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The Electric Streetcar links the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Kenosha Public Museum, and Civil War Museum.
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is one of 13 four-year campuses in the University of Wisconsin System. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is located on 750 acres of rolling woodlands and natural prairies and bounded by another 250 acres of county park, including an 18-hole watered fairway public golf course. In addition, state-for-the-art wellness center and brand-new strength and conditioning center. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside celebrates summer with its annual Arts and Crafts Festival.
Mark your calendar and start forming your team(s) for the best ultra running event in the Midwest. The Hot Hilly Hairy is run in conjunction with the Hil100+py Relay and is the best summer running event in the Midwest.
This fair features music, raffle, silent auction, concessions, coat and package check, and great shopping! From art galleries to art museums and everything in between, Kenosha has art experiences for you to admire and to create yourself! UW-Parkside hosted the Waukesha Memorial Crusader Indoor Invitational on Thursday, March 27.
Waukesha South's Jennifer Lehman and Marissa Watkins, Germantown's Kate Lydy, Greenfield's Julie Hebert and Andrea Fenderson of Racine Park all made an impact on the Week 3 Honor Roll lists.
55m preliminary dash action: Clockwise from above left- DSHA teammates Libby Wissing [L] and Carolyn Cianciola [R] in heat 1 of the 55m dash. Below: Finals of the 55m HH event- Carrie Seibel of Waukesha Catholic Memorial [ left-blue jersey] and Jennifer Lehman of Waukesha South [black jersey] at hurdle 4. In the 2007 WIAA D1 State Cross Country Meet Lydy placed second to champion Kelly Bogard of Kimberly. Defending 2007 D1 TJ champion Julie Hebert of Greenfield only took one jump in the triple jump event at the Crusader Invitational. Above left: Greenfield senior and Badger recruit Julie Hebert after the finish of the 200m event. Below: Two athletes from Germantown make good use of time between events to complete homework assignments. Significance to southeast cities: The new building is intended to be a gathering place for different types of art in the region, Desch said. Point of interest: The most interesting thing about the building’s exterior design is that it’s intended to be unremarkable, Desch said. The Burlington Area School District’s Health and Emergency Responder Occupations Center at Gateway Technical College is scheduled for completion in August. Project challenge: The building must accommodate large fire trucks and the need to use the interior space for firefighter training.
Significance to southeast cities: Gateway will use the 10,000-square-foot addition to train police officers and firefighters to improve emergency response in the region, said Gary Olsen, director of buildings and grounds for the Burlington School District.
Point of interest: The partnership between the district and Gateway Technical College is unique in the region, Olsen said. A Rendering shows the exterior of the Carthage College Student Center, which is in the center of the main housing cluster on campus. Project challenge: The project team will renovate a 1975 building that housed a campus swimming pool until closing in 2001. He said he took a gamble by hiring a contractor to cut the pool into aluminum strips for recycling. Significance to southeast cities: The building is in the center of the main housing cluster on campus but has been vacant since 2001, Hoare said. Point of interest: The building is on a hill overlooking Carthage’s main athletic field, so the project will add stadium bleacher seating for 1,000 people and a new press box on the third floor. With seven houses sold in Brookstone Homes Inc.’s Grandview Meadows development, the area of Kenosha that had been vacant for decades is becoming a neighborhood, according to Casey Masterson, Brookstone’s director of marketing. Project challenge: The site, a former shipping yard for car motors, has been vacant for decades, and the first challenge was getting Kenosha residents to realize the property is turning into a neighborhood, said Casey Masterson, Brookstone director of marketing. Significance to southeast cities: The property will bring owner-occupied housing to an area targeted for such development by city of Kenosha planners, said Zohrab Khaligian, Kenosha community development specialist. Point of interest: Brookstone has mostly developed subdivisions on farmland and vacant land outside of larger cities, Masterson said. Project challenge: The project is expanding the Indian Trail Academy, which has about 800 students and will be in use throughout the multiyear project. The project also requires careful coordination to make sure construction shipments don’t arrive at the same time as buses, said Bob Nikolai, Camosy vice president of construction services.
Significance to southeast cities: The Kenosha district’s two high schools are already at capacity, and the student population continues to grow, Nikolai said. Point of interest: Although the 40-acre site demands a lot of fencing, it also gives Camosy a lot of room to stretch out, which is a rare luxury, Nikolai said. Project challenge: The project includes building three stories on top of the medical center. Point of interest: United Hospital System is moving its birthing center into the expanded third floor from the Kenosha Regional Medical Center in downtown Kenosha.
The LakeView RecPlex Pool addition project team is using an innovative water temperature control system in an effort to achieve U.S.
The project includes building a pipeline into nearby Lake Andrea, which stays at roughly 50 degrees, he said.
Significance to southeast cities: The Olympic-size, 50-meter pool will let Pleasant Prairie host regional and national swimming competitions, Gurholt said. Point of interest: The pool will have less chlorine and sterilizing chemicals than most pools because of a special ultraviolet treatment system.

Our best, right now.Daily Reporter honors its Top Projects of 2015Loan due date extended for Moderne developersR. City of Appleton: Construction Management at Risk Services for Pre-Construction and Construction of Fox Cities Exhibition Center (65,000 Sq. Chancellor Cathy Sandeen presented a brief overview of the UW Colleges round 2 budget decisions during a Town Hall July 23, 2015, at The Pyle Center in Madison. The Town Hall provided an opportunity for UW Colleges faculty and staff to ask questions about the regional leadership approach announced earlier in the week. The position had been filled on an interim basis by Rex Hieser, who will continue working through August. His research primarily has focused on the interplay between consumer culture and democracy in the United States.
UW-Parkside has joined UW-La Crosse and UW-Stout in signing an amended memorandum of understanding that will allow UW Colleges to accept students with applied associate degrees from a Wisconsin technical college into the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree completion program, according to Greg Lampe, provost and vice chancellor for academic and student affairs. Lampe said three key changes to the degree completion program are included in the revised MOUs. Greg Lampe, UW Colleges provost and vice chancellor for academic and student affairs, has selected Glena G. Lampe said Temple’s academic background would help ensure the quality of online instruction and her administrative experience would help her manage a very complex organization.
Temple will assume her position January 1, 2014, and will have the academic rank of professor.
Margaret Cleek, the former UW Colleges provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, and interim chancellor, has been serving as interim director. Convocation began with applause for Greg Lampe’s 30th year with UW Colleges, currently as provost and vice chancellor. Chancellor Ray Cross then talked about “The University of Wisconsin Colleges in Transition,” elaborating  on difficult financial and demographic trends that challenge higher education and our state. Kudos for the Higher Learning Commission Associate of Arts and Science degree reaccreditation, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree completion program accreditation and approval of the related UW Colleges mission change – and kudos for the BAAS progress, including enrollment at all six participating campuses and development of 50 junior and senior level courses. The iPlan and Integrated Enrollment Management implementation and the pursuit of opportunities in high schools.
Resource development beginning with rebuilding credibility with the State Legislature and Gov. Stewardship including the work of a repositioning task force led by Senate Steering Committee Chair Mark Peterson to review a consultant’s recommendations and suggest base-funded activities to eliminate or delay (other than closing a campus, which Cross stressed is not an option). Responses to compression and compensation including the identification of methods and resources needed to achieve parity with peer institutions within six years, the creation of a compensation road map, a move to a market-based starting salary model and development of a strategy to comply with existing limitations for adjusting compensation. Implementation of recommendations by the retention and recruitment task forces, strategic recruitment in targeted parts of the state, pursuit of concurrent enrollment, continued development of foundational courses for the UW Flexible Option, consideration of accommodating technical college students through the BAAS, increasing diversity (student population, pedagogy, faculty, staff and curricula) and implementing the “There’s a U for You” campaign – for which Cross thanked Director of Marketing Vicki Keegan and her team. The chancellor raised questions about how to improve morale, such as through increased professional development and other leadership opportunities, integrating University Staff into shared governance, taking pressure off to improve work-life balance and using technology to reduce travel. Exhorting faculty and staff to assume the offensive, Cross asked them to help recruit and retain students, remember what they do and why, and renew relationships with key stakeholders. Cross concluded with his commitment to faculty and staff to streamline operations, improve    relationships with stakeholders, explore new revenue sources and support opportunities to build morale, enhance professional development and grow UW Colleges’ future leaders – and his promise that “I have your back. Greg Lampe, UW Colleges Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, welcomed nine new faculty members and one returning member at Convocation 2013, held at UW-Fox Valley on Thursday, August 29.
Where are we, what do we know and what are we attempting to do about the largest base cut in the history of the University of Wisconsin System? System wide the reduction is $52 million in 2013-14 and almost $62 million in 2014-15 and ongoing, explained Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Steve Wildeck.
Asked whether we should be talking to legislators about negative impacts of the base reduction, Cross responded that the most important step is to show legislators that we’re making changes in response to questions raised about the program revenue balances accumulated before this biennial budget. Provost and Vice Chancellor Greg Lampe added that campus leaders must balance what to invest in, hold off on or cut.
Wildeck indicated that information about specific cuts to the UW Colleges will be finalized and communicated to the campuses shortly.
Questioned about UW System’s work to reestablish positive relationships with legislators, Cross pointed out the increased involvement of the Board of Regents and the increased receptivity on the part of legislators in building collaborative relationships with campus leaders. Additional newsFor more news about the UW Colleges and UW-Extension, subscribe to the daily news clips.
Founded in 1968 to better serve the needs of a growing population in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois, UW-Parkside offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs and serves as an academic and cultural resource. The campus becomes a colorful marketplace with approximately 200 artisans offering unique handmade pieces.
Wauwatosa West, Germantown, Waukesha Catholic Memorial and Divine Saviour Holy Angels rounded out the top five schools. A special salute is in order to student-athletes who put their best forward both in the classroom and on the track.
It will have theaters, two art galleries and rehearsal halls for theatrical drama and music.
Hammel, Green and Abrahamson designed the arts center to match the existing campus buildings. The district owns the buildings in which Gateway operates and oversees college projects, and the two collaborate when planning projects.
Environmental sustainability is a goal, so campus planners had to figure out what to do with the aluminum swimming pool in the building, said Bill Hoare, Carthage associate vice president for business.
This project will bring the building back into use and, by adding four new restaurants and a bookstore, make it a central area for students. But the Grandview project is in the center of Kenosha, and requires smaller lots and more compact, traditional houses so the development matches the rest of the city, he said. When the project is completed in summer 2011, The Kenosha Unified School District will be able to serve at least 2,200 more students, according to Bob Nikolai, vice president of construction services with Camosy Construction Co.

The situation demanded Camosy fence off outdoor construction areas and build wooden walls indoors between builders and places where students are learning. The new Indian Trail High School will let the district serve at least 2,200 more students, he said.
There is plenty of space for worker parking and for materials to be stored on site, he said.
Catherine’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie is scheduled to be completed in summer 2011. That means builders are working above operating rooms and have to carefully coordinate to make sure they aren’t working above a room when surgery is taking place, said Scott Gurholt, Riley Construction spokesman. Catherine’s is about two miles from Interstate 94 in an area attracting numerous new residents, Gurholt said.
There is more demand for the service around the medical center than in the central areas of the city, Gurholt said.
Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, but controlling the temperature in the swimming pool and 40,000-square-foot room around it requires more energy use than an average room, said Scott Gurholt, Riley Construction spokesman. Water will be pumped through the pipes in the lake to provide warm water in winter and cool water in summer. Six events have been booked already, he said, and the dues from the events will help pay to keep the building open.
Water in the pool will be filtered through the UV light, which will kill bacteria, so less chlorine is needed to keep the water clean. Also responding to questions were Provost Greg Lampe and UW Colleges and UW-Extension Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Steve Wildeck.
In addition to approving the so-called “applied associate degree pathway,” UW-Parkside also agreed to relax the 30 plus 30 credit collaboration agreement so that UW Colleges instructors can teach more BAAS degree courses within the global studies and cognitive skills areas of the degree. Temple as the dean of the UW Colleges Online and Distance Education program.  This is a title upgrade for the program, which in the past has been headed by a director of distance education. The UW Colleges Online program offers more than 70 courses in 27 disciplines and currently serves 1,692 students.
Walker’s office, working with UW System to address “base” revisions, working with local politicians and seeking outside funding.
He also talked about UW Colleges as the third largest institution in the UW System, the need to be proud of our role and to recognize the increased visibility presented through speaking opportunities (many arranged for him by campus staff), his service on the UW System president’s cabinet and national press for the UW Flexible Option.
Lampe, along with Cross, stressed the continued commitment to finding funds to support compensation.
What’s on the table are innovative ways to consolidate back-office services and a greater focus on priorities instead of work that’s important but not a top priority. He reiterated his support for faculty and staff and said the conversation would continue at the UW Colleges fall convocation later this month. Modern 700-acre campus features world-class theatre, music and art presented in the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities and the Frances Bedford Concert Hall. Marissa Watkins [black jersey] from Waukesha South and Calli Burkart [green jersey] from Wauwatosa West in heat 5. Right: Carrie Siebold [blue jersey on right from Catholic Memorial] and Sierra Thomas from Hartford. Runners pictured [L-R] are Maria Kerher [Kenosha Bradford], one of the Droshagen twins [both Taylor and Niki were in heat 2 of the 800] from Muskego, Sielicki, and Cathy Randle from Wauwatosa West. But the HERO building needs a high roof with clearances of about 80 feet by 60 feet for the trucks, he said. However, with seven houses sold, buses and postal vehicles are driving through, and the community is starting to realize the neighborhood exists, he said.
Participants also asked questions by email, which were addressed as time allowed during the hour-long Town Hall. Foy is currently an associate campus dean at UW-Waukesha, where he also is an associate professor of political science. Foy also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Carroll College, Montana.
The new MOU also allows BAAS students at all six BAAS degree completion program campuses to take junior and senior level courses at UW-Parkside as long as there is room and the students have met the appropriate pre-requisites.
Temple currently is dean of the School of Letters and Sciences and associate vice president for academic affairs at Viterbo University, La Crosse, Wis., where she also is a professor of biology. Former assistant professor Younis Zaidan was welcomed back to the mathematics department at UW- Fox Valley for 2013-14. UWP offers approximately 65 individual classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms and auditoriums. Rebecca Rohde [far left] from Catholic Memorial, Keletia Gordan of Racine Park and Brown Deer's Ariel Kinlow in heat 3 of the 55m dash. Below middle: 400m runner Melanie Loehndorf from Wauwatosa West is pictured at the start of the race. He also has authored and co-authored 30 essays published in academic and commercial anthologies.
Also, over 1,200 running feet of brick paved concourse are suitable for exhibit booths or displays.
Food service is available for full line catering from simple box lunches to white linen served banquets. Also, an expansive Sports & Activity Center is an ideal site to host expositions, conventions, trade shows and job fairs.

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