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Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness? Por ese motivo hoy os regalo a cada uno este dragon de la suerte con mis mas buenos deseos. Gracias por el dragon amor, nos va a traer mucha suerte a ambos, tambien gracia por llenar mi vida de alegria y amor. Support NonficsAt Nonfics, we're trying to build a the best place to come for commentary about nonfiction entertainment.
The following post was originally published on the Documentary Channel Blog on February 14, 2013. Romantic docs have been arriving more and more steadily recently, but they can’t really compete as chronicles of passionate love stories. What makes Crazy Love stand out, besides a perfectly picked and woven soundtrack, is that it first and foremost tells a love story from the beginning to. But it is very well made, with its varying ways of revealing moments through the interviews (his or hers or theirs or theirs) or tabloid headlines or some other most suitable device for the occasion. It also helps that Klores and Stevens went with such a poppy and popping soundtrack of oldies. True romance, such as that which we see in Crazy Love, has to be unbelievable and involve questionable sanity. And it plays one way to people who see it as a romantic tale of love ruling over reason and another way to people who focus on the extreme proof that love is a construct and a disorder.
Crazy Love wins the day because, unlike Eternal Sunshine and many other crazy romance pictures, this one is true. It’s also worth seeing now if you never have, regardless of it being February 14th, because Linda Pugach just died of heart failure last month. Crazy Love is available on DVD and iTunes and is streaming on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and SnagFilms. Baby Doll: Put On A Happy Face Baby DollWhen a sweet baby smiles in delight, it lights up a room! Granddaughter, I Love You Head To Toe So Truly Real Lifelike Baby DollFrom the moment you first held your granddaughter in your arms, she has always been your little baby doll.
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But I’ve always stressed the theory that documentaries can become classics quicker than fiction films, just as they tend to become dated much faster, too. Planet of Snail (which just hit DVD this week) offers a wonderful peek into a loving marriage. It must be fantastic and unfamiliar and unhinged and be easily mistaken for something completely unromantic. In her obituary in the New York Times, Klores is quoted as offering some doubt about the couple’s love, particularly as reason for their marriage and continued relationship. In the past he has contributed to Indiewire, MTV News, Movieline, Paste, Spout, Documentary Magazine, Cinematical, Screen Crush, Pajiba, First Showing and The Documentary Channel Blog.
In Miracles he shares story after story of God's miraculous healing, provision, and guidance for His children. This film was an instant classic, though, in part because romantic nonfiction had not been common in cinema, and so Crazy Love was a revelation when it debuted at Sundance in 2007. Only the Young and The Argentinian Lesson do a nice job of following coming-of-age affairs of the heart. The many storytellers on screen are so clear and detailed in their relay of events that you can see the scenes in your mind. It helps that both Burt and Linda are so open about their sides of the story, especially him considering the bad things he’s done.
How can we not find it romantic that Burt would disfigure the love of his life so no other man can have her?
He began writing film criticism and covering film festivals for a zine called Read, back when a zine could actually get you Sundance press credentials.
It has remained the first title to come to mind every Valentine’s Day when I think of documentary love stories to recommend. The Loving Story is a great addition to the genre of civil rights films before it’s a notable romance picture. Maybe it is a story that some can identify with negatively, having been an abused partner who still can’t let go of the abuser. And the story being told is so distinct and fascinating that it almost doesn’t even need to be so well-directed (by Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens) to hold our attention. At their age, though, and given the media attention on them in the past, there’s very little reason for them to not be so candid and honest nearly half a century after the worst of it. It might not be the sort of love and relationship that I wish for myself, but a story needn’t be desirable whatsoever to be utterly romantic. Since then he has received a Master's degree in Cinema Studies from NYU, where he concentrated on nonfiction film. And recent Sundance selection Cutie and the Boxer is similarly more on the side of a feminist tale than a doc that celebrates its central couple. But no matter the ups and downs, the common obstacles of other suitors and deceit and unfaithfulness, and the uncommon hurdle of one partner permanently blinding the other and ending up in prison for many years as a result, the love story told in this film is undeniably romantic in a really messed up sort of way.

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