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Jeewa Education Group is the pioneer Australian Educational Consultancy in Sri Lanka with more than 10 years experience. We are also planning to revolutionize the industry in partnering with a job placement service in Australia to allow our students to get the maximum benefits from Post study Graduate skilled Visa. This is a professional degree programme offered jointly by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and Air Transport Training College (ATTC), the Professional Development Centre of the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE).
Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) is a 2 years part-time degree programme. Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) graduates have the option of continuing their professional development through studies at UTS leading to a four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree, a five-year Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice combined award, or combined five-year engineering and business degrees. The Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) is built on a core program common to all UTS degrees in engineering.
Upon successful completion and passed all necessary modules assessments, written examinations and project works. The two years Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) course consists of 144 credit points of course work. This subject provides students with an understanding and appreciation of the design process in general, with particular reference to the aerospace industry.
This subject provides students with a global view of aerospace operations, and allows them to contribute to aerospace operations through integration of material covered throughout the course. This subject also integrates material from other elements of the course to give an overview of the management of aerospace operations. The information provided are the most current at the point of publishing and may be subject to changes.
I really enjoyed facilitating the Data and Analytics evening training session at the University of Technology, Sydney yesterday.

It was a lot of fun, and the session covered the importance of data and analytics across acquisition, behaviour, conversion and retention. We have changed the face of Australian education consultancy services in Sri Lanka adding various free value added services including airport pickups, accommodation placements and helping to find part time jobs. This unique degree programme equips graduates to take advantage of expanding professional opportunities in the fast growing aerospace industry in Singapore and the region. Building on an established SIAE-UTS educational partnership in Aerospace Operations, the Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) was launched concurrently in Sydney and Singapore in year 2000. For Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) candidates receiving maximum credit point advanced standing on admission, they will enrol in 24 credit points of core and 24 credit points of field of practice subjects. Students with that qualification may be granted a maximum credit recognition equivalent to 96 credit points out of the required 144 credit points for a Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations).
The maximum advanced standing for holders of Singapore polytechnic diploma holders, or for candidates with appropriate course work experience, is 96 credit points.
The subject considers aerospace as part of an integrated management system that designs, produces and maintains aerospace systems as part of the total transport system. Topics include: Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance, Aircraft Evaluation, Flight Planning, ETOPS, Fuel Conservation, Basic Jet Engine, Characteristics and Aircraft Noise Regulations. ATTC has the right to make changes to course fees, course syllabus, duration and admission requirements without notice. Students have another eight weeks ahead of them, covering subjects including search marketing, display advertising, and mobile. The typical student getting the maximum advanced standing can expect to complete the course by part-time study in approximately four semesters. Candidates with significant science and engineering background, for example Singapore polytechnic diploma holders, can fulfill the requirements of the Aerospace Operations Major by completing specialist subjects in technical communications, operations and management.

Aerospace operations are not seen as unique but as a particular example of a transport system which operates in a commercial, economic and regulatory environment. Students must, however be aware of the design process and the constraints and compromises involved, and this subject gives them that.
After completing my post graduate studies I have decided to return to Sri Lanka to share My Australia study experience with my fellow Sri Lankans.
Those without a diploma can also be considered based on their performance in other courses and professional experience.
Bachelor of Engineering Science (Aerospace Operations) graduates will need to complete at least one year of full-time study at UTS to secure a Bachelor of Engineering award. Areas covered include aviation regulations and safety; systems engineering theory, technical and quality control approaches, supply chains, organisation and layout and risk assessment as applied to aerospace operations. These activities are central to the overall objectives of the course and facilitate the understanding required by professionals in the airline industry. Students must also be competent in written and spoken English and the use of basic information technology tools. The Awards recognise the success of Australian and Chinese businesses in Greater China across a broad spectrum, from small entrepreneurs through to large publicly listed companies.

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