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And where you should be heading to get drenched in colors depends upon what kind of an experience you are looking forward to.
Every year thousands of people from all over India descend in to Mathura and Vrindavan to celebrate and relive the playful and colorful times of Lord Krishna and his gopis. Bhang fuelled traditional celebrations kickstart exactly a week before, ending on the actual Holi day. As per the tradition, the Gopas (males) from Nandgaon (land of Krishna) come over to play Holi with the Gopis (females) of Mathura (Barsana Village). The Sri Krishna Janmasthan show and the week long celebration at Shri Banke Bihari Mandir in Vrindavan, further amp up the atmosphere. The Warrior Holi (as called in Punjab), instead of being celebrated predominantly with colors and water, witnesses real time demonstration of physical agility, stamina and endurance. In an air exhibition known as Hola Mohalla, men go up against each other in sports like wrestling, martial arts, sword fights (Gatkha), acrobatic military drills and turban tying.
The showcase is particularly inspired by the gallant fighting culture of Punjab that dates back to 1701. Away from the ear-numbing bass and treble of gigantic speakers takes place the Basant Utsav in Purulia, West Bengal. A concoction of Chau dance, Darbari Jhumur and Natua dance to the indigenous tunes of West Bengal's wandering Baul musicians set a mood so surreal that it is hard to put it in words.
Holi celebrations start 3 days prior to the main day and each day has something new to offer.

From melodious folk music to lip-smacking regional delicacies, Basant Utsav offers you once in a lifetime chance to experience how the tribes celebrate Holi. The best thing is that the accommodations are provided in tents which give the whole ambience a very ‘hippie camping party’ feel. The capital witnesses larger than life Holi parties propelled by simulating substances like hashish, marijuana, alcohol and varieties of bhang.
As the parties are likely to get a bit rough in Delhi, two of the best and safest Holi bashes you can attend are – Holi Cow and Holi Guns.
At a nominal price of 1500-3000 bucks, both the parties guarantee a goon free atmosphere along with safe organic colors, clean water, servings of bhang lassi and street food. The Kumaoni Holi is celebrated in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, It is a historical and cultural celebration.
Kumauni holi celebrate in various forms of musical gatherings and known as Baithaki Holi,Khadi Holi and Mahila Holi. The Bhojpuri region celebrate holi with a lot of energy and excitement with colors, mud and consumption of bhaang. Holi is known as Dol Purnima in Bengal and Orissa, celebrated in most sophisticated style by using dry colours.
Maharashtra celebrate Holi in different way, color celebrations take place on the 5th day after Holika dahan and known as Ranga Panchami. The festival of colors not only encourages brotherhood and harmony, but also sparks nationwide substance induced celebrations.

From established ritual celebrations in villages to bhang lassi and alcohol driven trance and EDM Holi soirees in the metropolitan cities, India celebrates Holi in every best way possible.
Here is a glossary of the best Holi celebration destinations in India and the things that kick in the frenzy. The usual throwing of colors and water is followed by women of Barsana Village beating up the men from Nandgaon village with wooden laths (sticks). It’s better to reach the place a few days prior so as to witness the ‘laddoo throwing tradition’ as well, in which people throw sweets on each other.
Holi is one of the major festival of Kumauni people and known for its uniqueness and last for almost two months. Shanti Niketan organize a special function on Holi and celebrate using song, dance and musical instruments. Raasrang Holi Utsav is major attraction of the region, Manipuri dance, one of the major Indian classical dance forms also known as Rasa Lila performance takes place. It contains traditional folk and street dances celebrated by farmers, the labour class and the rural population.

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