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I worked very hard the last few months and the energies were in addition exorbitant as you all have experienced them yourselves.
In a lakeside hut they willingly consented to wake up from the nightmare they had identified as reality, but in order to wake up they had to die first. With a fleeting smile they ignore the draconian sign posts along the borderline of their hard barb-wired horizon. With a mad grin they join hands and songs in ecstatic devotion to the precious gift called Experience, rushing through the Eleusian Fields of the New Earth. Along the perimeters of their mental hemispheres the visionary borealis explodes like a million starry-eyed dome in the colors of the rainbow bridge, stretching from the Land of the Walking Dead to the Realm of Divine Madmen. This is also interesting: It always seemed weird to me that iceberg could penetrate solid steel. Herewith, I will explain in a succinct manner why the development and immediate implementation of the Astral currency project as a reset of the Orion monetary system when the latter collapses in the coming days is of such paramount importance in the final stage of the ascension scenario. There is no doubt that all the machinations of the cabal banksters in the last 100 – 200 years were aimed at establishing a total financial dictatorship on this planet at the End Time. Everything else that is happening in finance, economics and politics is subjugated to this end. The spearhead of the dark ruling cabal is essentially composed of the members of the 13 ruling bankster families with Reptilian DNA and mainly of Khazarian origin, many of them as shape-shifters and quite a few as genetic modified Nordic type of clones. The actual global attack of this spearhead of the dark ruling cabal began on December 13, 1913 when they founded the private Federal bank (Fed) in the USA. Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have detailed information concerning the interim period immediately after the collapse of the existing world finance and world control system? Answer: The interim period immediately after the collapse of the existing world finance and world control system will be of pivotal importance for the future evolution of current humanity into a transgalactic civilization and life form.
The ascending humanity will again be fully aware of its divine, immortal, true, spiritual, timeless, unlimited nature as well as be able to make full and partial use of innate, so-called psychic abilities which, at this current stage, are evolving, unfolding, opening, activating and which, over the course of the imminent interim period, will be evolving, unfolding, opening, activating in order to give humans the possibility and opportunity to draw, to act, to think, to feel, to plan, to create consciously from the Source of their true being, their true self. Frage an mein Hochstes Selbst: Hat die Quelle des Allganzen genaue Auskunfte hinsichtlich des sich dem Zusammenbruch des bestehenden Weltfinanz- und Weltkontrollsystems unmittelbar anschlie?enden Ubergangszeitraumes? Antwort: Der sich nach dem Zusammenbruch des gegenwartigen Weltfinanz- und Weltkontrollsystems unmittelbar anschlie?ende Ubergangszeitraum wird von entscheidender Bedeutung fur das zukunftige Entwickeln der gegenwartigen Menschheit in eine transgalaktische Zivilisation und Lebensform sein.
Die Menschheit wird wieder im Besitze ihres vollen Bewusstseins ihres gottlichen, himmlischen, unsterblichen, wahren, seelischen, zeitlosen, unbegrenzten Wesens sein, als auch uber die ihnen gegebenen, sogenannten psychischen Fahigkeiten voll und teilweise verfugen konnen, die sich gegenwartig und im Verlauf des bevorstehenden Ubergangszeitraumes entwickeln, entfalten, offnen, freischalten (werden), um den Menschen Moglichkeit und Gelegenheit dazu zu geben, bewusst aus der Quelle ihres wahren Seines, ihres wahren Selbstes zu schopfen, zu handeln, zu denken, zu fuhlen, zu planen, zu erschaffen. Consequently, it should be stated that the individual and collective efforts of those souls incarnated in human and non-human soul expression forms in this space-time continuum and in other space-time continuums play an important role in implementing this action plan decided by the Source of All-That-Is in order to abolish the current world control system which is to the advantage of some human and humanoid life forms and to the disadvantage of the vast majority of all life forms incarnated on this Earth. Gravity is a non-contact force (a force that can be exerted on a body without touching it), one of four fundamental non-contact forces we know of.
The latter two are active only at distances as small as those present between protons and neutrons in the nuclei of atoms. Isaac Newton and others determined, mostly from astronomical data — observations of the motions of planets in the sky — that the gravitational attraction is a property of mass, that it is proportional to the product of the two masses involved, and that it is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers of mass.
The graph on the right shows how the force of gravity (Fg) varies as one of the masses is increased from zero and the other is held constant. We generally think of gravity in terms of one variable mass and one fixed mass, like a planet. The universal law of gravitation is called an inverse-square law because the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between two masses. The important thing about this feature of gravity is that if we double the distance between objects, the force of gravity is reduced by a factor of four (22), not two.
Orbiting is a perfect balance between inertia, the tendency of a body to move in a straight line (not a curve) until acted upon by a force, and the attractive force of gravity. As the Moon orbits Earth, it has inertia, which always moves it in a direction tangential to the orbital path (nearly a circle). Only a centripetal (center-seeking) force, like gravity, is required to keep bodies in orbit around one another.
Here's another way to think about it: Imagine you've got quite an arm (QUITE an arm), and can throw a baseball very fast.
Look at these two scenarios (left) First, you throw the ball at a velocity that produces a forward distance in a given time (let's say a second) that does not keep up with the downward distance caused by the pull of gravity. Now imagine that you throw the ball with sufficient speed that the curvature of Earth gives it enough extra height in any given period of time that the amount of distance it falls due to gravity is just enough to keep it a fixed distance away from the ground.
That's really quite a speed, and it partly explains why it's so difficult to get objects to orbit Earth. A 3 Kg newborn baby at the surface of Earth is gravitationally attracted to Earth with a force of about 30N. Calculate the weight, in Newtons and in pounds, of the Mars curiosity rover, which has a mass of 899 Kg, on both Earth and Mars. How far apart (in meters) must two 1000 Kg spherical masses be in order to exert a 0.01 N force on each other?
We can use the universal law of gravitation to find the acceleration of gravity near the surface of Earth (below).
This is a good derivation to practice your skills with scientific notation and cancelling units.

Notice that 9.8 mA·s-2 is the acceleration of gravity near the surface of Earth, where r = the radius of Earth. Newton integrated the force of gravity on Earth with the force that governs planetary orbits through his mathematical Law of Universal Gravitation; but no physical reasoning was given of the mechanical causes to support it. Subsequently, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity added a slight distortion of space in order to fit the planetary orbits to astronomic observations.
In principle, it seems that two different causes would have to exist in the theory of gravitation. Mathematically, the problem is more or less resolved by the combination of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, given that is known the quantification of energy exchanges, due to the gravitational forces, between kinetic and potential gravitational energy and the maintenance of mechanical energy. Gravitational interaction is responsible for the variations between kinetic and potential elastic energy associated with mass in the reticular structure of the matter or globine with radial symmetry.
An approximation to the form of interaction of globine with electromagnetic energy and bodies with mass due to the gravitational attraction is shown in the online book Global Dynamics, in the section on Physics of motion with analysis on the dynamics of light movement and of the bodies with mass in free fall.
On the other hand, in this book’s section on Energy experiments the calculation of light curvature in gravitational lens and the perihelion precession of Mercury’s orbit are studied.
However, the fact that light deflects in a gravitational field exactly double than mass according to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation makes me suspect that there must exist some special relationship between the causes of both deviations. In this formula from the Law of Global Gravity total mass does not appear because, doing this would place it on both sides of the mathematical equation. It is known that, according to Newton’s law of gravity, the force of attraction between two bodies is also inversely proportional to its distance squared. According to the mathematical laws proposed by Global Dynamics, the force of gravitational attraction is due to two atractis causa components. The first, where the gravitational force is proportional to total mass, that is, mass at rest plus the mass equivalent to kinetic energy.
The increase in the force of gravity by the increase in total mass does not affect Mercury’s orbit, given that the greater force of gravity must accelerate the greater total mass. This second component is half the force of gravity that electromagnetic energy would suffer due to its speed, which is equivalent to the kinetic energy of the total mass. In order to add the equivalent mass of kinetic energy to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation formula it is necessary to correct its value by 2?; 2 given the double effect of the gravitational interaction of the kinetic energy, and ? due to the character of lineal acceleration in the aforementioned equation. The difference of Global Dynamics to the Theory of Relativity is that while Einstein uses kinetic energy to alter space-time and balance the planetary orbits; Global Dynamics defines an additional force or second component of atractis causa, adjusted also by kinetic energy, to explain the physical reality without altering it. As has been mentioned, Newton was aware that his gravitation theory did not explain the mechanical mechanisms of the force of gravity, what he called forces at a distance. Global Mechanics attempts an approximation of said mechanisms through the interrelation between globine and mass or, put another way, between longitudinal curvature tension in the gravitational field or potential energy on the one hand and both elastic and kinetic energy shown in the form of mass or electromagnetic energy on the other. The figure of the bewitched heart allows for an intuitive understanding of the force of attraction as a result of the globine’s vibrations.
If the object were to be shaped like a black triangle it could well move to the contrary; then its spatial configuration would mean a greater effect on the exchange of energy than that of the spatial configuration of the strings. As a straightforward, but not exact, example, it can show that the Merlin effect or second component of the atractis causa is defined by the additional force of gravitation in the case that the object were moving on the strings, then it would produce greater points of contact with the same. With identical imperfect example limitations, it is also worth considering the idea of a pigeon flying with or without wind. In particular and remembering the characteristics of the Global Mechanics model of Euclidean space, absolute time and of being renormalizable, I would say that the mechanism of gravitational interaction is the same one for the deviation of mass and light curvature; or for the effects of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and those of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in relation to the planet’s orbits. The question of spatial configuration in gravitational interaction is very important since, it allows a more precise explanation of other concepts that are now, due to so much relativity and uncertainty, rather confused, such as those of motion, force, time, space and velocity. In fact, as much the Law of Global Gravity as Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation cannot only be rewritten in terms of energy instead of mass but it would be more suitable. The atractis causa components will be examined in more depth when discussing motion, kinetic energy and the Laws of Global Gravity themselves; taking into account the nature of light and mass according to Global Mechanics.
The goal was to prevent the planetary ascension and that of many old and ripe souls who have incarnated at this auspicious time to experience individual ascension and move to a new level of incarnation experiences in higher 4D and 5D worlds. There are roughly 300 dark entities belonging to these families that control the global financial system. If we bring a negative and a positive charge together, the electrostatic force is attractive (brings them together).
You can think of such constants as fixed numbers that are there for us to get the units correct. The force of gravity is greater on a more massive person than a less massive person, therefore the more massive person weighs more — weight, unlike mass, is a measure of force.
The graph shows that when r, the distance between masses, is small, the gravitational force is high, but as r is increased, the force drops non-linearly.
This idea underscores the notion that for a long time observers were stuck on the idea that there must be some force pushing in the direction of the motion.
But for every bit of tangential motion, there is some inward motion that keeps the path bent exactly to the orbital path. How fast would you need to throw it so that as it travels, the bending away of the spherical Earth below it is just balanced by the downward distance it is pulled by gravity — it orbits just above the surface? The forward inertia of the ball keeps it moving forward and gravity bends that path into a curve (an ellipse, actually).

Generally when we fire off a satellite, the rocket that carries it accelerates straight upward until it clears most of the friction-producing atmosphere, then turns over to accelerate to a tangential velocity that is fast enough to achieve a stable orbit.
Remember that ever body in the universe exerts a mass-proportional amount of gravity on every other body. The location of the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system (the point where the two, if joined by a stick, would balance) is somewhere inside of Earth because Earth has about 6 time the mass of the moon.
The dashed circle stays where it was at the beginning to help you see the circular motion of the larger planet. If we travel a substantial distance from the surface of Earth (it has to be big because r is so large), we would expect the acceleration of gravity to be smaller.
Jeff Cruzan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
If Newton’s Law of Universal gravitation was a purely mathematic law, the Theory of Relativity uses mathematical equations so complex that not only the physical interpretation is elusive but that the mathematical interpretation is itself, in the majority of cases, imaginary. One that would justify the classic gravitational force or Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and, the other, the distortion of the anomalous precession of Mercury’s orbit explained by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. On the following page of this online book mechanical energy and the principle of equality between inertial and gravitational mass will be discussed. This formula of gravitational acceleration is equal to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation if we take into account the direct effect of velocity on gravitational interaction.
Consequently, in both the formula with only this component of atractis causa and Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, the mass of the body affected by the force of gravity does not appear and both results would be identical with respect to motion. Remember that the curvature of light, because of the gravitational lens effect, is double the deviation the mass.
It is an issue similar to the difference between Planck’s constant and the reduced Planck constant.
Modern Physics not only does not explain the mechanisms of material reality providing energy for the accelerations already mentioned or changes in the continuum or, at least, where and when these mechanisms act, but it also casts doubts on the most basic concepts of its raison d’etre, such as physical reality, space, time, etc. If we make the strings in the figure vibrate, anybody or energetic property on them will tend to move upwards or to where the strings are most separate, on condition that the said body has a neutral spatial orientation. A more in depth analysis of motion can be found in the section on Physics of movement with gravity from the online book of Global Dynamics.
In this sense what changes from one case to another is the perspective and quantitative effect of the only existing mechanism.
After all, the chosen units do not alter the outcome; as an example one can refer to the field equations of Einstein’s General Relativity, with its conversion to geometric units. We are getting a room at the major hotel chain when the clerk informs me I will be eligible for the promotion of stay two (2) days to get one (1) day free. I discuss the stay with the clerk and the points and am told they cannot input my points into the system. We have so far paid a very close attention to the daily events and are in full possession of the ascension scenario. The reason why the dark side wanted to prevent our ascension is that they need us as energetic fodder after these dark archons and their human minions have severed their connection to the source at the ego-mind and soul fragment level and need badly these energies in order to survive. This is not of great relevance for my subsequent elaboration as I will concentrate only on the financial facts, but it needs to be said here as to get the full picture and to show you why the dark faction is actually not bigger than the PAT in numbers. But if we bring two positive charges or two negative charges together, they repel one another (opposites attract, likes repel). That makes sense, of course: If there's a baby carriage moving down the street, we pretty much expect the force to be applied from behind, not from the side. Thus while Earth exerts a force on the Moon that keeps it in orbit, the Moon also exerts a force on Earth. Think of a seesaw: Where does the light person need to be in order to balance the weight of a heavy person?
A friend from Mensa, the herbivore, upholds Einstein’s theories and has also always had a vivid imagination. Understanding always by velocity, the average velocity with respect to the natural reference system provided by globine. One part compensates the increase in total mass and the other makes up this second component of atractis causa. Therefore allow me to put the pieces together one more time so that you can gain the utmost clarity on the cusp of our ascension and the beginning of our true mission as Logos Gods and Ascended masters in the impending transition period that Rumi’s HS has so perfectly described. There is no such repulsive component to the gravitational force; you never see someone walking down the street suddenly be ejected from the planet by gravity. As soon as we turn our backs away from the ape theatre on this planet, the events will definitely reach the boiling point. All text and images on this website not specifically attributed to another source were created by me and I reserve all rights as to their use.
Yesterday and today we marked another ID shift and a huge leap to higher frequencies after 48 hours cc-waves for me with a massive descent of source energies.

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