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I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. Along the way Ia€™ve recorded at least 4 albums worth of material, lots of it being unfinished demo versions waiting to be polished up, some of them are great songs and important stories that just wona€™t make the album (either they dona€™t fit Sonically, dona€™t fit Theme, or therea€™s just not enough space) .
Blake Lively was impressed with the shape of her buttocks as she walked the red carpet at Cannes.

It was a year ago this week that Chinx was shot to death while while driving his Porsche in Queens, New York. UT art students and local artists will offer reflections of themselves in the “Yours Truly” exhibition, which will be on display Saturday, Dec. Works will be in the sixth-floor gallery and open studios on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors.

Ita€™s hard as fuck for me to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know ita€™s been hard for you to wait.

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