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United German Hungarians from 1987 to 1993, Neil was a member of the team that played in the 1993 US Open Cup Final, the team also won many State and Regional Cup Finals, as well as the United Soccer league on numerous occasions. Winner of NSCAA juggling competition in Philadelphia – estimated in the region of 2,000 juggles! When searching for a developmental program for your player, one of the most critical components is finding an organization with a sound philosophy for developing technical and tactical skills that are age appropriate. The ALBION JUNIORS—Professional Development Program for the Junior Player is designed to give your child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in technical development in the very early years of playing and enjoying the game of soccer. Shelley Bright played soccer in the Olathe area growing up.  She continued her playing career at Emporia State University while getting her degree in Education.

It is also important to find a coaching staff that has the knowledge and expertise to work with the younger player.
As an organization, we want to do more for our junior recreational players so we devised the dual path where the junior player can advance through the Juniors’ program and when reaches the U8 age there will be a choice to either play on the PSL recreational side or Albion SC competitive side of our organization. An appropriate training program that places your player in a training environment that ensures fun and proper fundamental development is also very important. The benefits received by the children are only the beginning; the benefits you receive are just as profound and can be life changing.
We, Albion SC and PSL together, are committed to providing a fun, educational, and progressive experience for your youth soccer players.

He has been a player, coach and trainer for over 20 years and distinguished himself as an enthusiastic and leading youth soccer coach! In fact not only are we committed to our youth players, but we also have a wonderful comprehensive coaching education curriculum and mentorship program specifically for Albion Juniors.

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