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Verbale communicatie Verbale communicatie is een vorm van communicatie waarbij men zich uit met woorden en-of geluiden . Good verbal communication doesn't just happen - it requires work from both the speaker (sender of the message), and the listener (receiver of the message). The sender needs to make sure the other person understands what they're saying, and the receiver needs to concentrate on what's being said, and clarify anything that doesn't make sense. If there's no feedback, neither of them can be sure that they're both on the same wavelength. That's why your motto should always be: I never know what I have said until I listen to the response it gets. There are some situations where you can't see the person you're talking to, such as when you're on the two-way radio or telephone.

Think of a topic that interests you, such as something you did on the weekend, a hobby you have, a holiday you've been on recently, etc. During this time, your partner's only job is to listen - they're not allowed to interrupt you or ask questions at any time.
When your time limit is up, give your partner two minutes to summarise your story as accurately as possible in their own words.
Verbale communicatie kan zowel gesproken als .Non-verbale communicatie Communiceren zonder taal te gebruiken. It is the simplest and quickest way of having a conversation, and of giving instructions or discussing issues on the spot.
In these instances, you need to pay particular attention to the way you express yourself, because all you have to go on are the words you use and the tone of your voice.

Make sure you use good diction, don't mumble your words, and speak into the mouthpiece at a reasonable volume.
While they're talking, they are not allowed to ask you any questions, and you're not allowed to butt in or correct them. If you're the listener, you could nod to indicate you understand what you're being told, ask questions if you don't, or re-state the main points in your own words to check that you're both in agreement.

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