suddenly, you could look up rates, availability, reviews AND book reservations all in one place.
Mobile app provides a number of handy add ons, including: trip agenda, flight tracker, airline directory, airline fees, airport information, packing lists, and currency converter. As we found, sometimes this results in paying a higher rate than if doing the search directly on Expedia. Advance Booking – 2 Hot Rates, including a 3-star property $84, and published rates such as High Peaks Resort $139 and Whiteface Lodge $251. Advance booking – 307 (of 434) hotels available, including The Library Hotel in Midtown East, from under $480. TripAdvisor is an excellent resource for planning the entire trip; in addition to hotel reviews, it has restaurant and attraction reviews as well as area guides.
Shows Google Calendar event locations on the map. Multiple windows on Web version let you compare search results. And, although the heat map feature is really cool, it only functioned on my iPhone and iPad. But it’s claim to fame is that it tracks the price you paid, and refunds your savings to your credit card when the trip is complete. In the US, it’s fine for researching hotels in popular destinations like New York City, but not so great when looking up small American towns. Advance Booking – 24 available, including High Peaks Resort $125 and Whiteface Lodge $178 and Mirror Lake Inn $245.
Loyalty program – earn one free night for every 10 nights stayed in more than 85,000 partnering hotels worldwide. As a result, I was able to limit the search to specific blocks, resulting in fewer properties but in a smaller target area. Search filters include: price, map, star rating, hotel facilities, neighborhoods, accommodation type, and brands.

Lake Placid – 18 properties available, including High Peaks Resort $129 and Mirror Lake Inn $279. I just discovered Room77 this weekend – I love the comparisons betweent he different search engines right on one page – no annoying popups! Note -Some frequent hotel guest programs do not offer perks and accrual of points when booking through third parties.
Advance Booking – 14 properties came up, including High Peaks Resort, $139 and Whiteface Lodge, $251. Advance Booking – 28 properties, including High Peaks Resort $139-$179 and Whiteface Lodge $251-$677. In our searches, Hipmunk brought up all the hotels that were found using other search engines, but because it was on an interactive map, it was easier to determine if the location was acceptable.
Advance Booking – 15 (out of an inventory of 21 properties) available, including Mirror Lake Inn, $230.
Advance Booking – 12 available, including High Peaks Resort $139 and Whiteface Lodge $251. We found 11 (of 17) properties available within a 12 mile radius, including High Peaks Resort $119 and Mirror Lake Inn $245. It did list the Dream Hotel at $379, and gave you option to track its price so as to purchase when it goes down. The best travel sites not only offer the cheapest rates but also a plethora of usability features that can make all the difference to finding the perfect hotel for your trip. Advance Booking – 30 properties, High Peaks Resort $129-$295, Mirror Lake Inn $218-$464, and Whiteface Lodge $204-$$610.
Advance Booking -18 properties, including High Peaks Resort $153, Whiteface Lodge $209, and Mirror Lake Inn $258. Advance Booking: 15 hotels (of 17) in a 12 mile radius, including Mirror Lake Inn $245 and Whiteface Lodge $251. Only a few hotels displayed prices, with booking available on other search engines or not at all. No 5-star properties were listed, and the only 4-star properties were High Peak Resort ($125) and Whiteface Lodge, $251.
No prices came up for the Omni Berkshire, but the link to the hotel site was provided for direct booking. Lake Placid – Surprisingly, our search fared better for Lake Placid, calling up 44 available properties, including High Peaks $129 and Mirror Lake Inn $279.

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