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Soccer Means More is proud to announce that Executive Director Nate Baker and new Staff Coach Vassar Cates have both been awarded their United States Soccer Federation (USSF) “B” License.  The B-License is the second highest coaching license that US Soccer offers. Both Coach Vassar and Coach Nate will be a part of the SocMM summer camp set-up that starts next week. I think it’s important to get your coaching licenses because I think as a coach you should always be looking for ways to improve yourself. It wasn’t so much a difficult process, but it was a difficult environment we (the candidates) were put into. To read Coach Nate’s newest blog entry “Getting my USSF B-License: What Does it Really Mean?”, please click here. The aim is to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year.
It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period.
2 Matches per week means no overload training that week and the week following has an underload as a maximum.
If the opponent is able to penetrate into or near the 18yd penalty box defenders should transition into man mark. Don't play a "flat zone", play a dynamic zone (track vertical runs), communication between defenders is critical.
Improve the team's ability to defend zonally but also transition into man marking when opponents make vertical runs. When: The opponent has the ball and we are trying to win possession back or prevent them from scoring. After the thru pass defender should focus on preventing or at least make it difficult for the attacker to fire off a good shot on goal. After receiving the ball and falling on the ground, bend top leg towards chest for protection. Practice soccer at least 2 days per week with your team and cross train in another sport to prevent overuse injuries. No weight lift training until at least age 14, even at that age just using the players own "body weight" is good enough.
A technical training session is usually considered a "Recovery Day", don't forget extra stretching and lots of water. Double rostering players is not a good idea, officially USSF recommends 72 hours of recovery after playing a full match. If players don't have good technical abilities then it is sort of pointless to train speed, endurance, strength, and tactics. Make practice competitive, use game related activities to promote competition among players during practice.
Be yourself when you coach your session, play to your strengths, coach player to their strengths. If you see mistakes don't be afraid to coach the player, but should be relevant to the topic. Playing Career: 4 years of varsity at Tolman High School in Rhode Island where selected to Division and all-state teams.
In 1989, he became a member of Salem State College soccer team in Salem Massachusetts and played for Salem Vikings for four years. He coached at Miramar Strikers FC(Miramar Optimist) and was their Academy Director for two years (U6, U7 and U8). 1990 I was given a Full Scholarship to University of South Alabama in Mobile Alabama were I played from 1990-1992. Enrique Cortina was born in Madrid but lived most of his life in Valencia, Spain where he played and coached on different teams. Coach Henry was born in Colombia, he moved to the USA in 1985 where he Played while finishing high school and attended College.
As a kid, I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings for soccer games and how much I enjoyed playing, the competitiveness, relationships I built with my teammates and all the good memories that came in my childhood from my favorite sport, soccer.

I love the game and look forward to continue to study and learn the game and develop players into confident, decisive and skilled footballers. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida and worked in Commercial Lending for 6 years as an Analyst and Commercial Loan Officer. Native of Trinidad and Tobago, played at various levels including High School(s), College, Club and National level.
My coaching career started at the Rec level, of which I was almost always successful in not only developing players skills and techniques, but in also winning the league and playoff competitions.
My educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (graduated from Florida International University), and I am currently employed at Baptist Health South Florida as a Data Center Supervisor. In short, I hope to bring my years of experience as a player and coach to develop and enhance the players at West Pines under my supervision. At the present time, Omar is a coach for 10Sport Soccer at JCC in Aventura, where he coaches two recreational teams (U8 boys and U11 girls) and two travel teams (U9 boys and U11 girls). In addition, Omar is a licensed USSF referee and participates actively in referring youth and adult games here in Miami-Dade and Broward County.
Omar has played the game for over 30 years, including high school and college; and still plays in adult leagues.
As a youth player I was a member of the ODP Region 3 team and made ODP three years in a row. If coaching is something you see yourself doing long term then why not take advantage of these opportunities? Nate and I would get our topics and then get away from the group because the stress around the course would get pretty intense. Have taught soccer teams in IEA (Institutos Educacionales  Asociados) High School in Caracas, Venezuela), Soccer Coach at Dr.
In 1990, Paco was starting Goal Keeper for Salem State College Final Four team (NCAA Division III Semifinalist). He brings more than 5 years of assistant Coaching experience NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer, Assisting his former school Salem State College team. I played in a professional soccer club in Peru called Sport Boys U-19 and alternated with the first Division team. Since I was very small I started playing  and participating in many championships achieving several titles.
With 56 international games played in USA, Canada, England, Germany, Belgian, France, Italy, China and Japan. When I came to the US, I started coaching in Parkland Predators for 2 Years then I became a coach for SAT Academy with Roger Thomas (USA CLUB). Enrique played for Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he was named All-Conference four times and team captain the last two. I hold a bachelors degree in Medical Technology from Florida International University and a Masters in Business with Health Care Administration from Nova Southeastern University.
He also played in various semi-pro teams of the area (Azzuri, Miami Tango, Estudiantes, Gloria envia). Last year, I decided to reconnect my love for the game by starting to coach as an Assistant Coach (with my good friend as head coach) for Miramar’s PAL U12 boys.
Under the program here at West Pines, I am confident that our team will excel and grow tremendously as players over this season. My 14 year old is currently playing for Flanagan High School and have also played travel soccer with West Pines and Cooper City.
Upon graduating High School in Sacramento, CA I entered the United States Marine Corps in which I served 20 years. For over 2 years, he served as Program Director for Central Coast Soccer in Oregon - a club affiliated with OYSA with over 500 members, dedicated to providing soccer skills development and playing opportunities to youth of various skill levels between the ages of 4 and 14. Played three years of high school soccer at the varsity level for Lowell High School in the state of Massachusetts.
In 1991 he was selected from the Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference as a member of the All Conference Team and Conference Championship Team.

My coaching experience has involved 11 years with multiple age groups ranging from U-9 to U-15. He started coaching at the age of 22 making him now one of the most experience coaches in Florida, some of the clubs he coached are (Miami Lakes, Weston F.C.
It was a great experience and taught me a lot about what I needed to do to take it to the next level this season at West Pines.
I love kayaking, biking, nature, the outdoors, traveling, playing guitar and soccer, of course. My playing career advanced pretty quickly since my work ethic was always above average, hence helping me to achieve my goals very quickly. The lions won the Gold Coast Soccer league, had a finals appearance in the Miami Hatian League, and took second in the Copa Latina. I spent hours in the library studying drills and the game before the season started and it payed off in our practice sessions. Head soccer coach at American Prepatory Academy (Boys) and Assistant Coach at Flanagan High School Girls Varsity Team. I was elected Captain of the team in 1993 In 1999 I moved with my family to Ft Lauderdale and organized an over 30 team and played in Coral Spring, Brian Piccolo. I graduated from McArthur High School and was an All- County player and team captain since my Junior year. Meanwhile playing in high school he joined Lowell Juniors Lusitanos FC in Massachusetts in the LASA (Luso American Soccer Association) league for two years. I have traveled overseas to coach and participated in Sweeden, Denmark, Holland and England soccer tournaments with People to People and United Soccer Academy. I played for the Club Deportivo Pereira and traveled to New Jersey , USA where I became known while playing in the league of Floshin Park Queens , N Y .
I am lucky to have a few players joining my U12 West Pines teams that also played with me last season in Miramar. I have been coaching soccer to children throughout the local communities for the past 12 years. He was then moved up to the senior Lowell Lusitanos FC level where he played for three years in the LASA league in New England area. All of my soccer education has been done under the US Soccer Federation, in which I hold licenses at D,C, and B levels as well as a National Youth Soccer license. I have been coaching at West Pines for two years and I am the Girls Varsity Soccer Coach for Somerset Academy Since 2008.
I became a coach of several teams and worked at Newark High School Varsity and JV teams as an assistant and head coach. I never had the privilege of playing professional soccer, all of my experience has been adquired by playing at the high school and junior college level. He has coach and trained hundreds of players, helping them to develop their skills and to continue their lives in a college level. However the majority was done playing local leagues around Miami Dade and Broward for about 12 years. He has develop teams that have accomplish numerous tournaments and leagues victories, including State Cup Champions 2008, finalist in 2009, 2011, Region Cup Champions consecutive years since 2006, Super Y league Nationals, currently he is one of the Directors of the Youth Academy in Pines and the Director of FutbolHPCamps a summer program.
I am very excited and its an honor to be a part of the West Pines coaching staff for the 2013-2014 season.
Recruited by the New Mexico Chiles - 1989 Trained with senior national team of Trinidad & Tobago 1988.

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